Research interests


Orientations and  Rotations



TEMStrain  - a program for analysis of convergent beam electron diffraction (CBED) patterns.

(With dynamical simulation of central discs and automatic determiation of orientations from Kikuchi patterns.)

TEMStrain image 

Download TEMStrain : (Windows, 6.2MB, unpack and execute the installer TEMStrainInst.exe).

A brief intro to TEMStrain [ PDF (189kB) ].

A short demonstration of of TEMStrain is available on YouTube.

Help of TEMStrain:  it was designed to be viewed by Microsoft hh.exe (download  .CHM file) but you can take a look at it using this link.

Beta version of Pan 2 - a program for manipulating parameters of crystal(lite) orientations and analyzing the
so-called orientation relationships.

Pan image

Download Pan: orientation calculator v.2 (beta) : (Windows, 1.8MB, unpack and execute the installer Pan_setup.exe).

A short description of  Pan 2

Pan - orientation calculator: composition of rotations, transformations between rotation  parameterizations.

Pan image

Download Pan: orientation calculator v.1.1 : (Windows, 362kB) 

KSLStrain  - a program for analysis of Kossel diffraction patterns.

KSLStrain image 

Download KSLStrain : (Windows, 6.0MB, unpack and execute the installer KSLStrainInst.exe).

Help of KSLStrain.

An  intro to KSLStrain [ PDF (948kB) ].

A short demonstration of lattice parameter refinement using KSLStrain is available on YouTube.

Ind_X - a program for indexing of single crystal diffraction patterns (two versions).

Version 1: to be run from a command prompt in console window.

KSLStrain image 

Download Ind_X : (Windows, 0.22MB, unpack).            

Untested Linux version of Ind_X is here: 32-bit and 64-bit.

Ind_X instruction and information about the method.

Version 2: with a user interface.

KSLStrain image 

Download Ind_X GUI : (Windows, .NET, 0.6MB, unpack and execute the installer Setup_Ind_X_GUI.exe).

A short demonstration of Ind_X_GUI is available on YouTube.

EP: demo version of a Windows program for indexing Kikuchi difffraction patterns.

EP_demo image

For demo version of Euclid Phantasies v.1.1 (Windows), contact J.J.Fundenberger at Laboratoire d'Etude des Microstructures et de Mécanique des Matériaux

Texture: an ancient (1991) DOS graphic program for analyzing pole figures (PFs) and orientation distributions (ODFs) for the cubic-orthorhombic case. It is capable of calculating ODFs from PFs. 

I still use it from time to time for 'playing' with CSL misorientations and symmetrically equivalent orientations. 

Download Texture v.2.1 : (DOS, 297kB)