Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 57 / Issue 4/2012

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Z. G r o n o s t a j s k i, M. H a w r y l u k, R. K u z i a k, K. R a d w a n s k i, T. S k u b i s z e w s k i, M. Z w i e r z c h o w s k i, The Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Process of Multiphase High Strength Aluminium Bronze Full Text PDF

M.W. R i c h e r t, B. L e s z c z y n s k a - M a d e j, W. P a c h l a, J. S k i b a, The Microstructure and Properties of Hydrostatically Extruded Polycrystalline Aluminium Al99.5 Full Text PDF

Z. P a t e r, J. T o m c z a k, Experimental Tests for Cross Wedge Rolling of Forgings Made from Non-Ferrous Metal Alloys Full Text PDF

A. B u n s c h, J. K o w a l s k a, M. Wi t k o w s k a, Influence of Die Forging Parameters on the Microstructure and Phase Composition of Inconel 718 Alloy Full Text PDF

P. B a ł a, Microstructure Characterization of High Carbon Alloy from the Ni-Ta-Al-Co-Cr System Full Text PDF

R. D z i u r k a, J. P a c y n a, Influence of the Carbon Content on the Kinetics of Phase Transformations during Continuous Heating from As-Quenched State in a Cr-Mn-Mo Model Alloys Full Text PDF

G. S i w i e c, Elimination of Aluminum during the Process of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy, Smelting in a Vacuum Induction Furnace Full Text PDF

B. P a w ł o w s k i, Determination of Critical Points of Hypoeutectoid Steels Full Text PDF

M. K o r o l c z u k - H e j n a k, P. M i g a s, Analysis of Selected Liquid Steel Viscosity Full Text PDF

A.Z. G r z y b o w s k i, Optimization Methods in Modeling the Mechanical Properties of Heavy Steel Plates Full Text PDF

H. K a n i a, K. N o w a c k i, Impact of Mould Powder on Slab Lubrication Full Text PDF

R. B u r d z i k, P. F o l e g a, B. Ł a z a r z, Z. S t a n i k, J. Wa r c z e k, Analysis of the Impact of Surface Layer Parameters on Wear Intensity of Friction Pairs Full Text PDF

R. D a b r o w s k i, Investigations of α+β→β Phase Transformation in Monotonically Heated Ti6Al7Nb Alloy Full Text PDF

T. P i e c z o n k a, M. S u ł o w s k i, A. C i a s, Atmosphere Effect on Sintering Behaviour of Astaloy CrM and Astaloy CrL H¨ogan¨as Powders with Manganese and Carbon Additions Full Text PDF

K. P a c ł a w s k i, M. S i k o r a, XAFS in the Tracking of Reactions in Aqueous Solution: a Case of Redox Reaction between [AuCl4] Complex Ions and Ethanol Full Text PDF

M. S u l i g a, The Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of the Influence of Single Draft on Properties of Rope Wires Full Text PDF

I. S o l o m o n, N. S o l o m o n, Effect of Crystallization on the Electrical Resistance and Structure of Amorphous Fe-Co-Cr-B-Si alloys Full Text PDF

J. R y s, A. Z i e l i n s k a - L i p i e c, Deformation of Ferrite-Austenite Banded Structure in Cold-Rolled Duplex Steel Full Text PDF

A. Z i e w i e c, J. C z e c h, E. T a s a k, Welded Joint Cracking in Martensitic Stainless Steel Precipitation-Sthregthened with Copper Full Text PDF

B. J u s z c z y k, J. K u l a s a, A. G u b e r n a t, W. M a l e c, L. C i u r a, M. M a l a r a, Ł. Wi e r z b i c k i, J. G o ł e b i e w sk a - K u r z a w s k a, Influence of Chemical Composition and Production Process Parameters on the Structure and Properties of Silver Based Composites with ZnO Full Text PDF

F. C o s t a n z o, P.L. S i l v e s t r e l l i, F. A n c i l o t t o, Hydrogen Storage on Graphene Sheet: Physisorption, Diffusion and Chemisorbed Pathways by First Principles Calculations Full Text PDF

A. I g n a s i a k, M. K o r z e n i o w s k i, A. A m b r o z i a k, Investigations of Microstructure of Resistance Spot-Welded Joints Made of HSLA340 and DP600 Steels Full Text PDF

W. G a s i o r, A. Wi n i o w s k i, Properties of Silver Brazing Alloys Containing Lithium Full Text PDF

W. G a s i o r, A. D e b s k i, Enthalpy of Formation of Intermetallic Phases from Fe-Ni-Ti System.Comparative Studies Full Text PDF

J. A d a m c z y k, M. S u l i g a, J.W. P i l a r c z y k, M. B u r d e k, The Influence of Die Approach and Bearing Part of Die on Mechanical-Technological Properties of High Carbon Steel Wires Full Text PDF

M. M a j, W. O l i f e r u k, Analysis of Plastic Strain Localization on the Basis of Strain and Temperature Fields Full Text PDF

A. M i l e n i n, P. K u s t r a, D. B y r s k a -Wó j c i k, The Physical and Numerical Mesoscale Modeling of Cold Wire Drawing Process of Hardly Deformable Biocompatible Magnesium Alloys Full Text PDF

T. S a d o w s k i, E. Z a r z e k a - R a c z k o w s k a, Hybrid Adhesive Bonded and Riveted Joints – Influence of Rivet Geometrical Layout on Strength of Joints Full Text PDF

J. B a r t n i c k i, Numerical Analysis of Rolling Extrusion Process of a Hollow hub Full Text PDF

A. G o ł d a s z, Z. M a l i n o w s k i, T. T e l e j k o, M. R y w o t y c k i, A. S z a j d i n g, The Influence of Radiation Model on the Distribution of Heat Flux in the Pusher Furnace Full Text PDF

H. P a u l, L. L i t y n s k a - D o b r z y n s k a, M. M i s z c z y k, M. P r a z m o w s k i, Microstructure and Phase Transformations Near the Bonding Zone of Al/Cu Clad Manufactured by Explosive Welding Full Text PDF

L. S o w a, A. B o k o t a, Numerical Simulation of the Molten Steel Flow in the Tundish of CSC Machine Full Text PDF

M. S u l i g a, The Influence of the High Speed Multipass Drawing Process on the Fatigue Strength of High Carbon Steel Wires Full Text PDF

D. Wo z n i a k, M. G ł o w a c k i, M. H o j n y, T. P i e j a, Application of CAE Systems in Forming of Drawpieces with use Rubber-Pad Forming Processes Full Text PDF

T. S k r z y p c z a k, Sharp Interface Numerical Modeling of Solidification Process of Pure Metal Full Text PDF

M. P r a z m o w s k i, H. P a u l, The Effect of Stand-Off Distance on the Structure and Properties of Zirconium - Carbon Steel Bimetal Produced by Explosion Welding Full Text PDF

J. T o m c z a k, Z. P a t e r, T. B u l z a k, Thermo- Mechanical Analysis of a Lever Preform Forming from Magnesium Alloy AZ31 Full Text PDF

W. P i e k a r s k a, M. K u b i a k, Z. S a t e r n u s, Numerical Modelling of Thermal and Structural Strain in Laser Welding Process Full Text PDF

A. K u l a w i k, Modeling of Thermomechanical Phenomena of Welding Process of Steel Pipe Full Text PDF

A. G o n t a r z, Z. P a t e r, K. D r o z d o w s k i, Forging on Hammer of rim Forging from Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V Full Text PDF

J. A d a m u s, P. L a c k i, Investigation of Sheet-Titanium Forming with Flexible Tool – Experiment and Simulation Full Text PDF

T. T o k a r s k i, Ł. W z o r e k, H. D y b i e c, Microstructure and Plasticity of Hot Deformed 5083 Aluminum Alloy Produced by Rapid Solidification and Hot Extrusion Full Text PDF

A. K a w e c k i, T. K n y c h, E. S i e j a - S m a g a, A. M a m a l a, P. K w a s n i e w s k i, G. K i e s i e w i c z, B. S m y r a k, A. P a c e w i c z, Fabrication, Properties and Microstructures of High Strength and High Conductivity Copper-Silver Wires Full Text PDF