Archives of Metallurgy and Materials


Volume 53 / Issue 1/2008

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R. A. Schwarzer, A Fast ACOM/EBSD System Full Text PDF

I. V. Alexandrov, R. G. Chembarisova, V. D. Sitdikov, Analysis the Deformation Behaviour of CP Ti with Different Grain Sizes by Means of Kinetic Modeling Full Text PDF

Y. D. Zhang, C. Esling, D. Y. Cong, X. Zhao, L. Zuo, Orientation Relationship, Texture and Microstructure in Electromagnetic Processed Materials (EPM) Full Text PDF

L. Klimek, L. Kaczmarek, Possibilities of Application of Phase Identification by Electron Backscatter Diffraction for Determination of Phase Composition of Multilayer Scales Full Text PDF

W. Skrotzki, B. Kloden, A. Lankau, R. Chulist, V. Kopylov, H.-G. Brokmeier, Texture lnhomogeneity in Titanium Deformed by ECAP <Full Text PDF

H.-G. Brokmeier, S.Yi, J. Homeyer, In-situ Analysis of Crystallographic Textures using High-Energy X-Rays Full Text PDF

B. Major, F. Bruckert, J. M. Lackner, R. Ebner, R. Kustosz, P. Lacki, Coatings on TiN and Ti(CN) Basis for Biomedical Application to Blood

Contact and Multilayered TiNCrN Tribological Systems Produced by Pulsed Laser Deposition Full Text PDF

J. Bonarski, J. Smolik, L. Tarkowski, M. Biel, Depth-Profile of Residual Stresses in Metallic/Ceramic Coatings Full Text PDF

R. C. Agarwala, V. Agarwala, J. Karwan - Baczewska, Development of Nanograined Ti-Al-graphite (Ni-P) by Mechanical Alloying Route Full Text PDF

W. M. Gan, H.-G. Brokmeier, M. Y. Zheng, H. Chang, X. J. Wang, K. Wu, Comparison of Microstructure and Texture Development of ECAPed Pure Mg with a Mg-Si Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Lederer, V. Groger, E. Schafler, The Influence of the Texture on Yield Strength and Strain Hardening of High Purity Aluminum Foils Full Text PDF

P. Mietniowski, J. Kanak, W. Powroźnik, T. Stobiecki, P. Maj, P. Gryboś, Application of Silicon Strip Detector for X-Ray Diffraction on Metallic Multilayers Full Text PDF

J. Pospiech, Effect in the Texture and Microstructure in Some Metals of Cubic and Hexagonal Symmetry Caused by the Change on the Rolling Direction Full Text PDF

A. Baczmański, R. Dakhlaoui, C. Braham, K. Wierzbanowski, Examination of Mechanical Behaviour of Aged Duplex Steel Using X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction Methods Full Text PDF

E. Beltowska-Lehman, P. Indyka. Electrodeposition and Characterisation of Thin Magnetic Ni-Fe Films on Copper Substrates Full Text PDF

P. Panek, K. Drabczyk, H. Czternastek, E. Kusior, P. Zięba, E. Beltowska-Lehman, The Influence of Surface Texture and Temparature Deposition of Ti02 Layer on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Parameters Full Text PDF

J. Bogucka, M. Faryna, J. Kuśnierz, Changes in Plasticity of Al.-Fe 0.6%-Si 0.3% Alloy Deformed by Accumulative Roll Bonding Method Full Text PDF

K. Bolanowski, Dispersion Strengthened Low-Alloy Steel Full Text PDF

B. J. Bonarski, B. Mikułowski. E. Schafler, Ch. Holzleithner, M. J. Zehetbauer, Crystallographic Textures of Single and Polycrystalline pure Mg and Cu Subjected to HPT Deformation Full Text PDF

A. Bunsch, J. Kowalska, K. Chruściel, Texture and Microstructure of Annealed AlSi302 Steels Wires Full Text PDF

J. Kowal ska, W. Ratuszek, K. Chruściel, Crystallographic Relations between Deformation and Annealing Texture in Austenitic Steels Full Text PDF

A. Góral, J. Jura, H. Paul, On the Orientation Characteristics in Directionally Crystallized Al-CuAl2 Eutectic Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Szota, J. Jasieński, M. Lubas, L. Jeziorski, P. Lacki, Ways of Improving Durability of Surgical Bowl Cutter Full Text PDF

L. Klimek, Phases Identification by Means of EBSD Method - New Possibilities of Materials Researches Full Text PDF

A. Kopia, K. Kowalski, Ch. Leroux, M. Chmielowska, A Microscopic and Spectroscopic Investigations in CuOx-Ce02-6V5i Thin Films Full Text PDF

A. Korneva, M. Bieda, G. Korznikowa, J. Bonarski, K. Sztwiertnia, Crystallographic Orientation Evaluation of the cr and a Phases in Hard Magnetic Fe-30%Cr-8%Co Alloy Subjected to Complex Loading Full Text PDF

W. Ratuszek, J.Kowalska, A. Bunsch, M. Rumiński, A. Zielińska-Lipiec, Development of Deformation Texture of Austenitic Steel Wires Full Text PDF

M. Kowalski, J. Jura, Th. Baudin, Modelling of Texture Development in Cold Rolled Ferritic-Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Self-Consistent Viscoplastic Model and Finite Element Method Full Text PDF

J. Kuśnierz, J. Bogucka, M-H. Mathon, T. Baudin, On Stability ofMicrostructure, Texture and Mechanical Properties of Copper during ARB Processing Full Text PDF

M. Lipiński, Macroporous Texturing of Multicrystallme Silicon for Solar Cells Full Text PDF

M. Lipiński, R. Mroczyński, Optimisation of Multilayers Antireflection Coating for Solar Cells Full Text PDF

T. Lipiński, Modification of the Al-Si Alloys with the Use of a Homogenous Modifiers Full Text PDF

P. Prusko, B. Adamczyk-Cieślak, J. Mizera, Microstructure and Texture Development in Ag-Cu Alloys Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation Full Text PDF

W. 0lek, J. Bonarski, Texture Changes in Therminally Modified Wood Full Text PDF

W. Ratuszek, J. Kowalska, J. Ryś, M. Rumiński, The Effect of (y -> a') Phase Transformation on Texture Development in Metastable Austenitic Steel Full Text PDF

J. Ryś, M. Witkowska, Rolling Texture Development in Nitrogen Alloyed Ferritic-Austenitic Steel of Duplex Type Full Text PDF

J. Ryś, M. Witkowska, P Matusiewicz, The Effect of Solution Treatment and Nitrogen Addition on Phase Composition of Duplex Steels Full Text PDF

I. Alexandrov.J. Bonarski, A. Korshunov, LTarkowski.V.D. Sitdikov, Homogeneity of the Crystallographic Texture and Deformation Behaviour in Cu and Ti under Severe Plastic Deformation Full Text PDF

L. Tarkowski, J. Bonarski, I. Alexandrov, Planar Irregularities of Texture and Stress Field Detected by X-Ray Diffraction Technique Full Text PDF

L. Starczewski, Microstructure of a Composite Padded Layer of Metal Powders and ist Resistance to Penetration with a Hard Core Bullet Full Text PDF

M.J. Szczerba, J. Żukrowski, M.S. Szczerba, B. Major, An Investigation of Mechanical Instability of Ni-Mn-Ga Single Crystals Compressed at Room Temperature Full Text PDF

M. Szota, J. Jasinski, Modeling of Microhardness of Carbonized Chosen Car Parts using an Arlif Cial Neural Network Tool Full Text PDF

I. Tomov, S. Vassilev, P. Tzvetkov, Accounting for Secondary Extinction in a Novel X-Ray Absorption Method used for Thickness Measurements of thin Foils Full Text PDF

E. Tyrala, P. Tyrala, Identification of Volumetric Phase Share on the Basis of the Relative Magnetic Loss of an Alloy Full Text PDF

S. Wroński, K. Wierzbanowski, A. Baczmański, Ch. Braltam, A.Lodini, Corrections for Residual Stress in X-Ray Grazing Incidence Technique Full Text PDF

P. Witczak, Z. Witczak, Bulk Modulus as a Material Characteristic Independent of Texture Full Text PDF

M. Witkowska, W. Ratuszek, J. Ryś, A. Zielińska-Lipiec, K. Chruściel, The Effect of Deformation and Annealing on Sigma Phase Precipitation in Duplex Steels Full Text PDF

M. Woch, Z. M. Rdzawski, L. Kubica, Application of the EBSD Technique for Investigations Into Microstructure of Pt-Rh Alloy thin Wires used for Gauzes in Catalytic Ammonia Oxidation Process Full Text PDF

J. Żelechowski, A. Klyszewski, Identyfication of Nanostructure in Aluminium Alloys by X-Ray Diffraction Full Text PDF

P. Ozga, Z. Światek, M. Michalec, B. Onderka, J. Bonarski, Phase Structure and Texture of Electrodeposiled InSn Alloys on the Cooper Substrate Full Text PDF