Volume 53 / Issue 3/2008


E. Kannatey-Asibu, W. Wlosinski, A. Krajewski, New Method of Solid-State Joining Thin-Wall Elements Made of Aluminium Alloys Full Text PDF

A. Pawlowski, J. Morgiel, M. Faryna, L. Gorski, J. Grzonka, Structure Analysis of the Plasma Sprayed Al203-SiO2 Coating on Metallic Substrate Full Text PDF

B. Onderka, J. Nowakowski, L. A. Zabdyr, Thermodynamic Analysis of Distillation Process of Multicomponent Cadmium Alloys Full Text PDF

I. Krawczyk, P. Bala, A. Hanc, The Mossbauer Spectroscopy Studies of ? Carbides Precipitation Full Text PDF

E. Olejnik, E. Fras Interaction between Solidification Front and Alien Phase Particles Full Text PDF

P. Ranachowski, F. Rejmund, A. Pawelek, A. Piatkowski, Structure Degradation, Texture and Acoustic Emission in Compressed Corundum Ceramics Full Text PDF

K. Wiencek, Weibull Distribution in Quantitative Metallography of Particle Systems Full Text PDF

M. Richert, B. Leszczynska, Ultrafine and Nao-Grained Aluminium Alloys Formed by Cyclic Extrusion Compression Full Text PDF

G. Zhu, X. P. Zou, J. Cheng, M. F. Wang, Y. Su, Synthesis and Characterization of SiO2 and SiC Micro/Nanostructures Full Text PDF

G. Zhu, X. P. Zou, J. Cheng, M. F. Wang, Y. Su, Preparation and Characterization of Bamboo-Like Carbon Nanotubes by Ethanol

Catalityc Combustion Technique Full Text PDF

S. Biniek, P. Dudkiewicz, G. Koziel, J. Kowalski, Hydrogen Content Control during Steel Melting Process at Forged Product Plan of Celsa "Huta Ostrowiec" Full Text PDF

A. Cwudzinski, J. Jowsa, Numerical Analysis of Steel Flow in the Six-Stand Tundish with Subflux Controller of Turbulence Full Text PDF

M. Knap, J. Lamut, A. Rozman, J. Falkus, The Prediction of Hardenability using Neuronal Networks Full Text PDF

K. Konopka, Biomimetics, are we able to Archieve the Mastery of the Nature? Full Text PDF

J. Donizak, On Numerical Analysis of Thermal Radiation in Participating and Scattering Medium in Metallurgical Furnaces Full Text PDF

P. Bala, J. Pacyna, The Influence of Pre-Tempering on the Mechanical Properties of HS6-5-2 High Speed Steel Full Text PDF

J. Pacyna, R. Dabrowski, G. Zajac, Effect of Carbon Content on the Fracture Toughness of Ni-Cr-Mo Steels Full Text PDF

P. Dudek, A. Cias, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fe-2.2Mn-1.5Cr-0.2Mo-0.3C Steel Sintered at 1120°C and 1250°C Full Text PDF

K. Faryj, A. Cias, Mechanical Properties of Fe-3Mn-0.8C Sintered Steel Based on Sponge and Atomised Iron Powders; Comparison

and Probabilistic Failure Prediction Full Text PDF

M. Sulowski, P. Dudek, The Effect of Cooling Rate on the Structure, Porosity and Mechanical Properties of Sinter-Hardened Fe-3%

Mn-0.8%C PM Steels Full Text PDF

M. Madej, J. Lezanski, The Structure and Properties of Copper Infiltrated HSS based Composite Full Text PDF

A. Jaron, Z. Zurek, New Porous Iron Electrode for Hydrogen Evolution - Production and Properties Full Text PDF

K. Sobczyk, J. Zbroszczyk, M. Nabialek, J. Olszewski, P. B r agiel, J. Swierczek, W. Ciurzyriska, A. Lu-kiewska, M. Lubas, M. Szota, Microstructure, Magnetic Properties and Crystalization Behaviour of Bulk Amorphous Fe6|CoioZr2.5Hf2.5Ni2W2B2o Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Lubas, J. Zbroszczyk, M. Nabialek, J. Olszewski, K. Sobczyk, W. Ciurzyriska, M. Szota, P. Bragiel, J. P. Jasiriski, J. Swierczek, Mechanical and Magnetic Properties Bulk Amorphous Fe59Coi5Zr2Y4Me5Bi5 (Me=Mo or Nb) Alloys Full Text PDF

D. Plusa, M. Dospial, U. Kolarczyk, B. Slusarek, T. Mydlarz, Study of Reversible and Irreversible Magnetization Components in Hybryd Nd-Fe-B/Ferrite/Alnico Resin Bonded Magnets Full Text PDF

K. Niespodziana, K. Jurczyk. M. Jurczyk, Titanium-Silica Nanocomposites: Preparation and Characterization Full Text PDF

A. Lukiewska, J. Zbroszczyk, M. Nabialek, J. Olszewski, J. Swierczek, W. Ciurzyriska, K. Sobczyk, M. Dospial, Low and High Magnetic Field Properties of Nanocrystalline Fe59Coi5Zr2Y4Nb5Bi5 Rods Full Text PDF

M. Zielinska, J. Sieniawski, M. Wierzbinska, Effect of Modification on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cobalt Casting Superalloy Full Text PDF

K. Szostek, W. Gurdziel, Z. Wokulski, Growth and Microstructure of Self-Organized CoSi2-Si in Situ Eutectic Composite Full Text PDF

T. Rzychon, A. Kielbus, Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Sand Cast and Die Cast AE44 Magnesium Alloy Full Text PDF

B. Gagorowska, M. Dus-Sitek, The Comparison of the Structural Properties of Multilayered Systems Cu/Ni Obtained by the Ele-
ctrochemical and Face-To-Face Sputtering Methods Full Text PDF

M. Gorska, L. Szecowka, R. Budzik, Convective Heat Exchange during the Flow-Around of a Horizontal Cylinder with a Hot

Combustion Gas Stream Disturbed by Pulsations Full Text PDF

N. Orlinska, A. Zaleski, Z. Wokulski, G. Dercz, Characterization of the Heat Treatment MgB2 Rods Obtained by PIT Technique with Explosive Consolidation Method Full Text PDF

B. Kuznicka, M. Podrez-Radziszewska, Correlation between Microstructural Evolution in Heat Affected Zone and Corrosion Behaviour of Al-Cu Alloy Full Text PDF

P. Borecki, A. Mlynarczak, Modification of Chromized Diffusion Carbide Layer on Tool using Laser Treatment Full Text PDF

L. Swadzba, G. Moskal, Characteryzation of Microstructure and Properties of TBC Systems with Gradient of Chemical Composition and Porosity Full Text PDF

M. Tulinski, M. Jurczyk, Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Ni-Free Austenitic Stainless Steel Full Text PDF