Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 69 / Issue 1/2024

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  1. W.W.A. Zailani, N.M. Apandi, M.M.A. Abdullah, M.F.M. Tahir, I Nengah Sinarta, Ni Komang Ayu Agustini, S. Abdullah, Optimization of Alkali Activator on the Strength Properties of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Repair Materials full text PDF
  2. K. Abib, B. Alili, T. Baudin, A.-L. Helbert, F. Brisset, L. Litynska-Dobrzynska, P. Zieba, D. Bradai, On some Features of the Grain and Subgrain Size in a Cu-Cr-Zr Alloy After ECAP Processing and Aging full text PDF
  3. K. Kołczyk-Siedlecka, D. Kutyła, K. Skibińska, A. Jędraczka, P. Żabiński, Catalytic Properties of Electroless Nickel-Based Coatings Modified by the Magnetic Field full text PDF
  4. Bum-Soon Park, Jae-Cheol Park, Hyun-Kuk Park, Jeong-Han Lee, Mechanical Alloying Synthesis and Spark Plasma Sintering Consolidation of Al-Ti-Si-W Alloys full text PDF
  5. Cheol-Woo Kim, Hyo-Sang Yoo, Sung-Kil Hong, Effect of Output Conditions on Microstructure and Properties of SKD61 Laser Cladding full text PDF
  6. Islam Takiul, Sanghaw Lee, Haejin Hwang, Sinterability, Microstructural Evolution, and Dielectric Performance of Bismuth Sodium Titanate (Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3) Lead-Free Ferroelectric Ceramics full text PDF
  7. Seung-Hyeok Shin, Dong-Kyu Oh, Sang-Gyu Kim, Byoungchul Hwang, Effect of Microstructural Constituents on Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance of API X60, X70, and X80 Pipeline Steels full text PDF
  8. Ji-Hyun Yoon, Jeoung Han Kim, Characteristics of 3D Printed Functionally Graded Material for Replacement of Dissimilar Metal Weld in Nuclear Reactor full text PDF
  9. Hong-Pyo Kim, Jong-Yeon Lee, Sung-Hwan Cho, Min-Jae Choi, Sung-Woo Kim, Hyung-Ha Jin, Dong-Jin Kim, Seoung-Sik Hwang, Yun-Soo Lim, Fractography of Stress Corrosion Cracking of 20% Cold Worked Type 304 H Stainless Steel Containing δ-Ferrite in Oxidizing Primary Water full text PDF
  10. Hyo-Sang Yoo, Yong-Ho Kim, Byoung-Kwon Lee, Eun-Chan Ko, Sang-Chan Lee, Seong-Hee Lee, Hyeon-Taek Son, Microstructural, Electrical and Mechanical Properties of the Al-Zn-Mg-Mn Alloy with Strontium Addition full text PDF
  11. Youngkyu Kim, Kukhyun Song, Effect of Enhanced Grain Refinement in Friction Welded SUS316L Alloy full text PDF
  12. Hyo-Seong Kim, Moonseok Kang, Minha Park, Byung Jun Kim, Byoungkoo Kim, Yong-Sik Ahn, Improvement of Strength and Oxidation Resistance at High Temperature in AISI 4140 Steel by Micro-Alloying Chromium and Tungsten for Automotive Engine Applications full text PDF
  13. Hyun-Woo Shim, Byoungyong Im, Soyeong Joo, Dae-Guen Kim, Facile Synthesis and Li-Electroactivity of Cobalt Oxide Based on Resources Recovered from Waste Lithium-Ion Batteries full text PDF
  14. Srinivasulu Grandhi, Kwang-Hyeok Jin, Min-Su Kim, Dong-Joo Yoon, Seung-Hyo Lee, Min-Suk Oh, In-Situ Wettability Analysis of Al Coating Influence on Hot-Dip Galvanizing Properties of Advanced High-Strength Steels full text PDF
  15. Pratik S. Kapadnis, Kyungsun Kim, Hyung-Ho Park, Haejin Hwang, Fabrication of Silver-Impregnated Silica Aerogel Composite for Energy Applications full text PDF
  16. Yu-Jin Hwang, Yurian Kim, Soon-Hong Park, Sung-Cheol Park, Kee-Ahn Lee, Wear and Corrosion Properties of Pure Mo Coating Layer Manufactured by Atmospheric Plasma Spray Process full text PDF
  17. Jeongha Lee, Kun-Jae Lee, The Effects of the Polymers as a Sacrificed Material for the Hydroxyapatite Powder Synthesized by an Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Process full text PDF
  18. Hee Yeon Jeon, Mijeong Park, Seungheon Han, Dong Hoon Lee, Young-In Lee, Facile Synthesis of Bumpy-Structured ZnO-ZnS Core-Shell Microspheres with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance full text PDF
  19. Minha Park, Gang Ho Lee, Hyo-Seong Kim, Byoungkoo Kim, Sanghoon Noh, Byung Jun Kim, Effect of Cooling Rate on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties According to Heat Treatment Temperature of Inconel 625 full text PDF
  20. Minha Park, Gang Ho Lee, Gwangjoo Jang, Hyoung-Chan Kim, Byoungkoo Kim, Byung Jun Kim, The Effects of Post Weld Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of API X70 Linepipe using Submerged Arc Welding full text PDF
  21. Sang-Hyeon Jo, Seong-Hee Lee, Changes in Microstructure and Texture of a Multi-Stack Accumulative Roll Bonding Processed Complex Aluminum Alloy with Annealing full text PDF
  22. Woo Cheol Kim, Jongmin Byun, Fabrication of Porous Sintered Body using Shape-Controled 316l Stainless Steel Powder by High-Energy Ball Milling full text PDF
  23. Hyo-Seong Kim, Moonseok Kang, Minha Park, Byung Jun Kim, Yong-Shin Kim, Tae Young Lee, Byoungkoo Kim, Yong-Sik Ahn, Effects of Hot rolling Reduction on Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of 1.25Cr-1Mo-0.5V-0.3C Steel for High-Speed Rail Brake Discs full text PDF
  24. Jae-Hyeon Kim, Jung-Ha Lee, Seung-Beop Lee, Sung-Jin Kim, Min-Suk Oh, Improved Thermal Stability of Al-Si Alloy Coated Steel Sheet with Cr Thin Film Deposition full text PDF
  25. Woo-Chul Jung, Hyunseok Yang, Seon-Jin Choi, Man-Sik Kong, Evaluation of Electropolishing Characteristics of 316L Stainless Steel Tube in Contaminated Electrolyte full text PDF
  26. Jin Kwang Jang, Jaeyun Moon, Jongmin Byun, Synthesis of Polycrystalline Bi-Doped Snse by Mechanical Alloying and Hydrogen Reduction full text PDF
  27. Dohoon Lee, Tae-Yeong So, Ha-Young Yu, Gyunsub Kim, Eushin Moon, Se-Hyun Ko, Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing and Solution Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting full text PDF
  28. Jae-Yun Kim, Sang-Gyu Kim, Byoungchul Hwang, Investigation of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Haynes 617 and Hastelloy X Alloys Using Electrochemical Hydrogen Charging full text PDF
  29. Junho Lee, Namhyuk Seo, Sang-Hwa Lee, Kwangjun Euh, Singon Kang, Seung Bae Son, Seok-Jae Lee, Jae-Gil Jung, Effect of Al-5Ti-1B Addition on Solidification Microstructure and Hot Deformation Behavior of DC-Cast Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy full text PDF
  30. Ji-A Lee, Bong-Min Jin, Jeong-Whan Han, Evaluation of Classification Possibility of Coke Breeze by Drag Force full text PDF
  31. Uijun-Ko, Byungjun-Han, Kyoung-Tae Park, Marzieh-Ebrahimian, Jh-Kim, Microstructure Evolution Through Cryogenic Rolling of Ultra-High Purity Titanium Produced by Electron Beam Melting full text PDF
  32. A. Garbacz-Klempka, K. Dzięgielewski, M. Wardas-Lasoń, A Glimpse into Raw Material Management in the Early Iron Age: Bronze Ingots from a Production Settlement in Wicina (Western Poland) in Archaeometallurgical Research full text PDF
  33. Qiaoli Wang, Yinan Xiao, Di Wu, Fang Yang, L.Y. Sheng, Microstructure, Compressive Properties and Oxidation Behaviors of the Nb-Si-Ti-Cr-Al-Ta-Hf Alloy with Minor Holmium Addition full text PDF
  34. Hao Lin, Haipeng Geng, Xifeng Zhou, Leiming Song, Xiaojun Hu, Investigation on Mechanical Properties of MAR-M247 Superalloy for Turbine Blades by Experiment and Simulation full text PDF
  35. Hao Xu, Rui-Bin Gou, Min Yu, Wen-Jiao Dan, Nian Wang, The Influence of Short-Term High Temperature Environment on the Non-Uniform Distribution of Ferrite Grain Size in 40 mm-thick Q345 Steel full text PDF
  36. Aiyong Cui, Haodong Liu, Shaodong Gao, Huakai Wei, Jialei Zhao, Laser Weld Seam Curved Path Effect on 6063 Aluminum Alloy Strength and Temperature Distributions: COMSOL Numerical Simulation full text PDF
  37. Fei Huang, The Effect of Addition Amount of Chromium Iron on the Bonding Strength between Alloy Steel Surfacing Layer and Steel Base Metal full text PDF
  38. Chari V. Srinivasa, Suyog Jhavar, R. Suresh, Optimization of Surface Finish of Plasma Metal Deposited Stainless Steel 316L Parts by Utilization of Plasma Beam Remelting (PBR) and Taguchi Methodology full text PDF
  39. B. Jeż, Influence of the Cooling Rate on the Heterogeneity of the Structure in the Rapid Quenched Fe - Based Alloys with the Si Addition full text PDF
  40. D.M. Madyira, T.O. Babarinde, Exergy Analysis of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Suspended with R290/R600 as a Substitute for R134a full text PDF
  41. D. Woźniak, S. Żak, Influence of Vertical Straightener Roller Shape on Residual Stress Level in Railway Rails full text PDF
  42. Mehmet Bugdayci, Levent Oncel, Murat Alkan, Ahmet Turan, Umay Cinarli, A Comparative Study about Production of Vanadium Carbide via Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis and Reduction full text PDF
  43. G.R. Chelariu, N. Cimpoeșu, P. Paraschiv, B.A. Prisecariu, I. Rusu, I. Știrbu, G.I. Sandu, M. Benchea, C. Bejinariu, Structural and Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled CuAlBe Non-Spark Alloy full text PDF
  44. A.H. Ismail, A. Kusbiantoro, L.T. Yian, K. Muthusamy, N.A.M. Mortar, Acceleration of Early Strength Development in Mortars Containing Soluble Silica Extracted from Palm Oil Clinker full text PDF
  45. J. Garus, J. Petrů, W. Sochacki, S. Garus, Dynamic Stability of the Periodic and Aperiodic Structures of the Bernoulli-Euler Beams full text PDF
  46. S.F.A. Abdullah, S.S. Md Saleh, N.F. Mohammad, S.N. Syed Mahamud, M.F. Omar, H. Md Akil, B.P. Chang, H.R. Saliu, N.H. Rostam, J. Gondro, Effect of Nitrate Acid Treated Dolomite on the Tensile Properties of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Composites full text PDF
  47. L.A. Sofri, D. Ganesan, M.M. Al B. Abdullah, Chee-Ming Chan, M.H. Osman, J. Garus, S. Garus, The Effect of Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) as an Additional Binder in Porous Asphalt Pavement full text PDF
  48. H. Mohd Hanafi, Khairunisa Muthusamy, W.A. Saffuan, A.M.A. Budiea, A. Kusbiantoro, M. Nabilla, A.R. Rafiza, K. Błoch, Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Containing Unground Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Partial Sand Replacement full text PDF
  49. M. Nadolski, Ł. Bernat, D. Cekus, P. Kwiatoń, A. Pietrzak, Analysis of Cooling a Printed 3D Mold Using a Casting and Solidification Simulation of a CuSn20 Bronze Bell Casting full text PDF
  50. R. Yakut, H. Düzcükoğlu, H. Akkuş, Investigation of the Durability and Performance of Gears Made of Glass Fiber, Carbon and Bronze-Reinforced Polytetrafluoroethylene Matrix Composite Material full text PDF
  51. S. Garus, M. Kuczyński, A. Kysiak, J. Garus, W. Sochacki, Influence of PNM-0.38PT Defect on Transmission of Multilayer Periodic Phononic Structure full text PDF
  52. K. Ramkumar, K.A. Selvarajan, C. Sathiya Narayanan, A. Bovas Herbert Bejaxhin, Performance Analysis of Multi-Point Incremental Forming Tool using Martensitic AISI 420 Sheet Metals full text PDF
  53. I. Uygur, Influence of Particle Sizes and Volume Fractions on Fatigue Crack Growth Rates of Aerospace Al-Alloys Composites full text PDF
  54. J. Nabiałek, T. Jaruga, Numerical Modelling of Microcellular Foaming Injection Moulding full text PDF
  55. E. Celik Madenli, Z.I. Ciftci, Titania Nanoparticles Doped Electrospun Membranes full text PDF
  56. M. Nabrdalik, M. Sobociński, The Influence of Physical Properties of C55 Alloy on Geometry of Flow in the Process of Shaping full text PDF
  57. M.H. Osman, L.Y. Chin, S.H. Adnan, M.L.M. Jeni, W.A.W. Jusoh, S. Salim, Nur Liza Rahim, J.J. Wysłocki, The behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams by Using Expanded Polystyrene Beads and Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Replacement Materials full text PDF
  58. K. Ścibisz, J. Krawczyk, Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Non-Metallic Inclusions in High-Silicon Steel after Hot Rolling full text PDF
  59. M. Trzaskalska, Addition of Modifying Agents vs Basic Functional Properties of Moldings Made of ABS full text PDF
  60. K. Ścibisz, J. Krawczyk, Magnetic Properties of Fe-Si Electrical Steel after Laser Scribing full text PDF