Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 60 / Issue 4/2015

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H. Adrian, K. Wiencek, Austenite Grain Size Estimation in Structural Steels by Linear Section Method Full Text PDF

P. Bałon, A. Świątoniowski, Springback Compensation in Cold Forming Process for High Strength Steel Full Text PDF

A. Berdowska, J. Berdowski, F. Aubry, Correlations between Structures of Expanded Graphite - Polymer Composites and Acoustic Emission Phenomena Full Text PDF

A.M. Wittek, R. Burdzik, P. Folęga, Ł. Konieczny, B. Łazarz, Influence of Production Process and Material Factors an Fatigue Strength af Tubular Stabilizer Bar Full Text PDF

C. Xiaozhou, W. Chao, X. Xiangxin, C. Gongjin, Effect of Ti Addition on the Residual Aluminium Content and Mechanical Properties of the B4C-Al Composites Produced by Vacuum Infiltration Full Text PDF

A. Czarski, T. Skowronek, P. Matusiewicz, Stability of a Lamellar Structure - Effect of the True Interlamellar Spacing on the Durability of a Pearlite Colony Full Text PDF

P. Drzymała, B. Kania, M. Wróbel, P. Darłak, P. Długosz, P. Kwaśniewski, J.T. Bonarski, Evolution of Microstructure in Rolled Mg-Based Alloy. Textural Aspect Full Text PDF

A. Dębski, M.H. Braga, W. Gąsior, The B-Li System. Calorimetric and Theoretical Studies Full Text PDF

G. Golański, M. Lachowicz, J. Słania ,J. Jasak, P. Marszałek, Research on 16Mo3 (16M) Steel Pipes Overlaid with Haynes NiCro625 Alloy using MIG (131) Method Full Text PDF

D. Hadryś, Impact Load of Welds after Micro-Jet Cooling Full Text PDF

B. Kalandyk, R. Zapała, J. Kasińska, M. Wróbel, M. Balicki, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High-Alloyed 23Cr-5Mn-2Ni-3Mo Cast Steel Full Text PDF

P. Kula, W. Szymanski, Ł. Kołodziejczyk, R. Atraszkiewicz, K. Dybowski, J. Grabarczyk, R. Pietrasik, P. Niedzielski, Ł. Kaczmarek, M. Clapa, High Strength Metallurgical Graphene - Mechanisms of Growth and Properties Full Text PDF

P. Kulecki, E. Lichańska, M. Sułowski, The Effect of Processing Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sintered Structural Steels Based on Prealloyed Powders Full Text PDF

I. Kurytnik, B.R. Nussupbekov, A.K. Khassenov, D.Zh, Disintegration of Copper Ores by Electric Pulses Full Text PDF

Z. Lipnicki, K. Pantoł, Role of the Continuous Casting Forms on the Shape of the Solidified Crust Full Text PDF

W. Piekarska, Numerical and Experimental Study of Phase Transformations in Welding Processes Full Text PDF

M. Łępicka, M. Grądzka-Dahlke, I. Szarmach, Corrosion Damage Investigation of Silver-Soldered Stainless Steel Orthodontic Appliances Used in Vivo Full Text PDF

A. Posmyk, J. Myalski, H. Wistuba, Properties of Aluminium-Ceramic Composite with Glassy Carbon as Solid Lubricant Designed for Automotive Applications Full Text PDF

N. Radek, J. Konstanty, M. Scendo, The Electro-Spark Deposited WC-Cu Coatings Modified by Laser Treatment Full Text PDF

P. Lacki, A. Derlatka, The Plastic Deformation of RFSSW Joints During Tensile Tests Full Text PDF

M. Różański, D. Majewski, K. Krasnowski, Comparison of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Induction and Vacuume Brazed Joint of Titanium Via Copper and Ag-Cu Eutectic Filler Metal Full Text PDF

M. Rozmus-Górnikowska, M. Blicharski, Microsegregation and Precipitates in Inconel 625 ARC Weld Overlay Coatings on Boiler Pipes Full Text PDF

Z. Śloderbach, J. Pająk, Determination of Ranges of Components of Heat Affected Zone Including Changes of Structure Full Text PDF

K. Solek, S. Szczepanik, Rheological Analysis of Semi-Solid A380.0 Aluminium Alloy Full Text PDF

I. Sulima, L. Jaworska, J. Karwan-Baczewska, Effect of Boron Sinter-Aid on the Microstructure and Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel-TiB2 Composites Full Text PDF

T. Węgrzyn, J. Piwnik, Ł. Wszołek, W. Tarasiuk, Shaft Wear after Surfacing with Micro-Jet Cooling Full Text PDF

M. Wojnicki, I. Mania, M. Marzec, M. Gajewska, K. Mech, Influence of Experimental Conditions on Deposition of Silver Nanoparticles Onto Surface of Graphene Oxide Full Text PDF

K. Żaba, M. Nowosielski, S. Puchlerska, M. Kwiatkowski, P. Kita, M. Głodzik, K. Korfanty, D. Pociecha, T. Pieja, Investigation of the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Nickel Superalloys Processed in Shear Forming Full Text PDF

R. Babilas, K. Cesarz-Andraczke, R. Nowosielski, Structure and Properties of Mg-Cu-(Y,Ca) Bulk Metallic Glasses Full Text PDF

M. Barszcz, M. Paszeczko , K. Lenik, Self-Organization of Friction Surface of Fe-Mn-C-B Coating with Increased Resistance to Abrasion Full Text PDF

M.M. Lachowicz, M.B. Lachowicz, The Mechanism of Corrosion of Steel 304L in the Presence of Copper in Industrial Installations Full Text PDF

P. Matysik, M. Chojnacki, S. Jóźwiak, T. Czujko, S. Lipiński, Evaluation of the Possibility of Applying Spatial 3D Imaging Using X-Ray Computed Tomography Reconstruction Methods for Quantitative Analysis of Multiphase Materials Full Text PDF

D. Niemiec, G. Moskal, A. Jasik, The Influence of NiCrAlY Coatings Roughness on Oxidation Kinetics during Static Oxidation Test at Temperature 1000ºC and 1100ºC Full Text PDF

A. Smołka, G. Dercz, K. Rodak, B. Łosiewicz, Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Nanotubular Oxide Layers on the Ti13Zr13Nb Alloy in Physiological Saline Solution Full Text PDF

M. Szklarska, G. Dercz, J. Rak, W. Simka, B. Łosiewicz, The Influence of Passivation Type on Corrosion Resistance of Ti15Mo Alloy in Simulated Body Fluids Full Text PDF

A. Turowska, J. Adamiec, Mechanical Properties of WE43 Magnesium Alloy Joint at Elevated Temperature Full Text PDF

M. Wojciechowska, E. Wołowiec-Korecka, L. Klimek, Welding of Prosthetic Alloys Full Text PDF

M. Wróbel, A. Burbelko, D. Gurgul, Modelling of Change in Density of Nodular Cast Iron During Solidification Using Cellular Automaton Full Text PDF

P. Zygoń, M. Gwoździk, J. Peszke, Z. Nitkiewicz, The Effect of Water Acrylate Dispersion on the Properties of Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites Full Text PDF

D.S. Svyetlichnyy, P. Kustra, A. Milenin, Modeling with FCA-Based Model of Microstructure Evolution of MgCa08 Alloy During Drawing of thin Wire in Heated Die Full Text PDF

S. Wiewiórowska, Z. Muskalski, W. Ciepiela, Intensification of the Transition of Retained Austenite to Martensite Effected by Changing the Stress State in Trip Steel Wires Full Text PDF

A. Gontarz, G. Winiarski, Numerical and Experimental Study of Producing Flanges on Hollow Parts by Extrusion with a Movable Sleeve Full Text PDF

J. Bartnicki, J. Tomczak, Numerical Analysis of the Forming Process of Head Toothing in Rolling Extrusion on a Shaft from Aluminum Alloy 7075 Full Text PDF

T. Sadowski, P. Golewski, The Influence of Geometrical Parameters in Socket - PIN Connections on the Value of Opening Force Full Text PDF

M. Hyrcza-Michalska, R. Kawalla, J. Dembińska, Drawability Studies of Magnesium Alloy Sheets at Elevated Temperature Full Text PDF

J. Ligoda-Chmiel, M. Potoczek, R.E. Śliwa, Mechanical Properties of Alumina Foam/Tri-Functional Epoxy Resin Composites with an Interpenetrating Network Structure Full Text PDF

A. Bokota, A. Kulawik, R. Szymczyk, J. Wróbel, The Numerical Analysis of the Phenomena of Superficial Hardening of the Hot-Work Tool Steel Elements Full Text PDF

Z. Gronostajski, M. Hawryluk, J. Jakubik, M. Kaszuba, G. Misiun, P. Sadowski, Solution Examples of Selected Issues Related to Die Forging Full Text PDF

D. Jędrzejczyk, M. Hojny, M. Głowacki, Development of Software for the Simulation of Rolling Steel Under the Coexistence of Liquid and Solid State Full Text PDF

K. Laber, H. Dyja, G. Stradomski, A. Kawałek, The Assessment of the Cold Plastic Workability of 20MnB4 Steel Wire Rod Full Text PDF

J. Michalczyk, K. Wojsyk, Development and Modelling of the Method of Mandrelless Small-Radius Tube Bending Full Text PDF

B. Pawłowska, R.E. Śliwa, Backward Extrusion of Aluminum Alloy Sections Used in Aircraft Structural Components Full Text PDF

T. Sadowski, P. Golewski, Skew Bending of Aircraft Fuselage Panels with "L" and "C" Stringers Mounted by Hybrid Joint Full Text PDF

A. Wierzba, S. Mróz, P. Szota, A. Stefanik, R. Mola, The Influence of the Asymmetric ARB Process on the Properties of Al-Mg-Al Multi-Layer Sheets Full Text PDF

D. Woźniak, M. Hojny, T. Gądek, M. Głowacki, Numerical and Experimental Forming of Axisymmetric Products Using Methods of Deep Drawing and Flow Forming Full Text PDF

W. Piekarska, Modelling and Analysis of Phase Transformations and Stresses in Laser Welding Process Full Text PDF

J. Wieczorek, B. Oleksiak, J. Mizera, K. Kulikowski, P. Maj, Evaluation of the Quality of Coatings Deposited on AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Using the Anodising Method Full Text PDF

A. Lisiecki, Welding of Thermomechanically Rolled Steel by Yb:Yag Disk Laser Full Text PDF

J. Barglik, A. Smalcerz, A. Smagór, P. Paszek, Analysis of Continuous Induction Hardening of Steel Cylinder Element Made of Steel 38Mn6 Full Text PDF

K. Gryc, M. Strouhalová, B. Smetana, L. Socha, K. Michalek, Influence of Direct Thermal Analysis Experimental Conditions on Determination of the High Temperature Phase Transformation Temperatures Full Text PDF

L. Řeháčková, S. Rosypalová, R. Dudek, M. Ritz, D. Matýsek, B. Smetana, J. Dobrovská, S. Zlá, M. Kawuloková, Effect of Chemical Composition and Temperature on Viscosity and Structure of Molten Cao-Al2O3-SIO2 System Full Text PDF

M. Tkadlečková, K. Michalek, P. Machovčák, M. Kováč, L. Socha, Study of Casting and Solidification of Slab Ingot from Tool Steel Using Numerical Modelling Full Text PDF

M. Saternus, T. Merder, J. Pieprzyca, The Influence of Impeller Geometry on the Gas Bubbles Dispersion in URO-200 Reactor - RTD Curves Full Text PDF

M. Fröhlichová, D. Ivanišin, A. Mašlejová, R. Findorák, J. Legemza, Iron-Ore Sintering Process Optimization Full Text PDF

G. Golański, A.K. Lis, I. Słania, A. Zieliński, Microstructural Aspect of Long Term Service of the Austenitic TP347HFG Steel Full Text PDF

J. Jowsa, M. Bielnicki, A. Cwudziński, Numerical Modelling of Metal/Flux Interface in a Continuous Casting Mould Full Text PDF

A. Lisiecki, R. Burdzik, G. Siwiec, Ł. Konieczny, J. Warczek, P. Folęga, B. Oleksiak, Disk Laser Welding of Car Body Zinc Coated Steel Sheets Full Text PDF

T. Merder, M. Warzecha, P. Warzecha, Large-Eddy Simulations of a Flow Characteristics in a Multi-Strand Continuous Casting Tundish Full Text PDF

J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, M. Saternus, Optimization of Submerged Entry Nozzle Depth in CC Mould Full Text PDF

B. Pospiech, Separation of Cadmium(II), Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) by Transport Through Polymer Inclusion Membranes with Phosphonium Ionic Liquid as Ion Carrier Full Text PDF

W. Tarasiuk, A.I. Gordienko, A.T. Wolocko, J. Piwnik, B. Szczucka-Lasota, The Tribological Properties of Laser Hardened Steel 42CrMo4 Full Text PDF

J. Willner, A. Fornalczyk, Dissolution of Ceramic Monolith of Spent Catalytic Converters by Using Hydrometallurgical Methods Full Text PDF

R. Wyczółkowski, C. Kolmasiak, D. Urbaniak, T. Wyleciał, Use of the Schlieren Method to the Convection Analysis in the Steel Charge of Mixed Porosity Full Text PDF

R. Mežibrický, M. Fröhlichová, A. Mašlejová, Phase Composition of Iron Ore Sinters Produced with Biomass as a Substitute for the Coke Fuel Full Text PDF

M. Basiaga, R. Jendruś, W. Walke, Z. Paszenda, M. Kaczmarek, M. Popczyk, Influence of Surface Modification on Properties of Stainless Steel Used for Implants Full Text PDF

M. Cieśla, R. Findziński, G. Junak, T. Kawała, The Effect of Heat Treatment Parameters on Mechanical Characteristics of 10CrMo9-10 Steel Tube Bends Full Text PDF

B. Płonka, K. Remsak, P. Korczak, M. Lech-Grega, M. Rajda, Research on Extruded Products of MgAlZn Alloys - Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Full Text PDF

M. Mitka, M. Gawlik, M. Bigaj, W. Szymański, The Effect of Extrusion Parameters on Possibility of Extrusion of Magnesium Alloys in Continuous Rotary Extrusion Process Full Text PDF

A. Gałka, M. Najwer, Explosive Cladding of Titanium and Aluminium Alloys on the Example of Ti6Al4V-AA2519 Joints Full Text PDF

M. Król, T. Tański, G. Matula, P. Snopiński, A.E. Tomiczek, Analysis of Crystallisation Process of Cast Magnesium Alloys Based on Thermal Derivative Analysis Full Text PDF

A. Stefanik, P. Szota, S. Mróz, T. Bajor, H. Dyja, Properties of the AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Round Bars Obtained in Different Rolling Processes Full Text PDF

T. Bajor, H. Dyja, K. Laber, Physical Modelling of Metal Forming of Bars Made of Magnesium Alloys (AZ61) Full Text PDF

S. Rusz, A. Kłyszewski, M. Salajka, O. Hilser, L. Cizek, M. Klos, Possibilities of Application Methods DRECE in Forming of Non-Ferrous Metals Full Text PDF

R. Mola, S. Mróz, P. Szota, S. Sawicki, Analysis of the Deformability of Two-Layer Materials AZ31/Eutectic Full Text PDF

A. Jarzębska, R. Bogucki, M. Bieda, Influence of Degree of Deformation and Aging Time on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Aluminium Alloy with Zinc Full Text PDF

B. Tomiczek, L.A. Dobrzański, M. Macek, Effect of Milling Time on Microstructure and Properties of AA6061/MWCNTs Composite Powders Full Text PDF

Ł. Poloczek, B. Dybowski, K. Rodak, R. Jarosz, A. Kiełbus, Influence of Age Hardening Parameters on the Microstructure and Properties of the AlSi7Mg Sand Cast Alloy Full Text PDF

T. Miłek, B. Kowalik, B. Kuliński, Evaluation of the Possibility of Performing Cold Backward Extrusion of Axisymmetrical Thin-Walled Aluminum Die Stampings with Square Section Full Text PDF

M. Nowak, M. Lech-Grega, A. Kozik, M. Mitka, M. Gawlik, A. Kłyszewski, Composite Nickel Coatings Produced on 6xxx Series Aluminium Alloys with the Addition of Vanadium Full Text PDF

M. Szymanek, B. Augustyn, D. Kapinos, J. Żelechowski, M. Bigaj, Al-Si-RE Alloys Cast by the Rapid Solidification Process Full Text PDF

R. Bogucki, K. Sulikowska, M. Bieda, P. Ostachowski, K. Sztwiertnia, Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Changes in AA1050 Aluminum Subjected to ECAP and KoBo Processes Full Text PDF

M.L. Nó, L. Dirand, A. Denquin, J. San Juan, Internal Friction and Dynamic Modulus in Ultra-High Temperature Ru-Nb Functional Intermetallics Full Text PDF

P. Pal-Val, L. Pal-Val, V. Natsik, A. Davydenko, A. Rybalko, Giant Young's Modulus Variations in Ultrafine-Grained Copper Caused by Texture Changes at Post-SPD Heat Treatment Full Text PDF

R. Cosimati, D. Mari, Effects of Precipitation Hardening in Co-Ni-Cr Alloy on Dissipative Motion of Dislocations by Amplitude-Dependent Internal Friction Measurements Full Text PDF

M.R. Silva, L.B.S. Silva, D. Rodrigues Jr, C.R. Grandini, Mechanical Spectroscopy of MgB2 Containing SiC Full Text PDF

D. Szeliga, R. Kuziak, R. Kopp, G. Smyk, M. Pietrzyk, Accounting for the Inhomogeneity of Deformation in Identification of Microstructure Evolution Model Full Text PDF

M. Szota, Effect of Small Addition of Cobalt on Magnetic Properties and Internal Stresses Sources in the Form of Free Volumes and Pseudo-Dislocation Dipoles in Fe78CoxSi11-xB11 (x = 0 or 2) Alloys Full Text PDF

M.S. Wilk, R.E. Śliwa, The Influence of Features of Aluminium Alloys 2024, 6061 and 7075 on the Properties of Glare-Type Composites Full Text PDF