Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 54 / Issue 3/2009

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L. Madej, L. Rauch, C. Yang, Strain Distribution Analysis Based on the Digital Material Representation Full Text PDF

P. Lacki, Numerical Analysis of the Void Evolution during Metal Plastic Deformation Full Text PDF

A. Bokota, T. Domański, Modelling and Numerical Analysis of Hardening Phenomena of Tools Steel Elements Full Text PDF

A. Stefanik, P. Szota, H. Dyja, Numerical Modeling of the Microstructure During 50x20 mm Flat Bars Rolling Process Full Text PDF

S. Mróz, Modification of the Roll Pass Design to the Bar Rolling Process with Longitudinal Band Separation Full Text PDF

P. Szota, A. Stefanik, H. Dyja, Numerical Analysis of Bimetallic Bar Rolling Process in Three-Skew Rolling Mill Full Text PDF

Z. Pat e r, A. Gontarz, G. Samołyk, J. Bartnicki, Analysis of Cross Rolling Process of Toothed Titanium Shafts Full Text PDF

S. Kut, State of Stress Identification in Numerical Modeling of 3D Issues Full Text PDF

J. Michalczyk, The Theoretical and Experimental Comparative Analysis of New Method of Extrusion of Deep Sleeves and Indirect Extrusion Full Text PDF

 A. Niechajowicz , A. Tobota, Dynamic Tension Testing of DP600, DP800 Steel and Al 6061 T4 Alloy Sheets by Means of Rotary Hammer Full Text PDF

J. Bartnicki, Z. Pater, G. Samołyk, The Distributions of Wall-Thickness of Hollowed Parts in Rolling Extrusion Process Full Text PDF

M. Rozmus, J. Kusiński, M. Blicharski, J. Marczak, Laser Shock Peening of a Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Jabłoński, T. Knych, B. Smyrak, New Aluminium Alloys for Electrical Wires of Fine Diameter for Automative Industry Full Text PDF

M. Suliga, Z. Muskalski, The Influence of Single Draft on Trip Effect and Mechanical Properties of 0.09C-1.57Mn-0.9Si Steel Wires Full Text PDF

A. Gołdasz, Z. Malinowski, B. Hadała, Study of Heat Balance in the Rolling Process of Bars Full Text PDF

Z. Gronostajski, S. Polak, The Application of Clinching Techniques to Join Impact Energy Absorbing Thin-Walled Aluminium Sections Full Text PDF

J. Adamus, Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Sheet-Titanium Forming Process Full Text PDF

P. Uliasz, T. Knych, A. Mamala, A New Industrial-Scale Method of the Manufacturing of the Gradient Structure Materials and its Application Full Text PDF

I. Jendrzejewska, J. Mroziński, P. Zajdel, T. Mydlarz, T. Goryczka, A. Hanc, E. Maciążek, X-Ray and Magnetic Investigations of the Polycrystalline Compounds with General Formula ZnxSnyCrzSe4 Full Text PDF

M. Jabłońska, A. Jasik, A. Hanc, Structure and Some Mechanical Properties of Fe3Al-Based Cast AlloysFull Text PDF

G. Dercz, J. Dercz, K. Prusik, A. Hanc, R. Babilas, L. Pająk, J. Ilczuk, Structure Investigations of Bi5Ti3FeO15 Ceramics Prepared by Free Sintering Process of High-Energy Ball Milled Nanocrystalline PrecursorsFull Text PDF

Z. Witczak, S. Dymek, Effectivness of Dispersion Strengthening in the NiAl Intermetallic Alloy Produced by Self-Sustaining High-Temperature Synthesis Full Text PDF

 T. Goryczka, Effect of Wheel Velocity on Texture Formation and Shape Memory in Cu-Al-Ni Based Melt-Spun RibbonsFull Text PDF

A. Onyszko, K. Kubiak, Method for Production of Single Crystal Superalloys Turbine BladesFull Text PDF

M. Michalak, Z. Gawroński, Nitriding Process Modernization on the Example of Chosen Parts From Aircraft Engine Full Text PDF

A. Pawłowski, T. Czeppe, Ł. Major, C. Senderowski, Structure Morphology of Fe-Al Coating Detonation Sprayed Onto Carbon Steel Substrate Full Text PDF

J. Ryś, M. Witkowska, The Effect of Starting Orientations and Initial Morphology on Texture Formation in Duplex Steel SAF 2205Full Text PDF

M. Wróbel, S. Dymek, M. Bicharski, Microstructure Stability of the Deformed Age-Hardenable Ni-Mo-Cr Alloy During Long-Term Ageing at Elevated TemperatureFull Text PDF

M. Kopyto, W. Przybyło, B. Onderka, K. Fitzner, Thermodynamic Properties of Sb2O3-SiO2 and PbO-Sb2O3 – SiO2 Liquid SolutionsFull Text PDF

D. Podorska, J. Wypartowicz, The Optimisation of Titanium and Nitrogen Concentration in Micro-Alloyed SteelFull Text PDF

M. Dziarmagowski, B. Zawada, Possibilities for the Utilisation of Steelmaking Slags for the Production of Slag-Forming MaterialsFull Text PDF

T. Telejko, Z. Malinowski, M. Rywotycki, Analysis of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Continuous Steel CastingFull Text PDF

L. Burzyńsk a, E. Rudnik, K. Ćwięka, Electrodeposition of Ni/SiC Composite Coating Aluminium Full Text PDF

K. Pacławski, M. Wojnicki, Kinetics of the Adsorption of Gold(III) Chloride Complex Ions Onto Activated Carbon Full Text PDF