Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 61 / Issue 4/2016

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In memoriam. Profesor Leopold Jeziorski (1931-2016)

  1. M. Leśniak, J. Partyka, M. Sitarz, Influence of SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio on Phase Composition and Surfaces Quality of Aluminum Silicate Sanitary Glazes in the SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-Na2O System full text pdf
  2. M. Sitarz, M. Drajewicz, R. Jadach, E. Długoń, M. Leśniak, M. Reben, A. Wajda, M. Gawęda , B. Burtan-Gwizdała, Optical and Mechanical Characterization of Zirconium Based Sol-Gel Coatings on Glass full text pdf
  3. D. Michalik, T. Pawlik, J. Plewa, M. Sopicka-Lizer, Influence of Homogenization and Micro/Nano Source of Starting Powders on Formation of the Single YAP Phase full text pdf
  4. B. Wodecka-Duś, M. Adamczyk, T. Goryczka, J. Dzik, D. Radoszewska, L. Kozielski, D. Bochenek, The Technology and Structural Properties of Special Glass Modified (Ba0.6Pb0.4)TiO3 Ceramics full text pdf
  5. A. Miklaszewski, Corrosion Resistance of Titanium Based Composites Reinforced with In Situ TiB Precipitation Phase full text pdf
  6. D.Hadryś, Mechanical Properties of Plug Welds after Micro-Jet Cooling full text pdf
  7. A. Lisiecki, Comparison of Titanium Metal Matrix Composite Surface Layers Produced during Laser Gas Nitriding of Ti6Al4V Alloy by Different Types of Lasers full text pdf
  8. M. Restecka, R. Wolniak, It Systems in Aid of Welding Processes Quality Management in the Automotive Industry full text pdf
  9. R. Kaczyński, G. Rogowski, B. Hościło, The Use of Instrumental Hardness Measurements in Determining Stresses in the Elastic Elements of a Manipulator for Servicing Water and Sewage Networks full text pdf
  10. Heng Zhou, Zhiguo Luo, Tao Zhang, Yang You, Haifeng Li, Zongshu Zou, Influence of Rolling Friction Coefficient on Inter-particle Percolation in a Packed Bed by Discrete Element Method full text pdf
  11. A. Strkalj, Z. Glavas, L. Slokar, Microstructural and Equilibrium Adsorption Study of the System of Waste Foundry Molding Sand/Cu (II) Ions full text pdf
  12. Luo Junting, Xue Yahong, Liu Yongkang , Li Jianyong, Zhao Shuangjing, Stress and Strain Analysis and Microstructure of Al/Cu Clad Composite Fabricated by Cold Extrusion full text pdf
  13. J.Petrík, On the Load Dependence of Micro-Hardness Measurements: Analysis of Data by Different Models and Evaluation of Measurement Errors full text pdf
  14. A. Rybak, Au. Rybak, W.Kaszuwara, Characterization of Selected Parameters of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Membranes Based on Various Polymers and Nd-Fe-B Fillers full text pdf
  15. T. Giętka, K. Ciechacki, Modeling of Railway Wheels Made of Austempered Ductile Iron full text pdf
  16. W. Żórawski, M. Makrenek, A. Góral, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of HVOF Sprayed Coatings Using Nanostructured Carbide Powders full text pdf
  17. D. Kołacz, S. Księżarek, M. Woch, J. Karwan-Baczewska, M. Staszewski, K. Rudnicki, P. Borkowski, A. Sieniecki, Nanocrystalline Ag-Re Composite as a Potential Material for Electric Contacts Fabrication full text pdf
  18. K. Laber, A. Kawałek, S. Sawicki, H. Dyja, J. Borowski, D. Leśniak, H. Jurczak, Investigations of Plasticity of Hard-Deformed Aluminium Alloys of 5xxx Series Using Torsion Plastometer full text pdf
  19. B. Leszczyńska-Madej, M. Madej, The Tribological Properties and the Microstructure Investigations of Tin Babbit with Pb Addition after Heat Treatment full text pdf
  20. J. Piekło, M. Maj, Analysis of the State of Stress in Cathode Block of an Aluminium Electrolytic Cell During Formati of Connection with the Steel Pin by Cast Iron Pouring full text pdf
  21. A. Mamala, T. Knych, P. Kwaśniewski, A. Kawecki, G. Kiesiewicz, E. Sieja-Smaga, W. Ściężor, M. Gniełczyk, R. Kowal, New Al-Ag Alloys for Electrical Conductors with Increased Current Carrying Capacity full text pdf
  22. M. Opaliński, P. Mazuro, A. Klasik, E. Rostek, Tribological Examinati on of Different Steel Materials after Special Heat Treatment and Salt Bath Nitriding full text pdf
  23. P. Panek, The Influence of the Base Material Parameters on Quantum and Photoconversion Efficiency of the Si Solar Cells full text pdf
  24. M. Scendo, N. Radek, J. Konstanty, K. Staszewska, Sliding Wear Behaviour and Corrosion Resistance to Ringer's Solution of Uncoated and DLC Coated X46Cr13 Steel full text pdf
  25. K.Sołek, P. Kapranos, Rheology of Stellite TM 21 Alloy in Semi-Solid State full text pdf
  26. M. Tenerowicz, M. Sułowski, Fractography of Sinteraustempered and Sinterhardened Fe-3Mn-0.8C PM Steels full text pdf
  27. K. Kołczyk, M. Wojnicki, D. Kutyła, .R, Kowalik, P.Żabiński, A. Cristofolini, Separation of Ho3+ in Static Magnetic Field full text pdf
  28. A. Poskart, H. Radomiak, P. Niegodajew, M. Zajemska, D. Musiał,The Analysis of Nitrogen Oxides Formation during Oxygen - Enriched Combustion of Natural Gas full text pdf
  29. Z. Świątek, I. Fodchuk, X-Ray Topography of the Subsurface Crystal Layers in the Skew Asymmetric Reflection Geometry full text pdf
  30. D. Kalisz, S. Gerasin, P. Bobrowski, P.L. Żak, T. Skowronek, Computer Simulation of Microsegregation of Sulphur and Manganese and Formation of MnS Inclusions While Casting Rail Steel full text pdf
  31. M. Winnicki ,M. Rutkowska-Gorczyca, A. Małachowska, T. Piwowarczyk, A. Ambroziak, Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium and Copper Composite Coatings Deposited by LPCS Method full text pdf
  32. A.M. Elnaggar, A. Albassam, K. Oźga, J. Jędryka, M. Szota, G. Myronchuk, Photoinduced Operation by Absorption of the Chalcogenide Nanocrystallite Containing Solar Cells full text pdf
  33. M. Nabiałek, Reduced Glass-Transition Temperature Versus Glass-Forming Ability in FeCoB-Based Amorphous Alloys full text pdf
  34. A.M. Wittek, D. Gąska, B. Łazarz, T. Matyja, Effect of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Strength of Automotive Tubular Stabilizer Bars DC 218 full text pdf
  35. A. Smalcerz, J. Barglik, D. Kuc, K. Ducki, S. Wasiński,The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cylindrical Elements from Steel 38Mn6 after Continuous Induction Heating full text pdf
  36. T. Giętka, K. Ciechacki, T. Kik, Numerical Simulation of Duplex Steel Multipass Welding full text pdf
  37. A.N. Wieczorek, Influence of Shot Peening on Abrasion Wear in Real Conditions of Ni -Cu-Ausferritic Ductile Iron full text pdf
  38. S. Wiewiórowska, Z. Muskalski, M. Siemiński, The Analysis of "Hot" Drawing Process of TRIP Steel Wires at Different Initial Temperatures full text pdf
  39. D. Wilk-Kołodziejczyk, Supporting the Manufacturing Process of Metal Products with the Methods of Artificial Intelligence full text pdf
  40. M. Różański, M. Morawiec, A. Grajcar, S. Stano, Modified Twin-Spot Laser Welding of Complex Phase Steel full text pdf
  41. P. Rokicki, K. Dychton, Acetylene Flow Rate as a Crucial Parameter of Vacuum Carburizing Process of Modern Tool Steels full text pdf
  42. A. Cwudziński, J. Jowsa, P. Przegrałek, Interaction of Liquid Steel with Mould Flux in Continuous Casting Bloom Mould - Numerical Simulations and Industrial Experiences full text pdf
  43. A. Gołdasz, Z.Malinowski, Heat Flux Identification at the Charge Surface During Heating in Chamber Furnace full text pdf
  44. B. Hadała, Z. Malinowski, T. Telejko, Analysis of the Slab Temperature, Thermal Stresses and Fractures Computed with the Implementation of Local and Average Boundary Conditions in the Secondary Cooling Zones full text pdf
  45. A.M. Hutny, M. Warzecha, W. Derda, P. Wieczorek, Segregation of Elements in Continuous Cast Carbon Steel Billets Designated for Long Products full text pdf
  46. J. Jowsa, M. Bielnicki, A. Cwudziński, Physical and Numerical Investigations of Mould Flux Entrainment Into Liquid Steel full text pdf
  47. G. Kwinta, S. Kara, B. Kalandyk, R. Zapała, P. Pałka, Microstructure Examinations in Corners of the Low-Carbon Steel Slabs From Continuos Caster Machine full text pdf
  48. J. Pieprzyca, P. Warzecha, T. Merder, M. Warzecha, Experimental Methods of Validation for Numerical Simulation Results on Steel Flow through Tundish full text pdf
  49. M. Rywotycki, The Influence of the Model Selected Parameter Measurement Error on the Accuracy of Heat Transfer Coefficient Determination Method for Contact between Rolls and the Cast Strand full text pdf
  50. P. Warzecha, A. M. Hutny, M. Warzecha, T. Merder, Optimization of Steel Flow in the Tundish by Modifying its Working Area full text pdf
  51. K. Miłkowska - Piszczek, The Effect of Thermophysical Parameters on Temperature Distribution in the Primary Cooling Zone full text pdf
  52. H. Kania, K. Nowacki, Optimization of Chemical Composition of the Mould Powder for Casting Ø 170 mm Billets from C45 Steel full text pdf
  53. D. Kalisz, P.L. Żak, K. Kuglin, Analysis of Agglomeration of Al2O3 Particles in Liquid Steel full text pdf
  54. I. Izdebska-Szanda, J. Kamińska, M. Angrecki, A. Palma, W. Madej, An Innovative Method for the Dehydration Hardening of Modified Inorganic Binders full text pdf
  55. T. Szymczak, G. Gumienny, T. Pacyniak, Hypoeutectic Silumin to Pressure Die Casting with Vanadium and Tungsten full text pdf
  56. N. Kaźnica, J. Zych, Effectiveness of Protective Action of Coatings from Moisture Sorption into Surface Layer of Sand Moulds full text pdf
  57. D. Wilk-Kołodziejczyk, S. Kluska-Nawarecka, K. Regulski, W. Adrian, K. Jaśkowiec, Austempered Ductile Iron Manufacturing Data Acquisition Process with the Use of Semantic Techniques full text pdf
  58. A. Klasik, M. Maj, K. Pietrzak; A. Wojciechowski; J. Sobczak, Fatigue Life and Microstructure after Multiple Remelting of A359 Matrix Composites Reinforced with SiC Particles full text pdf
  59. A. Kmita, D. Drożyński, J. Mocek , A. Roczniak , J. Zych , M. Holtzer, Gas Evolution Rates of Graphite Protective Coatings in Dependence on the Applied Solvent and Kind of Atmosphere full text pdf
  60. A.W. Bydałek, S. Biernat, P. Schlafka, M. Holtzer, W. Wołczyński, F. Bydałek, The Influence of the Chemical Composition of Selected Waste Materials from the Production of Copper on the Final Environmental Assessment full text pdf
  61. A. Kmita, A. Pribulova, M. Holtzer, P. Futas, A. Roczniak, Use of Specific Properties of Zinc Ferrite in Innovative Technologies full text pdf
  62. P. Nawrocki, A. Kochański, D. Myszka, Statistical Assessment of the Impact of Elevated Contents of Cu and Ni on the Properties of Austempered Ductile Iron full text pdf
  63. M. Łucarz, R. Dańko, M. Dereń, M. Skrzyński, Investigation of the Results of Combined Reclamation on the Particular Stages of Grain Matrix Recovery full text pdf
  64. E. Guzik, M. Sokolnicki, M. Królikowski , M. Ronduda, A. Nowak, Prediction of Microstructure in ADI Castings full text pdf
  65. E. Kolczyk, Z. Miczkowski, J. Czernecki, Influence of Selected Parameters on Reduction of Converter Slag - Studies with CFD Method full text pdf
  66. M. Holtzer, R. Dańko, S. Żymankowska-Kumon, M. Kubecki, A. Bobrowski, Assessment of the Harmfulness of Moulding Sands with Alkyd Resin Subjected to the High Temperature Influence full text pdf
  67. T. Moskalewicz, A. Babkiewicz, B. Dubiel, M. Kot, A. Radziszewska, A. Łukaszczyk, Porous SiO2/HAp Coatings On Cp-Titanium Grade 1 Surfaces Produced by Electrophoretic Deposition full text pdf
  68. A. Uniwersał, M. Wróbel, S. Wroński, I. Kalemba-Rec, M. Wroński, K. Wierzbanowski, A. Baczmański, B. Bacroix, The Effect of Low Deformation Asymmetric Rolling on Microstructure and Texture of the Polycrystalline Copper full text pdf