Simulated CBED pattern  KSLStrain Simulated CBED pattern



KSLStrain is a package for determination of strain  with respect to a reference crystal lattice based on Kossel (micro)diffraction patterns.  By computing a complete strain tensor, it provides the actual lattice parameters. Therefore, it can be seen as a tool for determination lattice parameters. Moreover, the package has the capability of determining sample-to-detector distance (camera length) and pattern center.

The calculations are based on matching experimental and simulated diffraction patterns. The matching relies on kinematic simulations. 

KSLStrain allows for an easy adjustment of orientations and straightforward indexing of Kossel lines. However, the most important feature of this software is that the reliability of results can be verified by comparing the output from a number of different strategies available in the package.

This package was created based on TEMStrain 0.9 - a program for analysis of convergent beam electron diffraction patterns.

KSLStrain v.1.2,   Mar. 2020

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