Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 60 / Issue 2A/2015

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M. Adamczyk, M. Pilch, M. Pawełczyk, Influence of Thermal Treatment on Relaxor Properties of BaBi2Nb2O9 Ceramics Full Text PDF

P. Borkowski, A. Sienicki, Contacts Erosion Modelling using Ansys Computer Software and Experimental Research Full Text PDF

A. Cwudzinski, Chemical Homogenization of Liquid Steel Flowed Through Continuous Casting Slab Tundish During Alloying Process Full Text PDF

B. Onderka, A. Debski, W. Gasior, Thermodynamic Assessment of the Bi-In-Zn System Full Text PDF

M. B. Jabłonska, A. Smiglewicz, G. Niewielski, The Effect of Strain Rate on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of the High-Mn Steel after Dynamic Deformation Tests Full Text PDF

M. Slezak, Mathematical Models for Calculating the Value of Dynamic Viscosity of a Liquid Full Text PDF

R. Kowalik, D. Kutyła, K. Mech, T. Tokarski, P. Zabinski, Electrowinning of Tellurium from Acidic Solutions Full Text PDF

M. Kukuryk, Analysis of Deformation and Microstructural Evolution in the Hot Forging of the Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Full Text PDF

T. Kvackaj, A. Kovacova, J. Bidulska, R. Bidulsky, R. Kocisko, New Approach in the Properties Evaluation of Ultrafine-Grained OFHC Copper Full Text PDF

O. Wysocka-Fotek, M. Maj, W. Oliferuk, Use of Pulsed IR Thermography for Determination of Size and Depth of Subsurface Defect Taking into Account the Shape of Its Cross-Section Area Full Text PDF

R. Michalik, B. Chmiela, Study on Nanohardness of Phases Occurring in ZnAl22Cu3 and ZnAl40Cu3 Alloys Full Text PDF

J. Pezda, Effect of the T6 Heat Treatment on Change of Mechanical Properties of the AlSi12CuNiMg alloy Modified with Strontium Full Text PDF

J. Konstanty, A. Romanski, E. Baczek, D. Tyrala, New Wear Resistant Iron-Base Matrix Materials for the Fabrication of Sintered Diamond Tools Full Text PDF

M. Kupkova, M. Hrubovcakova, A. Zelenak, M. Sułowski, A. Cias, R. Orinakova, A. Morovska Turonova, K. Zakova, M. Kupka, Dimensional Changes, Microstructure, Microhardness Distributions and Corrosion Properties of Iron and Iron-Manganese Sintered Materials Full Text PDF

B. Trumic, L. Gomidˇzelovic, S. Marjanovic, V. Krstic, A. Ivanovic, S. Dimitrijevic, Pt-Rh Alloys: Investigation of Tensile Strength and Elongation at High Temperatures Full Text PDF

M. Trybuła, N. Jakse, W. Gasior, A. Pasturel, Thermodynamics and Concentration Fluctuations of Liquid Al-Cu and Al-Zn Alloys Full Text PDF

T. Wegrzyn, J. Piwnik, Nitrogen and Oxygen Amount in Weld after Welding with Micro-Jet Cooling Full Text PDF

M. Hojny, D. Wozniak, M. Głowacki, K. Zaba, M. Nowosielski, M. Kwiatkowski, Analysis of Die Design for the Stamping of a Bathtub Full Text PDF

M. Dospiał, M. Nabiałek, K. Błoch, Influence of Cooling Rate on Phase Composition and Magnetic Properties of Sm12:5Co66:5Fe8Cu11Si2 Alloy in the Form of Ribbon in As-Quenched State Full Text PDF

R. Jasionowski, Z. Pedzich, D. Zasada , W. Przetakiewicz, Cavitation Erosion Resistance of Feal Intermetallic Alloys and Al2O3 - Based Ceramics Full Text PDF

J. Słania, R. Krawczyk, Sz. Wójcik, Quality Requirements Put on the Inconel 625 Austenite Layer used on the Sheet Pile Walls of the Boiler's Evaporator to Utilize Waste Thermally Full Text PDF

M. Zajemska, H. Radomiak, A. Poskart, The Optimization and Diagnostics of Combustion Process with Numerical Modelling Application Full Text PDF

P. Migas, High-Temperatures Rheometric Analysis of Selected Heterogeneous Slag Systems Full Text PDF

G. Gumienny, T. Gietka, Continuous Cooling Transformation (CCT) Diagrams of Carbidic Nodular Cast Iron Full Text PDF

W. Stanek, M. Szega, L. Blacha, M. Niesler, M Gawron, Exergo-Ecological Assessment of Auxiliary Fuel Injection into Blast-Furnace Full Text PDF

A. Smalcerz, The use of Multifrequency Induction Heating for Temperature Distribution Control Full Text PDF

L. Zukowska, J. Mikuła, M. Staszuk, M. Musztyfaga-Staszuk, Structure and Properties of PVD Coatings Deposited on Cermets Full Text PDF

D. Klimecka-Tatar, S. Borkowski, P. Sygut, The Kinetics of Ti-1Al-1Mn Alloy Thermal Oxidation and Charcteristic of Oxide Layer Full Text PDF

K. Lankiewicz, M. Baranowski, T. Babul, S. Kowalski, The Study of the Impact of Surface Preparation Methods of Inconel 625 and 718 Nickel-Base Alloys on Wettability by BNi-2 and BNi-3 Brazing Filler Metals Full Text PDF

J. Michalski, K. Burdynski, P. Wach, Z. Łatas, Nitrogen Availability of Nitriding Atmosphere in Controlled Gas Nitriding Processes Full Text PDF

B. Majkowska, M. Jazdzewska, E. Wołowiec, W. Piekoszewski, L. Klimek, A. Zielinski, The Possibility of Use of Laser-Modified Ti6Al4V Alloy in Friction Pairs in Endoprostheses Full Text PDF

H. Myalska, K. Szymanski, G. Moskal, Microstructure and Properties of WC-Co HVAF Coatings Obtained From Standard, Superfine and Modified by Sub-Micrometric Carbide Powders Full Text PDF

T. Kozieł, Estimation of Cooling Rates in Suction Casting and Copper-Mould Casting Processes Full Text PDF

I. Dzioba, J. Kasinska, R. Pała, The Influence of the Rare Earth Metals Modification on the Fracture Toughness of G17CrMo5-5 Cast Steel at Low Temperatures Full Text PDF

K. Wieczerzak, P. Bała, M. Stepien, G. Cios, T. Kozieł, The Characterization of Cast Fe-Cr-C Alloy Full Text PDF

C. Fiał, E. Dudrova, M. Kabatova, M. Kupkova, M. Selecka, M. Sułowski, A. Cias, Sinteraustempering of Two Mo-(Cu)-(Cr)-(Ni)-(Mn)-C Steels in a Semi-Closed Container in Flowing Nitrogen Full Text PDF

B. Tomiczek, M. Pawlyta, M. Adamiak, L. A. Dobrzanski, Effect of Milling Time on Microstructure of AA6061 Composites Fabricated Via Mechanical Alloying Full Text PDF

M. Kopernik, A. Milenin, S. Kac, Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Fracture of Athrombogenic Coatings Deposited on Ventricular Assist Device in Micro-Shear Test Full Text PDF

A. Tofil, J. Tomczak, T. Bulzak, Numerical and Experimental Study on Producing Aluminum Alloy 6061 Shafts by Cross Wedge Rolling Using a Universal Rolling Mill Full Text PDF

A. Stefanik, A. Morel, S. Mróz, P. Szota, Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Aluminium Bars Rolling Process in Three-High Skew Rolling Mill Full Text PDF

P. Szota, D. Strycharska, S. Mróz, A. Stefanik, Analysis of Rolls Wear During the Ribbed Bars Multi-Slit Rolling Process Full Text PDF

M. Kubiak, W. Piekarska, S. Stano, Z. Saternus, Numerical Modelling of Thermal and Structural Phenomena in Yb:Yag Laser Butt-Welded Steel Elements Full Text PDF

P. Lacki, J. Adamus, W. Wieckowski, J. Winowiecka, Forming of Spherical Titanium Cups from Circular Blanks with Cutouts on the Perimeter Full Text PDF

T. Skrzypczak, E. Wegrzyn-Skrzypczak, J. Winczek, Effect of Natural Convection on Directional Solidification of Pure Metal Full Text PDF

L. Sowa, Effect of Steel Flow Control Devices on Flow and Temperature Field in the Tundish of Continuous Casting Machine Full Text PDF

Z. Gronostajski, M. Hawryluk, M. Kaszuba, G. Misiun, A. Niechajowicz, M. Pawełczyk, S. Polak, An Analysis of the Industrial Forging Process of Flange in Order to Reduce the Weight of the Input Material Full Text PDF

S. Wiewiórowska, Z. Muskalski, The Assessment of the Structure and Properties of High-Carbon Steel Wires after the Process of Patenting with Induction Heating Full Text PDF

L. Chlubny, J. Lis, K. Chabior, P. Chachlowska, C. Kapusta, Processing and Properties of Max Phases - Based Materials Using SHS Technique Full Text PDF

G. Zhao, Y. Zou, H. Zhang, Z. Zou, Effect of Low-Temperature Annealing on the Properties of Ni-P Amorphous Alloys Deposited Via Electroless Plating Full Text PDF

S. Saikawa, G. Aoshima, S. Ikeno, K. Morita, N. Sunayama, K. Komai, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy Produced by Gravity Casting Process Full Text PDF

I. Kalemba, M. Kopyscianski, C. Hamilton, S. Dymek, Natural Aging Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Aluminum Alloys Full Text PDF

A. Wiengmoon, P. Sukchot, N. Tareelap, J.T.H. Pearce, T. Chairuangsri, Effects of T6 Heat Treatment with Double Solution Treatment on Microstructure, Hardness and Corrosion Resistance of Cast Al-Si-Cu Alloy Full Text PDF

C. Banjongprasert, A. Jak-ra, C. Domrong, U. Patakham, W. Pongsaksawad, T. Chairuangsri, Characterization of an Equal Channel Angular Pressed Al-Zn-In Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Rekas, Electrolytes for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Full Text PDF

L. Zhang, G. Zhao, H. Liu, G. Min, H. Yu, Tuning the Crystallographic Structure and Morphology of Nanocrystalline CaB6 Films Deposited by DC Magnetron Sputtering Full Text PDF

D. Dulinska, W. Pawlak, Z. Grzesik, The Prospects in Designing New Generation of High Temperature Coatings in Automobile Engines Full Text PDF

M. Janus, K. Kyzioł, S. Kluska, J. Konefał-Góral, A. Małek, S. Jonas, Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition - Technological Design of Functional Coatings Full Text PDF

D. Iwashima, K. Ejiri, N. Nagase, M. Hatakeyama, S. Sunada, Study of Rust Preventive Characteristics of Rust Preventive Oil from Polarization Curve Measurement Full Text PDF

S. Imurai, C. Thanachayanont, J.T.H. Pearce, T. Chairuangsri, Microstructure and Erosion-Corrosion Behaviour of As-cast High Chromium White Irons Containing Molybdenum in Aqueous Sulfuric-Acid Slurry Full Text PDF

K. Nishimura, K. Matsuda, R. Komaki, N. Nunomra, S. Wenner, R. Holmestad, T. Matsuzaki, I. Watanabe, F.L. Pratt, Solute-Vacancy Clustering in Al-Mg-Si Alloys Studied by Muon Spin Relaxation Technique Full Text PDF

N. Nunomura, S. Sunada, Density Functional Theory Study of the Interaction of Hydroxyl Groups with Iron Surface Full Text PDF

B. Łyson-Sypien, K. Zakrzewska, M. Gajewska, M. Radecka, Hydrogen Sensor of TiO2-Based Nanomaterials Full Text PDF

M. Matsunami, T. Hashizume, A. Saiki, Ion-Exchange Reaction of A-site in A2Ta2O6 Pyrochlore Crystal Structure Full Text PDF

T. Fujita, A. Saiki, T. Hashizume, Fabrication of YSZ Thin Film by Electrochemical Deposition Method and the Effect of the Pulsed Electrical Fields for Morphology Control Full Text PDF

N. Horata, T. Hashizume, A. Saiki, Synthesis of Fe Doped LiMn2O4 Cathode Materials for Li Bttery by Solid State Reaction Full Text PDF

Y. Ishibashi, M. Nose, M. Hatakeyama, S. Sunada, Effects of Aluminum Sputtering on the Corrosion esistance of AZ91 Alloy Full Text PDF

K. Schneider, Structural and Optical Properties of VOx Thin Films Full Text PDF

Y. Adachi, S. Abe, K. Matsuda, M. Nose, The Analysis of Structure for the Multi-Layered of Ge/TiO2 Films Prepared by the Differential Pressure Co-Sputtering Full Text PDF

S. Goto, Y. Adachi, K. Matsuda, M. Nose, Crystal Structure and Optical Properties of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Reactive RF Magnetron Sputtering Full Text PDF

A. Kawai, K. Watanabe, K. Matsuda, S. Ikeno, The Age-Precipitations Structure of Al-Mg-Ge Alloy Aged at 473K Full Text PDF

Y. Matsuoka, K. Watanabe, J. Nakamura, W. Lefebvre, S. Saikawa, S. Ikeno, K. Matsuda, TEM Observation of Age-Hardening Precipitation in Mg-Gd-Y Alloys As Different Gd/Y Ratio Full Text PDF

Y. Nakafushi, K. Matsuda, M. Nose, Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of AlN/SiCN Nanocomposite Coatings Prepared by R.F.-Reactive Sputtering Method Full Text PDF

K. Watanabe, K. Matsuda, S. Ikeno, T. Yoshida , S. Murakami, TEM Observation of Precipitate Structures in Al-Zn-Mg Alloys with Additions of Cu/Ag Full Text PDF

G. Smoła, A. Poczekajło, Z. Grzesik, Reduction Kinetics of NiS Sulphide Full Text PDF

M. Stygar, E. Durda, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Crofer 22 APU Ferritic Stainless Steel Full Text PDF

R. Gawel, K. Przybylski, Electrical Properties of Indium and Yttrium-Doped Barium Cerate-Based Compounds for Use as Ceramic Fuel Cell Electrolytes Full Text PDF

J. Cyran, J. Wyrwa, E. Drozdz, M. Dziubaniuk, M. Rekas, Effect of the Gadolinium Oxide Addition on the Electrical Properties of Tetragonal Zirconium Dioxide Full Text PDF

E. Drozdz, M. Jelonek, J. Wyrwa, M. Rekas, The Influence of the Way of Alumina Addition on Properties Improvement of 3YSZ Material Full Text PDF

G.L. Zhao, Y. Zou, Y.L. Hao, Z.D. Zou, Corrosion Resistance of Electroless Ni-P/Cu/Ni-P Multilayer Coatings Full Text PDF

W. Zhao, Y. Zou, D.X. Xia, Z.D. Zou, Effects of Anodic Protection on SCC Behavior of X80 Pipeline Steel in High-pH Carbonate-Bicarbonate Solution Full Text PDF

Y. Morishita, S. Murata, S. Sunada, Studies on an Aerobic Oxidation of Dibenzothiophene and Related Compounds Using Ruthenium Catalyst Full Text PDF

M. Madej, Some Aspects of Infiltration of High Speed Steel Based Composites with Iron Addition Full Text PDF

N. Kepczak, W. Pawłowski, Ł. Kaczmarek, Cast Iron and Mineral Cast Applied for Machine Tool Bed - Dynamic Behavior Analysis Full Text PDF

J. Smolik, A. Mazurkiewicz, J. Kacprzynska-Gołacka, M. Rydzewski, M. Szota, J. Mizera, Composite Layer / PVD Coating" Obtained on the AZ91D Magnesium Alloy by Different Hybrid Surface Teatment Methods Full Text PDF

Ł. Szparaga, P. Bartosik, A. Gilewicz, J. Ratajski, Optimization of Multi-Module CrN/CrCN Coatings Full Text PDF

A. Zielinski, G. Golanski The Influence of Repair Welded Joint on the Life of Steam Pipeline Made of Cr-Mo Steel Serviced Beyond the Calculated Working Time Full Text PDF

G.L. Myronchuk, O.V. Zamurueva, K. Ozga, M. Szota, A.M. El-Naggar, N.S. AlZayed, L. V. Piskach, O. V. Parasyuk, A.A. Albassam, A.O. Fedorchuk, I. V. Kityk, Photoinduced Optical Properties of Tl1-xIn1-xSixSe2 Single Crystal Full Text PDF

A.D. Dobrzanska-Danikiewicz, D. Cichocki, D. Łukowiec, The MWCNTs-Rh Nanocomposite Obtained by the New High-Temperature Method Full Text PDF

L.A. Dobrzanski, A.D. Dobrzanska-Danikiewicz, P. Malara, T.G. Gaweł, L.B. Dobrzanski, A. Achtelik-Franczak, Fabrication of Scaffolds from Ti6Al4V Powders using the Computer Aided Laser Method Full Text PDF

J. Gondro, K. Błoch, M. Nabiałek, K. Waltters, M. Szota, Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of the FeZr(Y)NbCuB Amorphous Alloys Full Text PDF

M. Ogórek, T. Fraczek, Z. Skuza, Application of Active Screenmethod for Ion Nitriding Efficiency Improvement Full Text PDF

G. Mrówka-Nowotnik, J. Sieniawski, S. Kotowski, A.Nowotnik, M. Motyka, Hot Deformation of 6XXX Series Aluminium Alloys Full Text PDF

R. Schaller, Applications of Mechanical Spectroscopy to Industrial Materials Full Text PDF

L.B. Magalas, M. Majewski, Hilbert-Twin - A Novel Hilbert Transform-Based Method to Compute Envelope of Free Decaying Oscillations Embedded in Noise, and the Logarithmic Decrement in High-Resolution Mechanical Spectroscopy HRMS Full Text PDF

M. Majewski, L.B. Magalas, Hilbert-Twin - A Novel Hilbert Transform-Based Method to Compute the Elastic Modulus in High-Resolution Mechanical Spectroscopy HRMS Full Text PDF

M. Majewski, L.B. Magalas, Critical Assessment of the Issues in the Application of Hilbert Transform to Compute the Logarithmic Decrement Full Text PDF

N. Min, H.M. Li, Ch. Xie, X.C. Wu, Experimental Investigation of Segregation of Carbon Atoms Due to Sub-Zero Cryogenic Treatment in Cold Work Tool Steel by Mechanical Spectroscopy and Atom Probe Tomography Full Text PDF

Z. Ranachowski, D. Józwiak-Niedzwiedzka, P. Ranachowski, M. Dabrowski, S. Kudela Jr., T. Dvorak, The Determination of Diffusive Tortuosity in Concrete Specimens Using X-Ray Microtomography Full Text PDF

A. Sawka, A. Kwatera, Model Research on Deposition of Pure Aluminium Oxide Layers by MOCVD Method Full Text PDF

A. Sawka, A. Kwatera, Model Research on Synthesis of Al2O3-C Layers by MOCVD Full Text PDF