Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 54 / Issue 2/2009

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K. Banaś, J. Banaś, Corrosion Behavior of Low Chromium Fe-Cr Alloys in Anhydrous Methanol Solutions of Sulfuric Acid Full Text PDF

A. Garbacz-Klempka, S. Rzadkosz, Metallurgy of Copper in the Context of Metallographic Analysis of Archeological Materials Excavated at the Market Square in Krakow Full Text PDF

B. Kalandyk, R. Zapała, A. Rakowska, Characteristics of Defects Present in Industrial Steel Castings Due to Metal-Mould ReactionsFull Text PDF

S. Rzadkosz, M. Kranz, P. Nowicki. M. Piękoś, Influence of Refining Operations on a Structure and Properties of Copper and Its Selected AlloysFull Text PDF

B. Stypuła, D. Kasprzyk, M. Hajos, Corrosion Behaviour of Stainless Steel in Hot Concentrated Sulfuric Acid – Effect of Fluoride Impurities Full Text PDF

A. Janas,A.Kolbus, E.Olejnik,On the Character of Matrix-Reinforcing Particle Phase Boundaries in MeC and MeB (Me= W, Zr, Ti, Nb, Ta) In-Situ Composites Full Text PDF

W. K. Krajewski, J. Buraś, M. Żurakowski, A. L. Greer, Structure and Properties of Grain-Refined Al-20wt% Zn Sand Cast Alloy Full Text PDF

W. K. Krajewski, J. Lelito, J. S. Suchy, P. Schumacher, Computed Tomography – a New Tool in Structural Examinations of Castings Full Text PDF

A. Garbacz-Klempka, M. Szucki, Computer Modelling in Visualisation and Reconstruction of Archeological Relicts Full Text PDF

J. Lelito, P. Żak, J. Sz. Suchy, The Grain Nucleation Rate of the AZ91/SiC Composite Based on Maxwell-Hellawell Model Full Text PDF

R. Hawranek, J. Lelito, J. S. Suchy, P. Żak, The Simulation of a Liquid Cast Iron Flow Through the Gating System with Filter Full Text PDF

A. A. Burbelko, Transformation Kinetic for Instantaneous Nucleation in the Finite Volume – Application of Statistical Theory of Shielding Full Text PDF

W. Kapturkiewicz, E. Fraś, A. A. Burbelko, Modeling the Kinetics of Solidification of Cast Iron with Lamellar Graphite Full Text PDF

J. Dańko, J. Zych, R. Dańko, Diagnostic Methods of Technological Properties and Casting Cores Quality Full Text PDF

M. Maj, J. Piekło, MLCF – An Optimised Program of Low-Cycle Fatigue Test to Determine Mechanical Properties of Cast Materials Full Text PDF

E. Ziółkowski, R. Wrona, K. Smyksy, Some Aspects of Monitoring of Foundry Moulding Sands Preparation Process Full Text PDF

B. Hutera, The Effect of Dynamic Wetting in a Sand – Binder System on the Sand Mould Strength Full Text PDF

M.Holtzer, I.Kargulewicz,K. Olendrzyński, Estimation of the CO2 Process Emission in Poland Generated by Castings Production from Ferrous Alloys Full Text PDF

B. Grabowska, M. Holtzer, Structural Examination of the Cross-Linking Reaction Mechanism of Polyacrylate Binding Agents Full Text PDF

M. J. Szczerba, J. Przewoźnik, J. Żukrowski, Cz. Kapusta, M. S. Szczerba, B. Major, The Influence of High Temperature Plastic Deformation on Magnetic Properties of Ni2MnGa Type Single Crystals Full Text PDF

A. Romański, Microstructure and Phase Composition of Sintered Cobalt-Iron Materials Full Text PDF

A. Dziadoń, M. Konieczny, M. Gajewski, M. Iwan, Z. Rzączyńska, Microstructure Evolution at the Cu-Ti Interface During High Temperature Synthesis of Copper-Intermetallic Phases Layered Composite Full Text PDF

H. M. Hernández G., J. C. Escobedo B., J. M. Almanza R., R. Muñoz, A., A. Flores, V., D. A. Cortés H., β-Si3Al3O3N5 Synthesis by Carbothermal Nitridation at Low Temperature Using Cenospheres Full Text PDF

M. Hojny, M. Głowacki, The Methodology of Strain – Stress Curves Determination for Steel in Semi-Solid State Full Text PDF

B. Zawada, M. Dziarmagowski, A Model of Ferrous Oxide Reduction in Steelmaking Slag Volume Full Text PDF

P. Bała, The Kinetics of Phase Transformations during Tempering of Tool Steels with Different Carbon Content Full Text PDF

A. Łędzki, P.Migas, R. Stachura, A.Klimczyk, M. Bernasowski, Dynamic Viscosity of Blast Furnace Primary and Final Slag with Titanium and Alkali Admixtures Full Text PDF

K. Nalepka, R. B. Pęchersk i, Modeling of the Interatomic Interactions in the Copper Crystal Applied in the Structure (111)Cu||(0001)Al2O3 Full Text PDF

A. Winiowski, Structural and Mechanical Properties of Brazed Joints of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Full Text PDF

M. Farzin,H.Montazerolghaem, Manufacture of Thin Miniature Parts Using Electro Hydraulic Forming and Viscouse Pressure Forming Methods Full Text PDF