Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 62 / Issue 2B/2017

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  1. T. Pieczonka, Disruption of an Alumina Layer During Sintering of Aluminium in Nitrogen full text PDF
  2. E.-B. Kim, J.-M. Koo, S.-J. Hong, Effect of Ga2O3 Nanoparticles Dispersion on Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of p-Type BiSbTe Based Alloys full text PDF
  3. Hyo-Seob Kim, Fikret Yilmaz, Peyala Dharmaiah, Dong-Jin Lee, Tae-Haeng Lee, Soon-Jik Hong, Characterization of Cu and Ni Nano-Fluids Synthesized by Pulsed Wire Evaporation Method full text PDF
  4. Peyala Dharmaiah, C.H. Lee, B. Madavali, Soon-Jik Hong, Effect of Surfactant Addition on Bi2Te3 Nanostructures Synthesized by Hydrothermal Method full text PDF
  5. Hyun Seon Hong, Dae Weon Kim, Hee Lack Choi, Sung-Soo Ryu, Solvent Extraction of Co, Ni and Mn from NCM Sulfate Leaching Solution of Li(NCM)O2 Secondary Battery Scraps full text PDF
  6. A.H. Al-Azzawi, J. Sytchev, P. Baumli, Increasing the Surface Hardness of Cast Iron by Electrodeposition of Borides in Molten Salts full text PDF
  7. Seong Ho Son, Sung Cheol Park, Man Seung Lee, Enhancement of Life Time of the Dimensionally Stable Anode for Copper Electroplating Applications full text PDF
  8. Mi Sun Jo, Jin Kyu Lee, Crystallization Behavior of Zr62Al8Ni13Cu17 Metallic Glass full text PDF
  9. D. Koncz-Horváth, G. Gergely, Z. Gácsi, Whisker-Like Formations in Sn-3.0Ag-Pb Alloys full text PDF
  10. G. Gergely, D. Koncz-Horváth, Z. Weltsch, Z. Gácsi, Development of Crack Detection Method with 2 Dimensionally Generated 3 Dimensionally Reconstructed Images in THT Solder Joints full text PDF
  11. Jae-Yeon Kim, Jung-Woo Hwang, Hye-Young Kim, Seung-Mi Lee, Woo-Sang Jung, Jai-Won Byeon, Fabrication of AZ31/CNT Surface Nano-composite by Double-pass Friction Stir Processing full text PDF
  12. Jung-Ho Ahn, Tae Kyu Kim, Jeongsuk Ahn, The Effect of Additive Element on the Properties of Mechanically Alloyed Fe-Y2O3 Alloys full text PDF
  13. B.S. Min, J.U. Cho, Impact Characteristic According to the Structure of Crash Box at the Vehicle full text PDF
  14. S.H. Choi, B. Ali, K.S. Choi, S.K. Hyun, J.J. Sim, W.J. Choi, W. Joo, J.H. Lim, T.H. Lee, T.S. Kim, K.T. Park, Reaction Kinetics and Morphological Study of TiNb2O7 Synthesized by Solid-State Reaction full text PDF
  15. S.H. Choi, B. Ali, S.K. Hyun, J.J. Sim, W.J. Choi, W. Joo, J.H. Lim, Y.J. Lee, T.S. Kim, K.T. Park, Fabrication of a Spherical Titanium Powder by Combined Combustion Synthesis and DC Plasma Treatment full text PDF
  16. A. Molnar, M. Benke, Z. Gacsi, Correlation Between Pin Misalignment and Crack Length in THT Solder Joints full text PDF
  17. R. Zybała, K. Mars, A. Mikuła, J. Bogusławski, G. Soboń, J. Sotor, M. Schmidt, K. Kaszyca, M. Chmielewski, L. Ciupiński, K. Pietrzak, Synthesis and Characterization of Antimony Telluride for Thermoelectric and Optoelectronic Applications full text PDF
  18. A. Gyenes, M. Benke, N. Teglas, E. Nagy, Z. Gacsi, Investigation of Multicomponent Lead-free Solders full text PDF
  19. M. Farvizi, Challenges of Using Elemental Nickel and Titanium Powders for the Fabrication of Monolithic NiTi Parts full text PDF
  20. J.J. Oak, Y.H. Kim, K.C. Bae, Y.H. Park, Effect of Hafnium and Zirconium to Glass Forming Ability, Thermal Stability, Plasticity Deformation and Crystallization of Ni-free Pentabasic Ti-based Bulk Metallic Glasses full text PDF
  21. J.J. Oak, Y.C. Lee, Y.H. Park, Structural Properties and Mechanical Behavior of the 2 Step-Reinforced Al-Si/SiCp Metal Matrix Composite by Titanium-Fiber full text PDF
  22. Yong Hwan Kim, Jeong-Jung Oak, Ki-Chang Bae, Wook Jin Lee, Yong Ho Park, High-temperature Oxidation Behavior and Kinetics of Forged 12Cr-MoVW Steel full text PDF
  23. K.C. Bae, J.J. Oak, Y.H. Kim, Y.H. Park, Effect of Fe Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Al-Mo-V-Cr-Fe Alloys full text PDF
  24. H. Asgharzadeh, H.S. Kim, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-3 vol% CNT Nanocomposites Processed by High-Pressure Torsion full text PDF
  25. Seung-Yeon Park, J.H. Kim, S.J. Seo, J.S. On, K.M. Lim, Fabrication of High-Strength Gray Cast Iron Using Permanent Magnet Scrap full text PDF
  26. B. Ali, S.H. Choi, S.J. Seo, D.Y. Maeng, C.G. Lee, T.S. Kim, K.T. Park, Carbon Co-Deposition During Gas Reduction of Water-Atomized Fe-Cr-Mo Powder full text PDF
  27. M. Kong, H.W. Kim, Synthesis and Characterization of Si Oxide Coated Nano Ceria by Hydrolysis, and Hydrothermal Treatment at Low Temperature full text PDF
  28. H. Rudianto, C. Edtmaier, I. Dlouhy, F. Soukal, Effect of Ultrasonication Dispersion Technique on Sintering Properties of CNT Reinforced Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Powder full text PDF
  29. Eun Byeol Choi, Jong-Hyun Lee, Preparation of Submicroscale Ag-Coated Cu Particles by Multi-Step Addition of Ag Plating Solution and Antioxidation Properties for Different Ag Shell Thicknesses full text PDF
  30. Jun Ho Hwang, Jong-Hyun Lee, Transient Liquid Phase Behavior of Sn-coated Cu Particles and Chip Bonding Using Paste Containing the Particles full text PDF
  31. R. Bureš, M. Strečková, M. Fáberová, P. Kollár, J. Füzer, Advances in Powder Metallurgy Soft Magnetic Composite Materials full text PDF
  32. K. Bortnyik, P. Barkóczy, Examination of Clustering in Eutectic Microstrcture full text PDF
  33. S. Nagy, L. Bokányi, I. Gombkötő, T. Magyar, Recycling of Gallium from End-of-Life Light Emitting Diodes full text PDF
  34. S.-M. Yoon, B. Madavali, Y.-N. Yoon, S.-J. Hong, Investigation of the Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of P-Type BiSbTe Alloys by Usage of Different Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) During Mechanical Milling full text PDF
  35. Chan-Mi Kim, Peyala Dharmaiah, Hyo-Seob Kim, Jar-Myung Koo, Jae-Sik Yoon, Hyun-Seon Hong, Soon-Jik Hong, Effect of Acid Dissolution Conditions on Recovery of Valuable Metals from Used Plasma Display Panel Scrap full text PDF
  36. J.Y. Han, O.E. Femi, F. Kilicaslan, C.U. Jeong, C.H. Baeg, S.J. Hong, J.M. Koo, Improved Mechanical Properties of Al-Si Alloys by Adding an Extrusion Process to Conventional Processing Method full text PDF
  37. Z. Zhao, K. Lee, Effect of Alloying Elements on Plastic Workability and Corrosion Behavior of Ti-X (X = 6 Co, 8 Cr, 4 Fe, 6 Mn, 10 Mo, and 36 Nb) Binary Alloys full text PDF
  38. J.-H. Lee, D.-O. Kim, K. Lee, Compressive Deformation Behavior of Thick Micro-Alloyed HSLA Steel Plates at Elevated Temperatures full text PDF
  39. S. Yang, J.-Gon. Kim, Magnetic Properties of (Nia-Znb)X Cu1-X Ferrite Nanoparticle Fabricated by Sol-Gel Process full text PDF
  40. S. Yang, K.-Pil. Jeong, S.-Y. Park, J.-Gon. Kim, Influence of Substituted Elements on Reflection Loss of Ba-Ferrite Nanoparticle full text PDF
  41. G. Szabó, Optimization of Roll Bonding by Hot Rolling in Experimental and Industrial Use full text PDF
  42. C. Jung, M.G. Lee, Y. Jeon, Effect of Laser Preheating AISI 4140 Specimens for Micro-Forging full text PDF
  43. W.J. Kim, H.-H. Nguyen, H.Y. Kim, M.-T. Nguyen, H.S. Park, J.-C. Kim, Sintering and Microstructures of SUS 316L Powder Produced by 3D Printing Process full text PDF
  44. M. Thuyet-Nguyen, Maithili-Biswas, W.J. Kim, J.-C. Kim, Fabrication and Characterization of Ni-CNT Composites by Electrical Explosion of Wire in Different Liquids full text PDF
  45. S.S. Kim, I. Son, K.T. Kim, Effect of Electroless Ni-P Plating on the Bonding Strength of Bi-Te-Based Thermoelectric Modules full text PDF
  46. R. Yu, J. Yun, Y. Kim, Synthesis and Characterization of Black CoFe2O4 Pigments Using MOOH (M = Fe and Co) Nanorod full text PDF
  47. A. Lekatou, N. Gkikas, A.E. Karantzalis, G. Kaptay, Z. Gacsi, P. Baumli, A. Simon, Effect of Wetting Agent and Carbide Volume Fraction on the Wear Response of Aluminum Matrix Composites Reinforced by WC Nanoparticles and Aluminide Particles full text PDF
  48. S.-W. Kim, T.-Y. Ahn, Y.-S. Lim, S.-S. Hwang, Effect of Local Strain Distribution of Cold-Rolled Alloy 690 on Primary Water Stress Corrosion Crack Growth Behavior full text PDF
  49. Y.R. Uhm, J.J. Kim, S.M. Choi, K.J. Son, Thermal Diffusion of 57Co into Rh Foil for Preparing Mössbauer Source full text PDF
  50. H.-E. Lee, Y.Su. Kim, J.K. Park, S.-T. Oh, Microstructure Evolution of Ni-Based ODS Superalloy Powders During Horizontal Rotary Ball Milling full text PDF
  51. R. Szabó, I. Gombkötő, M. Svéda, G. Mucsi, Effect of Grinding Fineness of Fly Ash on the Properties of Geopolymer Foam full text PDF
  52. M.-W. Lee, K.-H. Bae, S.-R. Lee, H.-J. Kim T.-S. Jang, Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of NdFeB Sintered Magnets Diffusion-Treated with Cu/Al Mixed DyCo Alloy-Powder full text PDF
  53. D.-H. Kim, T.-J. Kim, S.-G. Lim, Hardness and Microstructure of Mixed Al-CNF Powder Extrusion full text PDF
  54. J.-H. Han, Y.-C. Kim, Study on Effects of Mold Temperature on the Injection Molded Article full text PDF
  55. B.-R. Koo, J.-W. Bae, H.-J. Ahn, Improved Long-Term Stability of Transparent Conducting Electrodes Based on Double-Laminated Electrosprayed Antimony Tin Oxides and Ag Nanowires full text PDF
  56. W.H. Lee, Y.H. Yoon, Y.H. Kim, Y.K. Lee, J.Y. Kim, S.Y. Chang, Spontaneous Formation of Titanium Nitride on the Surface of a Ti Rod Induced by Electro-Discharge-Heat-Treatment in an N2 Atmosphere full text PDF
  57. Y.J. Jo, Y.H. Yoon, Y.H. Kim, S.Y. Chang, J.Y. Kim, Y.K. Lee, C.J. Van Tyne, W.H. Lee, Surface Modification of Self-Consolidated Microporous Ti Implant Compacts Fabricated by Electro-Discharge-Sintering in Air full text PDF
  58. S.Y. Chang, H.S. Jang, Y.H. Yoon, Y.H. Kim, J.Y. Kim, Y.K. Lee, W.H. Lee, Self-Consolidation and Surface Modification of Mechanical Alloyed Ti-25.0 at.% Al Powder Mixture by Using an Electro-Discharge Technique full text PDF
  59. S.Y. Chang, Y.W. Cheon, Y.H. Yoon, Y.H. Kim, J.Y. Kim, Y.K. Lee, W.H. Lee, Self-Consolidation Mechanism of Ti5Si3 Compact Obtained by Electro-Discharge-Sintering Directly from Physically Blended Ti-37.5 At.% Si Powder Mixture full text PDF
  60. S.H. Park, D.B. Kim, R.G. Lee, I.J. Son, Thermal Conductivity and Microstructure of Copper Coated Graphite Composite by Spark Plasma Sintering Process full text PDF
  61. K. Pietrzak, A. Gładki, K. Frydman, D. Wójcik-Grzybek, A. Strojny-Nędza, T. Wejrzanowski, Copper-Carbon Nanoforms Composites - Processing, Microstructure and Thermal Properties full text PDF
  62. A. Strojny-Nędza, K. Pietrzak, M. Teodorczyk, M. Basista, W. Węglewski, M. Chmielewski, Influence of Material Coating on the Heat Transfer in a Layered Cu-SiC-Cu Systems full text PDF
  63. M. Chmielewski, K. Pietrzak, A. Strojny-Nędza, D. Jarząbek, S. Nosewicz, Investigations of Interface Properties in Copper-Silicon Carbide Composites full text PDF
  64. C.K. Lee, Y.C. Kim, A Study on Changes in Thickness of STS304 Material in the Progressive Drawing Process full text PDF
  65. H.-S. Cho, S.-S. Kim, Improvement of Microwave Absorbance of Polymer Composites of W-Type Hexaferrite Powders by Attachment of Frequency Selective Surface full text PDF
  66. B.-H. Kang, M.-H. Park, K.-A. Lee, Effect of Strut Thickness on Room and High Temperature Compressive Properties of Block-Type Ni-Cr-Al Powder Porous Metals full text PDF
  67. Y.-K. Kim, J.-H. Kim, J.-H. Gwon, K.-A. Lee, Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Tensile Deformation Behavior of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys Manufactured by Complex Milling Process full text PDF
  68. K.-A. Lee, Y.-K. Kim, J.-H. Yu, S.-H. Park, M.-C. Kim, Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Impact Toughness of Ti-6Al-4V Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting Process full text PDF
  69. G.-S. Ham, S.-H. Kim, J.-Y. Park, K.-A. Lee, High Temperature Oxidation Property of SiC Coating Layer Fabricated by Aerosol Deposition Process full text PDF
  70. G.W. Hwang, J.U. Cho, Torsion Property of the Structure Bonded Aluminum Foam Due to Impact full text PDF
  71. J.H. Lee, J.U. Cho, A Fatigue Fracture Study on TDCB Aluminum Foam Specimen of Type Mode III Bonded with Adhesive full text PDF
  72. K.K. Choi, J.U. Cho, A Study on Propagation Property of Fatigue Crack at Composite with Another Material full text PDF
  73. Y.-W. Kim, T.W. Mukarati, Fabrication and Shape Memory Characteristics of Highly Porous Ti-Nb-Mo Biomaterials full text PDF
  74. Y.-S. Cho, J.-W. Moon, Collection of Industrial Oil Using Nanoparticles and Porous Powders of Silica full text PDF
  75. B. Swain, D. Han, G.-H. Kim, M.-S. Kong, B. Ahn, Understanding the Oxide Dispersion Behavior of Yttria in Metal Matrix of MA956 Alloy through High-Energy Milling and Hot Press Sintering full text PDF
  76. D.-J. Kim, K.M. Kim, J.H. Shin, Y.M. Cheong, E.H. Lee, G.G. Lee, S.W. Kim, H.P. Kim, M.J. Choi, Y.S. Lim, S.S. Hwang, Oxidation Behavior of Steel with Cr Content and Water Flow Rate full text PDF
  77. J.G. Jang, J.-O. Lee, C.K. Lee, Rapid Synthesis of Gold Nano-Particles Using Pulse Waved Potential in a Non-Aqueous Electrolyte full text PDF
  78. X.-K. Huynh, B.-W. Kim, J.S. Kim, Effect of Mechanical Activation on the in situ Formation of TiB2 Particulates in the Powder Mixture of TiH2 and FeB full text PDF
  79. K. Bohács, J. Faitli, L. Bokányi, G. Mucsi, Control of Natural Zeolite Properties by Mechanical Activation in Stirred Media Mill full text PDF
  80. Y.-K. Jeong, Y.S. Kim, S.-T. Oh, Fabrication of Cu-Based SiC Composites by Spark Plasma Sintering of Cu-Nitrate Coated SiC Powders full text PDF
  81. Y. Hwangbo, J.-H. Yoo, Y.-I. Lee, Synthesis of Single Crystalline Titanium Oxide and Sodium Titanate Nanorods via Salt-Assisted Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis full text PDF
  82. H.P. Kim, M.J. Choi, S.W. Kim, D.J. Kim, Y.S. Lim, S.S. Hwang, Effects of Grain Boundary Morphologies on Stress Corrosion Cracking of Alloy 600 full text PDF