Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 59 / Issue 4/2014

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A. Cwudziński, Numerical Prediction of Hydrodynamic Conditions in One Strand Tundish. Influence of Thermal Condition and Casting Speed Full Text PDF

K. Miernik, S. Pytel, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Dual-Phase Steel Full Text PDF

I. Sulima, Tribological Properties of Steel/TiB2 Composites Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering Full Text PDF

R. Bogucki, K. Mosór, M. Nykiel, Effect of Heat Treatment Conditions on the Morphology of α Phase and Mechanical Properties in Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al Titanium Alloy Full Text PDF

R. Burdzik, T. Węgrzyn, Ł. Konieczny, A. Lisiecki, Research on Influence of Fatigue Metal Damage of the Inner Race of Bearing on Vibration In Different Frequencies Full Text PDF

T. Knych, G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kwaśniewski, A. Mamala, A. Kawecki, B. Smyrak, Fabrication and Cold Drawing of Copper Covetic Nanostructured Carbon Composites Full Text PDF

S. Srikomol, P. Janetaisong, Y. Boonyongmaneerat, R.Techapiesancharoenkij, Morphology and Hardness of Electrochemically-Codeposited Ti-Dispersed Ni-Matrix Composite Coatings Full Text PDF

K. Mroczka, Characteristics of AlSi9Mg/2017A Aluminum Alloys Friction Stir Welded with Offset Welding Line And Root-Side Heating Full Text PDF

A. Strojny-Nędza, K. Pietrzak, Processing, Microstructure and Properties of Different method Obtained Cu- Al2O3 Composites Full Text PDF

A. Szkliniarz, L. Blacha, W. Szkliniarz, J. Łabaj, Characteristics of Plasticity of Hot Deformed Cu-Ti Alloys Full Text PDF

P. Bobrowski, M. Faryna, A. Bigos, M. Homa, A. Sypień, M. Bieda, Three-Dimensional Investigations of Finely Grained Materials Full Text PDF

G. Boczkal, M. Perek-Nowak, Reconfiguration of Point Defects In FCC and HCP Metals At Initial Stage of Recovery Process Full Text PDF

J. Borowiecka-Jamrozek, Detonation-Sprayed WC-12%Co and WC-17%Co Diamond-Impregnated Segments Full Text PDF

K. Smyksy , M. Brzeziński ,The Energy Consumption Aspects in the Vacuum Assisted Moulding Process Full Text PDF

A. Dębski, R. Dębski, W. Gąsior, New Features of Entall Database: Comparison of Experimental and Model Formation Enthalpies Full Text PDF

G. Golański, A. Zieliński, J. Słania, J. Jasak, Mechanical Properties of VM12 Steel After 30 000hrs of Ageing at 600oC Temperature Full Text PDF

P. Nowicki, T. Tokarski, B. Hutera, B. Stypuła, The Use of Colloidal Solutions of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in Investment Casting Technology Full Text PDF

D. Jankura, D. Draganovská, Adhesion Properties of Systems on a Composite Coatings Basis - the Steel Substrate Full Text PDF

P. Jarosz, S. Małecki, Kinetics of the Fluidised Oxidation of Zinc Sulphide Concentrates with an Addition of Inert Materials Full Text PDF

S. Węgrzynkiewicz , D. Jędrzejczyk, I. Szłapa, M. Hajduga, S. Boczkal, Influence of a Substrate Surface on the (Zn) - Coating Formation Full Text PDF

R. Kaczmarczyk, S. Gurgul, Model Approach of Carbon Deposition Phenomenon in Mixed H2O/CO2 Methane Reforming Process Full Text PDF

D. Kalisz, P. L Żak, Modeling of TiN and Ti2O3 Precipitates Formation During Solidification Of Steel Full Text PDF

W. Wołczyński, Z. Pogoda, G. Garzeł, B.Kucharska, A. Sypień, T. Okane, Part II. Model for the Protective Coating Formation during Hot Dip Galvanizing Full Text PDF

P.K. Krajewski, G. Piwowarski, P.L. Żak, W.K. Krajewski, Experiment and Numerical Modelling the Time of Plate-Shape Casting Solidification Vs. Thermal Conductivity of Mould Material Full Text PDF

R. Mola, Fabrication and Microstructure of Diffusion Alloyed Layers on Pure Magnesium Substrate Full Text PDF

K. Pacławski, J. Piwowońska, Kinetics And Mechanism of the Redox reaction Between Pt(IV) Chloride Complex Ions And Sodium Thiosulfate In Aqueous Solution. Part I: Acidic Solution Full Text PDF

K. Pacławski, J. Piwowońska, Kinetics And Mechanism of the Redox reaction Between Pt(IV) Chloride Complex Ions And Sodium Thiosulfate In Aqueous Solution.Part II: Neutral and Alkaline Solution Full Text PDF

G.Y. Perez-Medina , H. F. Lopez, F.A. Reyes-Valdés, A. Garza-Gomez, Luis M. López-Ochoa, Welding Effects on the Mechanical Integrity of a Trip800 Steel: A Comparison of Laser Co2 and GMAW Processes Full Text PDF

J .Pieprzyca, T. Merder, M. Saternus, H. Kania, The Change of Liquid Steel Flow Control System in the Tundish - Modelling Research Full Text PDF

Z. Ranachowski, D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, P. Ranachowski, F.Rejmund, M. Dąbrowski, S.Kudela Jr, T. Dvorak, Application Of X-Ray Microtomography and Optical Microscopy to Determine the Microstructure of Concrete Penetrated by Carbon Dioxide Full Text PDF

C. Rapiejko , B. Pisarek , E. Czekaj, T. Pacyniak, Analysis of AM60 and AZ91 Alloy Crystallisation in Ceramic Moulds by Thermal Derivative Analysis (TDA) Full Text PDF

J. Konstanty, A. Romański, Numerical Analysis of Diamond Retention in Cobalt and a Copper-Base Alloy Full Text PDF

K. Sołek, M. Dziarmagowski, Tests of Steel Rheological Properties at Higher Temperatures for Computer Simulation in ProCAST Software Full Text PDF

Z. Stanik, Typical Failures in the Damaged Rolling Elements Made of Different Materials in the Most Important Vehicle Units Full Text PDF

M.Suliga, Analysis of the Heating of Steel Wires During High Speed Multipass Drawing Process Full Text PDF

J. Miettinen, K. Lilova,, G. Vassilev, Thermodynamic Description of Ternary Fe-B-X Systems. Part 3: Fe-B-Mn Full Text PDF

A. Winiowski, M. Różański, Brazing of Alloy Based on Fe3Al Aluminide Full Text PDF

J. Woźniak, M. Kostecki, K. Broniszewski, W. Bochniak, A. Olszyna, Influence of Mixing Parameters on Homogeneity of Al/SiC Composites Full Text PDF

M. Sułowski, ,The Effects Of Processing Parameters on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Structural PM Steels Containing Mn, Cr and Mo Full Text PDF

M. Sułowski, P. Kulecki, A. Radziszewska, Sintered Structural PM Cr and Cr-Mo Steels Full Text PDF

N. Gidikova, A. Ciaś, V. Petkov, M. Madej, M. Sułowski, R. Valov, Wear Resistant Chromium Coatings Modified with Diamond Nanoparticles Full Text PDF

K. Żaba, S. Nowak, M. Kwiatkowski, M. Nowosielski, P. Kita, A. Sioma, Application of Non-Destructive Methods to Quality Assessment of Pattern Assembly and Ceramic Mould in the Investment Casting Elements of Aircraft Engines Full Text PDF

B. Dybowski, A. Kiełbus, R. Jarosz, Effect of Mould Components on the Cooling Rate, Microstructure, and Quality of We43 Magnesium Casting Alloy Full Text PDF

A. Kawałek, H. Dyja, M. Knapiński, G. Banaszek, M.Kwapisz, The Analysis of the Asymmetric Plate Rolling Process in the Finishing Stand 3600 Full Text PDF

M. Wojtaszek, A.Czulak, Manufacturing with Application of GPI Method and Selected Properties of Al Matrix Composites Reinforced Unidirectionally and Three-Directionally with Carbon Fibres Full Text PDF

M. Góral, M. Pytel, K. Dychtoń, Microstructural Characterization of Several Coatings Deposited on TiAlNb Intermetallic Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Korolczuk - Hejnak, Determination of Flow Curves on Selected Steel Grades in their Liquid State Full Text PDF

M. Cieśla, M. Mańka, P. Gradoń, F. Binczyk, Impact of a Structure on Durability of Modified Nickel-Base Superalloys in Creep Conditionso Two-Phase Titanium Alloy Ti6Al7Nb Full Text PDF

A. Kurek, M. Wachowski, A, Niesłony, T. Płociński, K. J. Kurzydłowski, Fatigue Tests and Metallographic of Explosively Cladded Steel-Titanium Bimetal Full Text PDF

J. Wypart, D. Rydz, G. Stradomski, H.Dyja, Analysis of Bimetallic Plate Rolling after Explosive Welding Full Text PDF

R. Tomoshige, H.Tanaka, Thermal Properties of Various Ti-Al-C Composites Prepared by Hot Shock Compaction Utilizing Combustion Synthesis Full Text PDF

V.Vakin, A. Krasilnikov, Y. Marushin, Calculation and Cladding of Profiled Surface of the Superconducting Coil Pf1 Iter Contacts Full Text PDF

B. Zlobin, V. Silvestrov, A. Shtertser, А. Plastinin, V. Kiselev, , Enhancement of Explosive Welding Possibilities by the Use of Emulsion Explosive Full Text PDF

D. Balga, D. Ostroushko, K. Saksl, E. Mazancová, O. Milkovič, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Explosive Welded Mg / Al Bimetal Full Text PDF

V.P. Efremov, A.A. Frolov, E.M. Dianov, I.A. Bufetov, V.E. Fortov, Dynamics of Laser-Induced Shock Wave in Silica Full Text PDF

E. Mazancová, D. Ostroushko, K. Saksl, A. Niesłony, Joint Hydrogen Susceptibility of 304 SS Welded with Titanium Full Text PDF

D. Ostroushko, E. Mazancová, K. Saksl, O. Milkovič, Phase Analysis of Explosive Welded Ti-Cr/Ni Steel in AS-Received State and After Heat Treatment Using Synchrotron Full Text PDF

S. Saravanan, K. Raghukandan, Diffusion Kinetics In Explosive Cladding of Dissimilar Alloys as Described Through the Miedema Model Full Text PDF

А. Shtertser, О. Stoyanovskii, B. Zlobin, Y. Meshcheryakov, Y. Skornyakov, Designing and Manufacturing of Explosion Chambers for Scientific Research and Explosive Working of Materials Full Text PDF

A. Lisiecki, Welding of Thermomechanically Rolled Fine-Grain Steel by Different Types of Lasers Full Text PDF

E. Jezierska, J. Dworecka, K. Rożniatowski, Nanobainitic Structure Recognition and Characterization Using Transmission Electron Microscopy Full Text PDF

J. Dworecka, E. Jezierska, K. Rożniatowski, W. Świątnicki, Characterization of Nanobainitic Structure Obtained in 100CrMnSi6-4 Steel after Industrial Heat Treatment Full Text PDF

D. Janicki, Disk Laser Welding of Armor Steel Full Text PDF

M. Bonek, The investigation of Microstructures and Properties of High Speed Steel HS6-5-2-5 after Laser Alloying Full Text PDF

A. N. Wieczorek, The role of Operational Factors in Shaping of Wear Properties of Alloyed Austempered Ductile Iron. Part I. Experimental Studies Abrasive Wear of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in the Presence of Loose Quartz Abrasive Full Text PDF

A. N. Wieczorek, The Role of Operational Factors in Shaping of Wear Properties of Alloyed Austempered Ductile Iron Part II. An Assessment of the Cumulative Effect of Abrasives Processes and the Dynamic Activity on the Wear Property of Ausferritic Ductile Iron Full Text PDF

A. Grajcar, A. Kilarski, K. Radwański, A. Swadźba, Microstructural Features of Strain-Induced Martensitic Transformation In Medium-Mn Steels with Metastable Retained Austenite Full Text PDF

J. Pacyna, Interpretations of Cooling Dilatograms in the Range of the Bainitic and Martensitic Transformations Full Text PDF

K. Wasiluk, E. Skołek, W. Świątnicki, Microstructure and Properties of Surface Layer of Carburized 38CrAlMo6-10 Steel Subjected to Nanostructurization by a Heat Treatment Process Full Text PDF

A. Grajcar, P. Skrzypczyk, D. Wozniak, Thermomechanically Rolled Medium-Mn Steels Containing Retained Austenite Full Text PDF

J. Pacyna, R. Dąbrowski, E. Rożniata, A. Kokosza, R. Dziurka, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Structural Steel after Dynamic Cold Working Deformation Full Text PDF

T.Z. Wozniak, Z. Ranachowski, P. Ranachowski, W. Ozgowicz, A. Trafarski, The Application of Neural Networks for Studying Phase Transformation by the Method of Acoustic Emission In Bearing Steel Full Text PDF

R. Dąbrowski, Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Two-Phase Titanium Alloy Ti6Al7Nb Full Text PDF

T. Tański, A.D. Dobrzanska-Danikiewicz, K. Labisz, W. Matysiak, Long-Term Development Perspectives of Selected Groups of Engineering Materials Used in the Automotive Industry Full Text PDF