Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 63 / Issue 1/2018

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  1. J. Tomczak, Z. Pater, T. Bulzak, The Flat Wedge Rolling Mill for Forming Balls from Heads of Scrap Railway Rails full text PDF
  2. K. Adamus, Predicting Deformations in Aluminum Overlap Joint Produced by FSW Process full text PDF
  3. M. Biglar, F. Stachowicz, T. Trzepieciński, M. Gromada, Multiscale Approach for Modeling Fracture in Piezoelectric Ceramics full text PDF
  4. W. Presz, R. Cacko, Bimetallic Micro-Punches for Micro-Blanking Processes full text PDF
  5. I. Bednarczyk, D. Kuc, T. Mikuszewski, The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloys Mg-Li-RE After the Process of Casting and Extrusion full text PDF
  6. J. Andres, A. Wrońska, T. Gałaczyński, G. Luty, R. Burek, Effect of Process Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of RFSSW Lap Joints of Thin Al7075-T6 Sheets full text PDF
  7. P. Myśliwiec, R.E. Śliwa, Friction Stir Welding of thin Sheets of Magnesium Alloy AZ31B full text PDF
  8. R. Kawulok, I. Schindler, J. Mizera, P. Kawulok, S. Rusz, P. Opěla, P. Podolínský, K.M. Čmiel, M. Mališ, Transformation Diagrams of Selected Steel Grades with Consideration of Deformation Effect full text PDF
  9. P. Pietrusiewicz, M. Nabiałek, Effect of Selected Alloying Elements on the Soft-Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Injection-Cast Fe61Co10Y8Me1B20 Alloys (Me = Nb, W or Mo) full text PDF
  10. W. Wołczyński, Development of the Jackson and Hunt Theory for Rapid Eutectic Growth full text PDF
  11. M. Wojnicki, R.P. Socha, M. Luty-Błocho, B. Partyka, M. Polański, P. Deszcz, K. Kołczyk, P. Żabiński, Study of Gold, Copper and Nickel Adsorption, from their Acidic Chloride Solutions, Onto Activated Carbon full text PDF
  12. T. Węgrzyn, J. Kamińska, J. Piwnik, Z. Stanik, Mathemathical Equations of the Influence of Molybdenum and Nitrogen in Welds full text PDF
  13. A.N. Wieczorek, A. Stachowiak, W. Zwierzycki, Experimental Determination of the Synergistic Components of Tribocorrosive Wear of Ni-Cu-Mo-Ausferritic Ductile Iron full text PDF
  14. M. Brzeziński, Application of I / MR and CUSUM Control Charts to Evaluate the Quality of Cast Steel in Induction Furnaces full text PDF
  15. R. Dańko, Studies of the Influence of the Number and Distribution of Vents on the Production Process of Cores by the Blowing Method full text PDF
  16. B. Kalandyk, R. Zapała, P. Pałka, M. Wróbel, Microstructure and Properties of 17Cr-0.8C Cast Steel full text PDF
  17. S. Sobula, E. Olejnik, P. Kurtyka, Ł. Szymański, T. Tokarski, Microstructure, Hardness and Wear Resistance of Local TiC-ZrO2/FeCr Reinforcement Fabricated in Situ in Steel Castings full text PDF
  18. M. Jędrusik, A. Dębowska, A. Kopia, Characterisation of Oxide Coatings Produced on Aluminum Alloys by MAO and Chemical Methods full text PDF
  19. P. Boryło, K. Matus, K. Lukaszkowicz, K. Gołombek, The Morphology and Structure of ZnO Thin Films Deposited by ALD Method full text PDF
  20. J. Piątkowski, R. Wieszała, Influence of Modifications on Fatigue Strength of AlSi17Cu5Mg(Fe) Alloy Used for Pistons for Internal Combustion Engines full text PDF
  21. M. Lisińska, M. Saternus, J. Willner, Research of Leaching of the Printed Circuit Boards Coming from Waste Mobile Phones full text PDF
  22. A. Chalay-Amoly, A. Zarei-Hanzaki, S.M. Fatemi, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an AZ91 Magnesium Alloy Processed through Backward Extrusion full text PDF
  23. M.S. Karakaş, A. Günen, E. Kanca, E. Yilmaz, Boride Layer Growth Kinetics of AISI H13 Steel Borided with Nano-Sized Powders full text PDF
  24. T.-C. Cheng, C. Yu, T.-C. Yang, C.-Y. Huang, H.-C. Lin, R.-K. Shiue, Microstructure and Impact Toughness of Offshore Steel full text PDF
  25. S. Weiss, I. Riehl, J. Hantusch, U. Gross, Numerical Investigation on the Crucible Discharge of Steel and Slag During the Aluminothermic Welding Process full text PDF
  26. Ł. Rakoczy, M. Grudzień, A. Zielińska-Lipiec, Contribution of Microstructural Constituents on Hot Cracking of MAR-M247 Nickel Based Superalloy full text PDF
  27. I. Santoso, P. Taskinen, Thermodynamic Properties of Ag-Pt Alloy Measured Using a Solid Electrochemical Method full text PDF
  28. S.M. Rafiaei, Solid State Synthesized YVO4:Dy3+/ SiO2 Composites: Microstructures and Optical Characteristics full text PDF
  29. Shailesh Rao A., Yuvaraja Naik, Understanding the Effect of Multiple Traverse Feed during Friction Stir Welding Processes full text PDF
  30. T. Tański, W. Matysiak, M. Zaborowska, Polyvinylpyrrolidone/Silicon Dioxide Composite Thin Films - Preparation and Analysis of Properties full text PDF
  31. S.S. Manjunatha, M. Manjaiah, S. Basavarajappa, Analysis of Factors Influencing Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Laser Remelted Plasma Sprayed Mo Coating Using Response Surface Methodology full text PDF
  32. M. Bonek, The Investigation of Properties of High-Speed Steel After Laser Surface Treatment full text PDF
  33. L. Zhao, Calcination of Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) for Alumina Production: Implications for Alumina Extraction from Aluminum Rich Fly Ash (ARFA) full text PDF
  34. P.M. Nuckowski, Texture and Residual Stresses in the CuSn6 Alloy Subjected to Intense Plastic Deformation full text PDF
  35. M. Merzoug, A. Boulenouar, B. Bouchouicha, M. Serrier, M. Mazari, Effects of Welding Parameters on FSSW: Experimental and Numerical Study full text PDF
  36. Q. Gao, Y. Shen, G. Wei, F. Shen, Reduction Kinetics Behavior of FeO-CaO-SiO2-MgO-Al2O3 Molten Slag Using Solid-Carbon full text PDF
  37. L. Sozańska-Jędrasik, J. Mazurkiewicz, W. Borek, K. Matus, Carbides Analysis of the High Strength and Low Density Fe-Mn-Al-Si Steels full text PDF
  38. K. Mehmood, M.A. Rafiq, Y.A. Durrani, A.N. Khan, Effect of Isothermal Treatment on Ni3Al Coatings Deposited by Air Plasma Spraying System full text PDF
  39. L. Ivanović, V. Marjanović, A. Ilić, B. Stojanović, V. Lazić, Correlations of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure at Specific Zones of Welded Joint of High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels full text PDF
  40. Xiao Zheng-Bing, Huang Yuan-Chun, Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration on the Solidification of 35CrMo Steel full text PDF
  41. T. Chun, G. Mu, Z. Di, H. Long, C. Ning, D. Li, Recovery of Iron from Copper Slag by Carbothermic Reduction and Magnetic Separation in the Presence of CaO full text PDF
  42. J.W. Park, B.H. Ko, W.Y. Jung, D.K. Park, I.S. Ahn, The High Temperature Oxidation Stability of STS434L/Silicon Oxide Compacts full text PDF
  43. E. López-Martínez, O. Vázquez-Gómez, H.J. Vergara-Hernández, B. Campillo, Hydrogen Assisted Cracking in a Microalloyed Steel Subjected to a Rapid Thermal Cycle at High Temperature full text PDF
  44. A. Kajzer, M. Antonowicz, B. Ziębowicz, Studies of the Corrosion Resistance Properties of Bone Screws Made from 316L Stainless Steel in Ringer's Solution full text PDF
  45. Q. Yue, X. Pei, C. Zhang, X. Wang, Magnetohydrodynamic Calculation on Double-Loop Channel Induction Tundish full text PDF
  46. J.J. Jasiński, T. Frączek, Ł. Kurpaska, M. Lubas, M. Sitarz, Effects of Different Nitriding Methods on Nitrided Layer Structure and Morphology full text PDF
  47. J. Wang, Y. Zhang, B. Shi, Q. Zhao, Q. Sun, Z. Zhang, H. Lu, Fatigue Behavior and Mechanism of FV520B-I Owing to the Effect of Loading Frequency on the Fatigue Property in HCF and VHCF Regime full text PDF
  48. R. Sinha, A.K. Mukhopadhyay, Influence of Particle Size and Load on Loss of Material in Manganese-Steel Material: an Experimental Investigation full text PDF
  49. B. Gülseren, O. Bychkov, I. Frolov, M. Schaper, O. Grydin, Sinking of Ultra-Thick-Walled Double-Layered Aluminium Tubes full text PDF
  50. E. Çelik, A.K. Aslan, Effect of Post-Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cu-Fe-Co Powder Alloy Fabricated by Hot Pressing full text PDF
  51. Z. Baochun, Z. Tan, L. Guiyan, L. Qiang, Effect of Nitrogen on the Dynamic Recrystallization Behaviors of Vanadium and Titanium Microalloyed Steels full text PDF
  52. L. Wang, X. Wang, G. Zhang, X. Sun, Phase Transition and Plasticity Enhancement of Ti-Cu-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses full text PDF
  53. M. Kukuryk, The Analysis of Deformation and Forecasting Microstructure in the Forging Process of the X6CrNiTi18-10 Austenitic Steel full text PDF
  54. W. Moćko, C. Kostrzewski, A. Brodecki, Influence of Anisotropy on the Viscoplastic Properties of a Hot Rolled Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy full text PDF
  55. A. Maurya, P. Kumar Jha, Study of Fluid Flow and Solidification in Billet Caster Continuous Casting Mold with Electromagnetic Stirring full text PDF
  56. H.Y. Sun, W. Sen, X. Kong, G.Y. Liu, High Concentration of Arsenic Removal from Acid Leaching Solution of Zinc Oxide Dust by Water-Quenched Slag full text PDF
  57. Jin-Woo Park, Woo-Young Jung, Dong-Kyu Park, In-Shup Ahn, A Study on the Electrical Characteristics and Oxidation Resistance of the STS434L-High Chrome Powder Green Compact at the High-Temperature full text PDF
  58. R. Ghasemi, B. Beidokhti, M. Fazel-Najafabadi, Effect of Delta Ferrite on the Mechanical Properties of Dissimilar Ferritic-Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds full text PDF
  59. Q. Yuan, G. Xu, M. Zhou, B. He, H. Hu, Combined Influence of Silicon Content and Oxygen Concentration on the Oxidation Process of Silicon-Containing Steels full text PDF
  60. M. Zheng, T. Zhao, H. Gao, H. Teng, J. Hu, Effect of Cone Size on the Bonding Strength of Bimetallic Composite Pipes Produced by Drawing Approach full text PDF
  61. A. Di Schino, Dilatometric Study of High Strength Steels Hardenability full text PDF
  62. R. Michalik, Influence of Solution Heat Treatment on Phase Composition and Structure of ZnAl40Cu(1-2)Ti(1-2) Alloys full text PDF
  63. O. Uzun, F. Yilmaz, C. Emeksiz, S. Ergen, U. Kolemen, Correlation of Hardness and Silicon Morphology for Al-Si-Sb Alloy full text PDF
  64. D.Y. Park, B.R. Park, C.W. Gal, D. Lin, J.S. Han, M.-S. Jeong, R. Bollina, W. Hwang, S.J. Park, Development of Hydrophobic Surgical Forceps using Powder Injection Molding and Surface Treatment full text PDF
  65. H. Bąkowski, Wear Mechanism of Spheroidal Cast Iron Piston Ring-Aluminum Matrix Composite Cylinder Liner Contact full text PDF
  66. I. Major, M. Major, Z. Respondek, Dynamical Analysis of Steel Point Connectors Used for Fixation of Glass Façades full text PDF
  67. I. Dzioba, P. Furmanczyk, S. Lipiec, Determination of the Fracture Toughness Characteristics of S355JR Steel full text PDF
  68. P. Byczkowska, J. Sawicki, B. Januszewicz, M. Stegliński, Influence of Single-Stage and Duplex Shot Peening on Surface Roughness and Residual Stresses in Al Mg5 Mn1 Sc0,8 Zr0,4 Alloy full text PDF
  69. M. Solecka, A. Kopia, P. Petrzak, A. Radziszewska, Microstructure, Chemical and Phase Composition of Clad Layers of Inconel 625 and Inconel 686 full text PDF
  70. T. Lipiński, The Effect of the Diameter and Spacing Between Impurities on the Fatigue Strength Coefficient of Structural Steel full text PDF