Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 61 / Issue 2A/2016

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  1. H. Bąkowski, J. Piwnik, Quantitative and Qualitative Comparison of Tribological Properties of Railway Rails with and Without Heat Treatment Full Text PDF

  2. K. Bolanowski, Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Morphology of Low-Alloy High-Strength Steel Full Text PDF

  3. A. Śliwa, W. Kwaśny, W. Sitek, M. Bonek, Computer Simulation of the Relationship Between Selected Properties of PVD Coatings Full Text PDF

  4. P. Chyła, Z. Pater, J. Tomczak, P. Chyła, Numerical Analysis of a Rolling Process for Producing Steel Balls Using Helical Rolls Full Text PDF

  5. M. Petrova, M. Georgieva, V. Chakarova, E. Dobreva, Electroless Deposition of Composite Nickel-Phosphorous Coatings with Diamond Dispersoid Full Text PDF

  6. K. Gruszka, M. Nabiałek, K. Błoch, The Influence of Heat Treatment on the Magnetization Process (Within Strong Magnetic Fields) for the Alloy: Fe61Co10Y8Cu1B20 Full Text PDF

  7. M. Hebda, H. Dębecka, K. Miernik, J. Kazior, Spark Plasma Sintering of Low Alloy Steel Modified with Silicon Carbide Full Text PDF

  8. P. Irek, J. Słania, Material Factors in Relation to Development Time in Liquid-Penetrant Inspection. Part 1. Material Factors Full Text PDF

  9. S. Węgrzynkiewicz, D. Jędrzejczyk, I. Szłapa, M. Hajduga, S. Boczkal, Diversification of Intermetallic Zn Phases Growth on Steel During Hot-Dip Galvanizing Full Text PDF

  10. E. Kolczyk, Z. Miczkowski, J. Czernecki, Numerical Modeling of Copper Reduction in Fire Refining Process Full Text PDF

  11. R. Krawczyk, J. Slania, Reduction of Deformations During Welding Metal Wire Mesh with Frames Full Text PDF

  12. A. Kruk, G. Cempura, S. Lech, A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz, STEM-EDX and FIB-SEM Tomography of Allvac 718Plus Superalloy Full Text PDF

  13. A. Lisiecki, J. Piwnik, Tribological Characteristic of Titanium Alloy Surface Layers Produced by Diode Laser Gas Nitriding Full Text PDF

  14. D. Medlen, D. Bolibruchova, Effect of Sb-Modification on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Secondary Alloy 319 Full Text PDF

  15. J. Guśpiel, A. Wierzbicka-Miernik, W. Reczyński, Kinetics of Corrosion Process in H2SO4 and HNO3 Aqueous Solutions of Lead Free Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Alloys Full Text PDF

  16. A. Neimitz, U. Janus, Analysis of Stress and Strain Fields in and Around Inclusions of Various Shapes in a Cylindrical Specimen Loaded in Tension Full Text PDF

  17. K. Niespodziana, K. Jurczyk, M. Jurczyk, Synthesis of NiTi Based Nanocomposites Reinforced by HA Addition Full Text PDF

  18. M. Perek-Nowak, G. Boczkal, Formation of Transition Phases on Interface Between Monocrystalline Fe and Cu Due to Mutual Solid-State Diffusion Full Text PDF

  19. J. Romanowska, B. Wierzba, J. Markowski, M. Zagula-Yavorska, J. Sieniawski, The Ni-Al-Hf Multiphase Diffusion Full Text PDF

  20. E. Rudnik, P. Sikora, Studies on Cementation of Tin on Copper and Tin Stripping from Copper Substrate Full Text PDF

  21. J. Słania, A. Sacharz - Szewczyk, Protective Coatings in the Power Boilers which Are Used to Combust Waste - Surfacing Anti-Corrosive Layers Full Text PDF

  22. R. Szewczyk, Stress-Induced Anisotropy and Stress Dependence of Saturation Magnetostriction in the Jiles-Atherton-Sablik Model of the Magnetoelastic Villari Effect Full Text PDF

  23. K. Zarębski, M. Nykiel, Microstructural Analysis of Sintered Gradient Materials Based on Distaloy SE Powder Full Text PDF

  24. B. Szczucka-Lasota, T. Węgrzyn, Z. Stanik, J. Piwnik, P. Sidun, Selected Parameters of Micro-Jet Cooling Gases in Hybrid Spraying Process Full Text PDF

  25. Kyoung-Jin Lee, Yeong-Ju Choe, Hae-Jin Hwang, Properties of Copper Doped Neodymium Nickelate Oxide as Cathode Material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Full Text PDF

  26. Yeong-Ju Choe, Kyoung-Jin Lee, Hae-Jin Hwang, Cr Poisoning on Nd2Ni0.95Cu0.05O4+δ Cathode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Full Text PDF

  27. SangHoon Kim, Hyup Jae Chung, KyongYop Rhee, Application of Image Processing to Predict Compressive Behavior of Aluminum Foam Full Text PDF

  28. K. Gruszka, M. Nabiałek, M. Szota, K. Bloch, J. Gondro, P. Pietrusiewicz, A.V. Sandu, A.M. Mustafa Al Bakri, S. Walters, K. Walters, S. Garus, M. Dośpiał, J. Mizera, Analysis of the Thermal and Magnetic Properties of Amorphous Fe61Co10Zr2.5Hf2.5Me2W2B20 (where Me = Mo, Nb, Ni or Y) Ribbons Full Text PDF

  29. K. Szlązak, J. Jaroszewicz, B. Ostrowska, T. Jaroszewicz, M. Nabiałek, M. Szota, W. Swieszkowski, Characterization of Three-Dimensional Printed Composite Scaffolds Prepared with Different Fabrication Methods Full Text PDF

  30. A.J. Dolata, M. Dyzia, S. Boczkal, Influence of the Sr and Mg Alloying Additions on the Bonding Between Matrix and Reinforcing Particles in the AlSi7Mg/SiC-Cg Hybrid Composite Full Text PDF

  31. D. Jugowiec, M. Kot, T. Moskalewicz, Electrophoretic Deposition and Characterisation of Chitosan Coatings on Near-β Titanium Alloy Full Text PDF

  32. A. Mróz, D. Garbiec, A. Wielowiejska-Giertuga, T. Wiśniewski, M. Gierzyńska-Dolna, A. Martyła, Structural, Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Ti6Al4V Alloy Full Text PDF

  33. Н. Dyja, А.А. Тukibay, S.A. Mashekov, The Influence of Technological Conditions of the Process of Cogging in Flat Dies on the Quality of Two-Phase Titanium Alloys Full Text PDF

  34. Z. Pater, T. Bulzak, J. Tomczak, Numerical Analysis of a Skew Rolling Process for Producing a Stepped Hollow Shaft Made of Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V Full Text PDF

  35. W. Ziaja, M. Motyka, K. Kubiak, J. Sieniawski, Primary Creep Behaviour of Two-Phase Titanium Alloy with Various Microstructure Full Text PDF

  36. P. Jakubczak, B. Surowska, J. Bieniaś, Evaluation of Force-Time Changes During Impact of Hybrid Laminates Made of Titanium and Fibrous Composite Full Text PDF

  37. J. Szewczenko, J. Marciniak, W. Kajzer, A. Kajzer, Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Titanium Alloys Used for Medical Implants Full Text PDF

  38. M. Cieśla, M. Mańka, F. Binczyk, P. Gradoń, Creep Behaviour of Modified-MAR-247 Superalloy Full Text PDF

  39. A.J. Dolata, M. Dyzia, L. Jaworska, P. Putyra, Cast Hybrid Composites Designated for Air Compressor Pistons Full Text PDF

  40. P. Jonšta, P. Váňová, S. Brožová, P. Pustějovská, J. Sojka, Z. Jonšta, M. Ingaldi, Hydrogen Embrittlement of Welded Joint Made of Supermartensitic Stainless Steel in Environment Containing Sulfane Full Text PDF

  41. A. Fornalczyk, R. Przylucki, S. Golak, J. Willner, Modeling Methods of Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena Occurring in a Channel of the Device Used to Wash Out the Spent Automotive Catalyst by a Liquid Metal Full Text PDF

  42. M. Bonek, Formation of Hard Composite Layer on Tool Steel by Laser Alloying Full Text PDF

  43. L.A. Dobrzański, W. Borek, J. Mazurkiewicz, Mechanical Properties of High-Mn Austenitic Steel Tested Under Static and Dynamic Conditions Full Text PDF

  44. S. Stano, A. Grajcar, Z. Wilk, M. Różański, P. Matter, M. Morawiec, Microstructural Aspects of Twin-Spot Laser Welding of DP-HSLA Steel Sheet Joints Full Text PDF

  45. K. Labisz, T. Tański, D. Janicki, W. Borek, K. Lukaszkowicz , L.A. Dobrzański, Effect of Laser Feeding on Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy Surface Properties Full Text PDF

  46. K. Matus, M. Pawlyta, G. Matula, K. Gołombek, Characterization of Nanometric-Sized Carbides Formed During Tempering of Carbide-Steel Cermets Full Text PDF

  47. A. Zieliński, M. Sroka, M. Miczka, A. Śliwa, Forecasting the Particle Diameter Size Distribution in P92 (X10CrWMoVNb9-2) Steel after Long-Term Ageing at 600 and 650 °C Full Text PDF

  48. A. Zieliński, M. Sroka, A. Hernas, M. Kremzer, The Effect of Long-Term Impact of Elevated Temperature on Changes in Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of HR3C Steel Full Text PDF

  49. A. Kajzer, W. Kajzer, K. Gołombek, M. Knol, J. Dzielicki, W. Walke, Corrosion Resistance, Eis and Wettability of the Implants Made of 316 LVM Steel Used in Chest Deformation Treatment Full Text PDF

  50. Z. Brytan, J. Niagaj, Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties of TIG and A-TIG Welded Joints of Lean Duplex Stainless Steel S82441/1.4662 Full Text PDF

  51. M. Krupiński, K. Labisz, T. Tański, B. Krupińska, M. Król, M. Polok-Rubiniec, Influence of Mg Addition on Crystallisation Kinetics and Structure of the Zn-Al-Cu Alloy Full Text PDF

  52. S. Lesz, S. Griner, R. Nowosielski, Deformation Mechanisms and Fracture of Ni-Based Metallic Glasses Full Text PDF

  53. W. Sitek, A. Irla, The Use of Fuzzy Systems for Forecasting the Hardenability of Steel Full Text PDF

  54. A. Drygała, L.A. Dobrzański, M. Szindler, M. Prokopiuk vel Prokopowicz, M. Pawlyta, K. Lukaszkowicz, Carbon Nanotubes Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Application Full Text PDF

  55. R. Nowosielski, K. Cesarz-Andraczke, P. Sakiewicz, A. Maciej, A. Jakóbik-Kolon, R.Babilas, Corrosion of Biocompatible Mg66+XZn30-XCa4 (X=0.2) Bulk Metallic Glasses Full Text PDF

  56. A. Grajcar, D. Woźniak, A. Kozłowska, Non-Metallic Inclusions and Hot-Working Behaviour of Advanced High-Strength Medium-Mn Steels Full Text PDF

  57. M. Basiaga, M. Staszuk, W. Walke, T. Tański, W. Kajzer, Potentiostatic, Potentiodynamic and Impedance Study of TiO2 Layers Deposited of 316 LVM Steel Used for Coronary Stents Full Text PDF

  58. A. Grajcar, B. Grzegorczyk, A. Kozłowska, Corrosion Resistance and Pitting Behaviour of Low-Carbon High-Mn Steels in Chloride Solution Full Text PDF

  59. L.A. Dobrzański, M.M. Szindler, M. Szindler, K. Lukaszkowicz, A. Drygała, M. Prokopiuk vel Prokopowicz, Nanocrystalline TiO2 Powder Prepared by Sol-Gel Method for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Full Text PDF

  60. K. Lukaszkowicz, K. Labisz, M. Basiaga, E. Jonda, Nano-Scale Structure Investigation of Vapour Deposited AlCrSiN Coating Using Transmission Electron Microscope Techniques Full Text PDF

  61. J. Żmudzki, P. Malara, G. Chladek, Full Contoured Tooth-Implant Supported 3-Pointic All-Ceramic Denture During Occlusal Load Transfer in Lateral Region Full Text PDF

  62. M. Adamiak, B. Tomiczek, J. Górka, A. Czupryński, Joining of the AMC Composites Reinforced with Ti3Al Intermetallic Particles by Resistance Butt Welding Full Text PDF

  63. K. Aniołek, M. Kupka, A. Barylski, Ł. Mieszczak, Characteristic of Oxide Layers Obtained on Titanium in the Process of Thermal Oxidation Full Text PDF

  64. B. Bruś, A. Zarycka, LMO Ceramics Microstructure Full Text PDF

  65. P. Duda, R. Muzyka, Z. Robak, S. Kaptacz, Mechanical Properties of Graphene Oxide-Copper Composites Full Text PDF

  66. E. Jartych, T. Pikula, M. Mazurek W. Franus, A. Lisińska-Czekaj, D. Czekaj, D. Oleszak, Z. Surowiec, A. Aksenczuk, A. Calka, Structure and Magnetic Properties of Bi5Ti3FeO15 Ceramics Prepared by Sintering, Mechanical Activation and EDAMM Process. a Comparative Study Full Text PDF

  67. A. Rapacz-Kmita, N. Moskała, M. Dudek, M. Gajek, L. Mandecka-Kamień, Influence of the Organophilisation Process on Properties of  the Bentonite Filler and Mechanical Properties of the Clay/Epoxy Nanocomposites Full Text PDF

  68. A. Lisińska-Czekaj, M. Lubina, D. Czekaj, M. Rerak, B. Garbarz-Glos, W. Bąk, Influence of Processing Conditions on Crystal Structure of Bi6Fe2Ti3O18 Ceramics Full Text PDF

  69. B. Garbarz-Glos, A. Lisińska-Czekaj, D.Czekaj, W. Bąk, Effect of Semiconductor Element Substitution on the Electric Properties of Barium Titanate Ceramics Full Text PDF

  70. P. Dudek, A. Rapacz-Kmita, Rapid Prototyping, Technologies, Materials and Advances Full Text PDF

  71. A. Pawełek, A. Piątkowski, W. Wajda, W. Skuza, A. Tarasek, Z. Ranachowski, P. Ranachowski, W. Ozgowicz, S. Kúdela Jr., S. Kúdela, Plastic Instabilities Induced by The Portevin - Le Châtelier Effect and Fracture Character of Deformed Mg-Li Alloys Investigated Using the Acoustic Emission Method Full Text PDF

  72. W. Bąk, C. Kajtoch, S. Ptaszek, A. Lisińska-Czekaj, D. Ziętek, T. Głos, B. Garbarz-Glos, Influence of Sn and Pb Ions Substitutions on Dielectric Properties of Barium Titanate Full Text PDF