Archives of Metallurgy and Materials


Volume 53 / Issue 4/2008

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I. Nowotynska, R. Sliwa, Physical Modeling of the Plastic Flow in the Extrusion Process of Layered Composite Material using Different die Geometry       Full Text PDF


A. Goral, J. Deda, E. Beltowska-Lehman, B. Major, Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and Prerequisite Tree (PT) for Selected Technologies of Coating and Layer Production   Full Text PDF


A. Pawlowski, T. Czeppe, W. Baliga, L. Gorski, M. Faryna, The Morphology of the AI2O3 - Si02 Layer Plasma Sprayed Onto a Metallic Substrate After Heat Treatment  Full Text PDF


A. Holda, Adjustment of Chemical Elements Mass Balances in Metallurgical Processes  Full Text PDF


R. Mufioz Arroyo, J. C. Escobedo Bocardo, D. A. Cotres Hernandez, H. M. Hernandez Garcia, J. M. Almanza Robles, J. Donizak, Z. Kolenda, Magnesium Removal from Molten Aluminium Alloys using Zeolite and Zeolite-Silica Mixtures  Full Text PDF


L. Burzynska, W. Gumowska, E. Rudnik, J. Partyka, W. Szymaiiski, Mechanism of the Anodic Dissolution of Fe70-Cul6-Col0 Alloy Originated from Reduced Copper Converter Slag in Ammoniacal Solutions. Recovery of Copper and Cobalt  Full Text PDF


R. Dabrowski, J. Pacyna, Effect of Chromium on the Early Stage of Tempering of Hypereutectoid Steels   Full Text PDF


M. Lomozik, A. Zielinska-Lipiec, Microscopic Analysis of the Influence of Multiple Thermal Cycles on Simulated Haz Toughness in P91 Steel  Full Text PDF


Z. Mirski, K. Granat, A. Prasalek, The Diffusive Barriers in Copper with Austenitic Steel Joint Brazed with Cu-P-Ag Filler Metal  Full Text PDF


C. Hamilton, S. Dymek, M. Blicharski, Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium 7136-T76511 Extrusions  Full Text PDF


Z. Moser, W. Gasior. K. Bukat, J. Pstrus, J. Sitek, Trends in Wettability Studies of Pb-Free Solders. Basic and Application. Part I. Surface Tension and Density Measurements of Sn-Zn- and Sn-Zn-Bi-Sb Alloys. Experiment Vs. Modelling  Full Text PDF


K. Bukat, Z. Moser, W. Gasior, J. Sitek, M. Koscielski, J. Pstrus, Trends in Wettability Studies Of Pb-Free Solders. Basic and Application. Part II Relation vetween Surface Tension, Interfacial Tension and Wertability of Lead-Free Sn-Zn and Sn-Bi-Sb Alloys 1065 Full Text PDF


K. Ishida, Recent Progress on Co-Base Alloys - Phase Diagrams and Application  Full Text PDF


T. Mohri, S. Ohishi, Glass Transition Studied by Cluster Variation Method  Full Text PDF


D. V. Malakov, On a Shape-Preserving Thermodynamic Optimization  Full Text PDF


J. Romanowska, G. Wnuk, P. Romanowski, Experimental Study on Thermodynamics of the Cu-Ni-Sn-Zn System  Full Text PDF


V. Chidambaram, J. Hald, J. Hattel, Development of High Melting Point, Environmentally Friendly Solders, using the Calphad Approach  Full Text PDF


A. Shubin, K. Shunyaev, L. Yamshchikov, Thermodynamic Properties of Intermetallic Compounds in Al-Sc, Cu-Sc and Pb-Sc Systems Full Text PDF


J. Romanowska, Numerical Approach to Precipitate Growth and Dissolution Calculation  Full Text PDF


Y. Eichhammer, J. Roeck, N. Moelans, F. lacopi, B. Blanpain, M. Heyns, Calculation of the Au-Ge Phase Diagram for Nanoparticles  Full Text PDF


A. Berche, M.-C. Record, J. Rogez, Triangulation of the La-Mg-Zn System  Full Text PDF


N. Moelans, A Phase-Field Model for Multi-Component and Multi-Phase Systems Full Text PDF


M. Palcut, M. Vach, R. Cicka, J. Janovec, Compositional Changes in Carbide M7C3 upon Annealing Full Text PDF


V. Jan, B. Zlamal, Study of Heterogeneous Welds of Heat Resistant Steels with Artificially Increased Nitrogen Content by Combination of Experimental and Computational Techniques Full Text PDF


E. Pawlas-Foryst, L. Zabdyr, The Oxidation of Palladium Full Text PDF