Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 64 / Issue 1/2019

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  1. M. Hebda, P. Kaczor, K. Miernik: Vacuum Brazing of Stainless Steel Depending on the Surface Preparation Method and Temperature of the Process full text PDF

  2. D. Oleszak, B. Kurowski, T. Pikula, M. Pawlyta, M. Senna, H. Suzuki: Towards cubic modification of LI7LA3ZR2O12 compound by mechanical milling and annealing of powders full text PDF

  3. K. Kołczyk-Siedlecka, K. Skibińska, D. Kutyła, A. Kwiecińska, R. Kowalik, P. Żabiński: Influence of Magnetic Field on Electroless Metallization of 3D Prints by Copper and Nickel full text PDF

  4. H. Krawiec, V. Vignal, M. Latkiewicz: Microstructure and Corrosion Behaviour of CO-MO/TIo2 Nano-Composite Coatings Formed on Disk and Wire Electrodes by Electrodeposition full text PDF

  5. J. Lelito, H. Krawiec, V. Vignal, B. Gracz, P.L. Żak, M. Szucki: Modelling and Simulation of the Magnesium Primary Phase Crystallization in the AZ91/SICP Composite Dependent on Mass Fraction of SICP full text PDF

  6. A. Tellier, M.R. Ardigo-Besnard, J.-P. Chateau-Cornu: Influence of the Process Parameters on the Microstructure of a Hardfacing Coating Elaborated by Hot Isostatic Pressing full text PDF

  7. V. Vignal, H. Krawiec, M. Latkiewicz: Influence of Dissolved Oxygen on the Corrosion Behaviour in Ringer's Solution and Artificial Saliva of CO-MO Nano-Crystalline Coatings Electrodeposited on CO and 316L Substrates full text PDF

  8. A. Góral, W. Żórawski: Effect of Powder Grain Size and Titania Content on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Plasma Sprayed AL2O3-TIO2 Ceramic Coatings full text PDF

  9. M. Luty-Błocho: The Influence of Steric Stabilization on Process of AU, PT Nanoparticles Formation full text PDF

  10. M. Warzecha, T. Merder, P. Warzecha, A.M. Hutny: Hydrodynamic Conditions of Flow in the Tundish Depending on Selected Technological Parameters for Different Steel Groups full text PDF

  11. M. Bartosiewicz, A. Cwudziński: Influence of Multi-Hole Filter Modification on the Flow Hydrodynamic Structure and Refining Process of Liquid Steel in the One-Strand Tundish full text PDF

  12. M. Rywotycki, Z. Malinowski, K. Sołek, J. Falkus, K. Miłkowska-Piszczek: Determination of Heat Flux at a Solid-Solid Intreface full text PDF

  13. J. Michalczyk, S. Wiewiórowska, Z. Muskalski: Comparative Analysis and Modelling of Newly Developed and Unconventional Processes of Plastic Forming of Toothed Gear Elements full text PDF

  14. J. Sobota, K. Rodak, M. Nowak: Microstructure and Properties of Tin Bronzes Produced by the SPD Method full text PDF

  15. A. Jędrzejewska, D. Sibera, R. Pełech, R. Jędrzejewski, U. Narkiewicz: Nanocomposites Graphene/COFE2O4 and Graphene/NIFE2O4 - Preparation and Characterization full text PDF

  16. P.M. Nuckowski, T. Wróbel: Mechanical Properties and Fracture Analysis of ALCU4MGSI Alloy Ingots Obtained by Horizontal Continuous Casting full text PDF

  17. Zhixin Tu, Jianxin Zhuo, Yajun Yin, Xiaoyuan Ji, Xu Shen: The Deviation from Eutectic Composition in Boundary Layer for Eutectic Growth: A Phase-Field Study full text PDF

  18. I. Peter, M. Rosso: Focus On Development Of Quality, High Pressure Die Casting Process full text PDF

  19. S. Wiewiórowska, Z. Muskalski, J. Michalczyk: The Influence of Hot Dip Galvanizing Process on Trip Steel Wire Structure and Properties full text PDF

  20. L. Sozańska-Jędrasik, J. Mazurkiewicz, W. Borek, K. Matus:, B. Chmiela, M. Zubko: Effect of Nb And Ti Micro-Additives And Thermo-Mechanical Treatment of High-Manganese Steels with Aluminium and Silicon on Their Microstructure and Mechanical Properties full text PDF

  21. I. Lyasota, Ł. Sarniak, P. Kustra, Acoustic Emission Snalysis of The Plastic Deformation Stages of Degraded Low-Carbon Steel
    After Long-Term Operation in the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Processing full text PDF

  22. Z. Zawieja, J. Sawicki: Thermogravimetric Analysis of Modified Cellulose Mixtures in Air full text PDF

  23. B. Romelczyk-Baishya, D. Lumelskyj, M. Stępniewska, M. Giżyński, Z. Pakieła: The Mechanical Properties at Room And Low Temperature Of P110 Steel Characterised by Means of Small Punch Test full text PDF

  24. W. Bartoszek, M. Trzaska: Hybrid Nanocomposite Layers Ni/Al2o3/Cgraphite Produced by Electrocrystallization Method full text PDF

  25. E. Rówiński, M. Pietruszka: Modified Bohm's Theory for Abstruse Measurements: Application to Layer Depth Profiling Using Auger Spectroscopy full text PDF

  26. S. Kulesza, M. Bramowicz, M. Gwoździk, S.Wilczyński, A.M. Goździejewska: Structural Aging and Degradation of Human Fingernail Plates Upon Cosmetic Agents full text PDF

  27. A. Vaško, J. Belan, E. Tillová: Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Nodular Cast Irons full text PDF

  28. P. Papliński, J. Wańkowicz, P. Ranachowski, Z. Ranachowski: Investigation of Microstructure of ZnO Varistors Taken From Surge Arrester Counters full text PDF

  29. G. Boczkal, K. Dadun, P. Palka, A. Hotlos, M. Janoska: Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of Inconel 625/Pt Microjoint full text PDF

  30. D. Jędrzejczyk, E. Szatkowska: Changes In Properties of Hot-Dip Zinc Coating Resulting from Heat Treatment full text PDF

  31. A. Hara, H. Kazimierczak, A. Bigos, Z. Świątek, P. Ozga: Effect of Different Organic Additives on Surface Morphology and Microstructure of Zn-Mo Coatings Electrodeposited from Citrate Baths full text PDF

  32. J.A. Bartkowska, D. Bochenek: Dielectric Relaxation of Manganese Modified Bi6Fe2Ti3O18 Aurivillius Type Ceramics full text PDF

  33. D. Bochenek, P. Niemiec, M. Adamczyk, Z. Stokłosa: Electrophysical Properties of the Multicomponent PbFe1/2Nb1/2o3 Ceramics Doped by Li full text PDF

  34. E. Kasprzycka, B. Bogdański: Properties ff Tool Steel After Hybrid Treatment Connecting Diffusion Chromizing with the PVD Method full text PDF

  35. P. Sawicka-Chudy, G. Wisz, M. Sibiński, M. Cholewa, P. Potera, Ł. Głowa, R. Pawełek: Optical and Structural Properties of Cu2O thin Film as Active Layer in Solar Cells Prepared by DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering full text PDF

  36. O. Kryshtal, A. Kruk, F. Mao, M. Taher,, U. Jansson, A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz: Microstructure and Phase Composition of the Ag-Al Film Wear Track: Through-Thickness Characterization by Advanced Electron Microscopy full text PDF

  37. Wei Kong, Da-qiang Cang: Research on Ladle Nozzle Clogging during Continuous Casting of Non-Oriented Electrical Steel with High Silicon full text PDF

  38. Joong-Hwan Jun: Effect of Solution Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Cast AZ91-(Ca) Alloys full text PDF

  39. Jiayan Li,, Liang Wang,, Jianjie Hao,, Ping Ni,, Yi Tan:The Continuous Growth of Bulk Si by Temperature Gradient Zone Melting Method full text PDF

  40. K.S. Sridhar Raja, V.K. Bupesh Raja, M. Gupta: Using Anthropogenic Waste (Steel Slag) to Enhance Mechanical and Wear Properties of a Commercial Aluminium Alloy A356 full text PDF

  41. Zhongwei Ma, Lin Ma, Bo Xu, Chuchen Dan, Zhaokun He, Yue Wang: High Cycle Fatigue Performance of Hollow-Extruded 6005A-T6 Aluminum Alloy Characterized by a Layered Microstructure full text PDF

  42. E. Kasprzycka: Properties of Tool Steel with Cr/CrN Type Hybrid Coatings, Obtained by PVD Method full text PDF

  43. P. Wach, A. Ciski, T. Babul, A. Kapuścińska, D. Oleszak: The Application of Deep Cryogenic Treatment to Improve the Properties of Nitrided Layers Fformed on X153CrMoV12 Steel full text PDF

  44. W. Leśniewski, E. Czekaj, P. Wieliczko, M. Wawrylak: Novel Method of Thermal Conductivity Measurement Using Stefan-Boltzmann Law full text PDF

  45. M. Zwierzchowski: Impact of Tool Magnetization on Changes in the Surface Layer of Forging Tools full text PDF

  46. A. Jarco: Effect of increased temperature on dimensional and shape accuracy of castings produced from the EN AC-AlSi11 alloy by pressure die casting process full text PDF

  47. T. Domański: Numerical Analysis of Thermo-Mechanical Phenomena of the Progressive Hardening Elements Made of Tool Steel for Cold Work full text PDF

  48. P. Golewski, T. Sadowski: Numerical and Laboratory Tests of Aluminum Profile Connection Using the "Popular Lock" full text PDF

  49. A. Grabarczyk, K. Major-Gabryś, St.M. Dobosz, J. Jakubski, D. Bolibruchová, M. Brůna, R. Pastirčák: The Influence of Moulding Sand Type on Mechanical and Thermal Deformation full text PDF

  50. R. Koňár, M. Mičian: Material Ultrasonic Attenuation Influence on Conventional Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Copper Alloy Cast Testing full text PDF

  51. K. Major-Gabryś, M. Hosadyna-Kondracka, A. Grabarczyk, J. Kamińska: Selection of Hardening Technology of Moulding Sand with Hydrated Sodium Silicate Binder Devoted to Aluminum Alloys Ablation Casting full text PDF

  52. M. Petrič, P. Mrvar, S. Kastelic: Prediction of Microstructure of Grey Cast Irons by Electrical Resistivity Measurements full text PDF

  53. L. Pereira, M.R. Bellé, L.F. Seibel Júnior, W.M. Pasini, R.F. do Amaral, V. Karlinski de Barcellos, Austempering in Zamak Bath: Influence of Austempering Time and Austenitizing Temperature on Ductile Cast Iron Properties full text PDF

  54. R. Żebrowski, M. Walczak, Effect of the Shot Peening on Surface Properties and Tribological Performance of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Produced by Means of DMLS Technology full text PDF

  55. P. Lacki, K. Adamus, J. Winowiecka, The Numerical Simulation of Aviation Structure Joined by FSW full text PDF

  56. W. Więckowski, P. Lacki, J. Adamus, Examinations of Steel Overlap Joints Obtained Using the Friction Stir Welding Technology full text PDF

  57. M. Hojny, M. Głowacki, P. Bała, W. Bednarczyk, W. Zalecki, A Multiscale Model of Heating-Remelting-Cooling in the Gleeble 3800 Thermo-Mechanical Simulator System full text PDF

  58. M. Suliga, R. Wartacz, H. Kania, Research of Zinc Coatings in Thin Medium Carbon Steel Wires full text PDF

  59. J. Widłaszewski, M. Nowak, Z. Nowak, P. Kurp, Laser-Assisted Thermomechanical Bending of Tube Profiles full text PDF

  60. Z. Zimniak, D. Dobras, Electroplastic Effect of High Manganese Austenitic Steel full text PDF