Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 56 / Issue 3/2011

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  To the memory of Professor Zbigniew Moser

K. W i e r z b a n o w s k i, M. Wr o n s k i, A. B a c z m a n s k i, B. B a c r o i x, P. L i p i n s k i, A. L o d i n i, Problem of Lattice Rotation Due to Plastic Deformation. Example of Rolling of f.c.c Materials Full Text PDF

T. M a c i a g, A. D e b s k i, K. R z y m a n, The Studies of Assumptions Accompanying the Calibration of High-Temperature Solution Calorimeter Full Text PDF

K. S o ł e k, M. K o r o l c z u k - H e j n a k, M. K a r b o w n i c z e k, An Analysis of Steel Viscosity in the Solidification Temperature Range Full Text PDF

J. M i c h a l c z y k, Synchronization Disturbances of the Vibratory Conveyer Caused by a Not Total Symmetry of the Driving System Full Text PDF

B. B u l k o, J. K i j a c, T. B o r o v s k y, The Influence of Chemical Composition of Steel on Steel Desulphurization Full Text PDF

A. C w u d z i n s k i, Numerical Simulation of Behaviour a Non-Metallic Inclusions in an One-Strand Slab Tundish with Steel Flow Controll Devices Full Text PDF

D. S a r a m a k, Optimal Production of Electrolytic Copper Determined by the Concentration and Distribution of Copper Concentrates to Smelters on the Example of KGHM Full Text PDF

T. S o f i l i c, D. B a r i s i c, U. S o f i l i c, Natural Radioactivity in Steel Slag Aggregate Full Text PDF

J. I w a n c i w, D. P o d o r s k a, J. Wy p a r t o w i c z, Simulation of Oxygen and Nitrogen Removal from Steel by Means of Titanium and Aluminum Full Text PDF

T.S. D o b r o v o l s k a, I. K r a s t e v, P. Z a b i n s k i, R. K o w a l i k, A. Z i e l o n k a, Oscillations and Self-Organization Phenomena During Electrodeposition of Silver-Indium Alloys. Experimental Study Full Text PDF

K. M e c h, R. K o w a l i k, K. F i t z n e r, Electrochemical Synthesis of Tetragonal SnO2 Phase Full Text PDF

I. D o b o s z, E. R u d n i k, L. B u r z y n s k a, Codeposition of SiC Particles with Electrolytic Nickel Full Text PDF

M.O. S h a b a n i, A. M a z a h e r y, Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Cast A356 Alloy as a Function of Microstructure and Cooling Rate Full Text PDF

A. D z i a d o n, R. M o l a, L. B ł a z, Formation of Layered Mg/Eutectic Composite Using Diffusional Processes at the Mg-Al Interface Full Text PDF

T. K n y c h, M. P i w o w a r s k a, P. U l i a s z, Studies on the Process of Heat Treatment of Conductive AlZr Alloys Obtained in Various Productive Processes Full Text PDF

M. K o n i e c z n y, R. M o l a, P. T h o m a s, M. K o p c i a ł, Processing, Microstructure and Properties of Laminated Ni-Intermetallic Composites Synthesised Using Ni Sheets and Al Foils Full Text PDF

R. D a b r o w s k i, The Kinetics of Phase Transformations During Continuous Cooling of the Ti6Al4V Alloy from the Single-Phase Range Full Text PDF

J. K r a w c z y k, M. Wi t a s z e k, K. Wi t a s z e k, Tribological Properties of Tyre Steel in Rolling-Sliding Contact Against Bainitic Rail Steel Full Text PDF

M. R o z m u s - G ó r n i k o w s k a, J. K u s i n s k i, M. B l i c h a r s k i, The Influence of the Laser Treatment on Microstructure of the Surface Layer of an X5CrNi18-10 Austenitic Stainless Steel Full Text PDF

T. Y i l d i z, A. K a y a G ¨u r, Microstructural Characteristic of N2 Shielding Gas in Coating FeCrC Composite to the Surface of AISI1030 Steel with PTA Method Full Text PDF

B. N i z n i k, M. P i e t r z y k, Model of Phase Transformation for Niobium Microalloyed Steels Full Text PDF

P. M r v a, D. K o t t f e r, Ł. K a c z m a r e k, Effect of Shot Peening and NiAl Coating on Fatigue Limit of Mg-Al-Zn-Mn Alloy Full Text PDF

D. M i a r a, A. P i e t r a s, K. M r o c z k a, Microstructure and Properties of Friction Stir Butt-Welded Magnesium Casting Alloys Full Text PDF

A. K i e r z e k, J. A d a m i e c, Evaluation of Susceptibility to Hot Cracking of Magnesium Alloy Joints in Variable Stiffness Condition Full Text PDF

J. A d a m i e c, The Influence of Construction Factors on the Weldability ofAZ91E Alloy Full Text PDF

M.S. We g l o w s k i, A. P i e t r a s, Friction Stir Processing – Analysis of the Process Full Text PDF

J. K a r w a n - B a c z e w s k a, The Properties of Fe-Ni-Mo-Cu-B Materials Produced Via Liquid Phase Sintering Full Text PDF

R. W ł o d a r c z y k, A. D u d e k, Sintered Materials for Bipolar Plates Full Text PDF

B. L e s z c z y n s k a - M a d e j, M. M a d e j, The Properties of Babbitt Bushes in Steam Turbine Sliding Bearings Full Text PDF

H. B a k o w s k i, A. P o s m y k, J. K r a w c z y k, Tribological Properties of Rail Steel in Straight Moderately Loaded Sections of Railway Tracks Full Text PDF

M. S u l i g a, The Influence of the High Drawing Speed on Mechanical-Technological Properties of High Carbon Steel Wires Full Text PDF

Z. M i r s k i, Brazing a Graphite Composite to Molybdenum Alloy TZM Using Active Copper-Based Filler Metals with Chromium Additive Full Text PDF

D. J e d r z e j c z y k, M. H a j d u g a, Effect of the Surface Oxidation on the Hot-Dip Zinc Galvanizing of Cast Iron Full Text PDF