Department of Metallurgical Processes


The Head of the Department

Professor Natalia Sobczak, Ph.D.,D.Sc.

Scientific Staff

Professor Boguslaw Major, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Associate Prof. Piotr Ozga, Ph. D., D. Sc.

Associate Prof. Przemysław Fima, Ph. D., D. Sc.

Janusz Pstrus, Ph. D.

Associate Prof. Adam Dębski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Associate Prof. Tomasz Gancarz, Ph. D., D.Sc.

Honorata Kazimierczak, Ph. D.

Sylwia Terlicka, Ph. D.

Professor Władysław Gąsior, Ph.D, D.Sc. - Professor Senior

Engineering -technical Staff

PhD students

Alexandra Dobosz, M.Sc.

Agnieszka Hara, M.Sc.

Miłosz Zabrocki, M.Sc.

Research area

The laboratory of Theory of Metallurgical Processes has existed since its inception into scientific activity, first as the laboratory, in the structure of the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research in Warsaw and then as the Department of Fundamentals of Metallurgy, Institute of Fundamentals of Metallurgy and Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science. Initially, research topics focused on measurements of metal activity in alloys. Over time, it has been extended including research on other properties, such as surface tension and density. The last years of the twentieth and early twenty-first century is another period of broadening the spectrum of research on thermodynamic and physicochemical properties of lead-free solder. These include viscosity, specific resistance measurements, calorimetric measurements of formation enthalpy of intermetallic phases, changes of mixing enthalpy of liquid alloys, temperature transitions by thermal analysis, hydrogen adsorption / desorption testing and wettability of materials with lead-free solder alloys, soldering alloys and electrolytic production of solders and preparation of graphene layers. From the moment the Institute was founded, the Laboratory of Theory of Metallurgical Processes was headed by: prof. Aleksander Krupkowski, prof. Władysław Ptak, prof. Zbigniew Moser and from the year 2000 prof. Władysław Gąsior.

New ecological soldering alloys

Development of the SURDAT database of physicochemical properties of metals and alloys.

Research on ecological lead-free solders.

Modeling of physical properties of metal alloys (surface tension, viscosity).

Metallic materials for energy storage.

Measurements of metal activity by measuring the electromotive force of concentration cells.

Calorimetric studies of the enthalpy of creating intermetallic phases and changes in the enthalpy of mixing of two- and three-component alloys.

Research and modeling of physical properties of metal alloys (density, surface tension, viscosity).

Hydrogen absorption / desorption in alloys, chemical compounds and other materials.

Developing the ENTALL base of thermodynamic properties of energy storage materials.

Research Projects

European Union Projects

International cooperation

PhD dissertation

2008 - J. Pstruś, Physicochemical properties new solder alloys on the example of the Sn-Zn-In system,  IMMS PAS, (Supervisor: Z. Moser)

2012 - A. Dębski, Heat of formation of intermetallic phases from the Al-Fe-Ni-Ti system, IMMS PAS, (Supervisor: W. Gąsior)

2013 - T. Gancarz, Thermophysical properties of Sb-Sn-Zn liquid alloys, IMMS PAS, (Supervisor: W. Gąsior)

2014 - H. Kazimierczak, Electrodeposition of Zn-Mo layers Electrodeposition of Zn-Mo layers from aqueous citrate solution, IMIM PAN, (Supervisor: P. Ozga).

2015 - M. Trybuła, Thermodynamic, structural and thermophysical properties of liquid Al-Li-Zn, (IMMS PAS, PhD advisor: W. Gąsior)

2017 - M. Słupska, The electrodeposition of Sn-Zn-Cu layers from citrate solutions, (IMMS PAS, PhD advisor: P. Ozga)

PhD in progress

Agnieszka Hara - PhD advisor: P. Ozga

Sylwia Terlicka - PhD advisor: P. Fima

Monika Bugajska - PhD advisor: P. Fima

Miłosz Zabrocki - "Thermodynamic properties of liquid alloys from the Ga-Ge-Li and Ga-In-Li systems"


Other activities and scientific achievements