Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 64 / Issue 4/2019

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  1. M. Jasiński, K. Ziewiec, M. Wojciechowska, Real Time Thermal Imaging of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell full text PDF
  2. B. Pawłowska, R.E. Śliwa, M. Zwolak, Possibilities to Obtain Products from 2024 and 7075 Chips in the Process of Consolidationby KoBo Extrusion full text PDF
  3. P. Kwolek, A. Gradzik, D. Szeliga, B. Kościelniak, Selective Corrosion of Al2Cu Intermetallic Phase in Orthophosphoric Acid Aqueous Solutions full text PDF
  4. C. Jasiński, A. Kocańda, Ł. Morawiński, S. Świłło, A New Approach to Experimental Testing of Sheet Metal Formability for Automotive Industry full text PDF
  5. J. Miettinen, V-V. Visuri, T. Fabritius, N. Milcheva, G. Vassilev, Thermodynamic Description of Ternary Fe-B-X Systems. Part 5: Fe-B-Si full text PDF
  6. J. Miettinen, V-V. Visuri, T. Fabritius, N. Milcheva, G. Vassilev, Thermodynamic Description of Ternary Fe-B-X Systems. Part 6: Fe-B-Ti full text PDF
  7. Wei Wang, Weijie Chen,, Raman Spectroscopy Studies of Carbon-Based Cathode Materials during Aluminum Electrolysis full text PDF
  8. T. Sadowski, M. Nowicki, P. Golewski, The Influence of the Use of Fasteners with Different Stiffness in Hybrid Joints Subjected to Complex Mechanical Loads full text PDF
  9. G. Gumienny, B. Kurowska, P. Just, The Effect of Manganese on the Crystallisation Process, Microstructure and Selected Properties of Compacted Graphite iron full text PDF
  10. B. Dittert, M. Wiessner, P. Angerer, J.M. Lackner, H. Leichtfried, Tailored Al2O3-Al2TiO5-TiO2 Composite Ceramics from different Titanium Precursors full text PDF
  11. P. Drożdż, The Influence of the Superheat Temperature on the Slab Structure in the Continuous Steel Casting Process full text PDF
  12. M. Suliga, R. Wartacz, The Influence of the Angle of Working Part of Die on the Zinc Coating Thickness and Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Steel Wires full text PDF
  13. P. Salwa, T. Goryczka, Influence of Milling Time on Formation of NiTi Alloy Produced by High-Energy Ball Milling full text PDF
  14. A. Mazurek, M. Trzaska, Structure and Properties of Ni/Diamond Nanocrystalline Coatings full text PDF
  15. K. Pachut, J. Żelechowski, S. Boczkal, Application of X-Ray Diffraction to Analyse Phase Composition of Aluminium Alloys for Plastic Working full text PDF
  16. K. Dybowski, G. Romaniak, P. Kula, A. Jeziorna, P. Kowalczyk, R. Atraszkiewicz, Ł. Kołodziejczyk, D. Nowak, P. Zawadzki, M. Kucińska, Impact of the Method of Separating Graphene from the Growth Substrate on the Quality of the 2D Material Obtained full text PDF
  17. M. Nowak, J. Mizera, A. Kłyszewski, A. Dobkowska, S. Boczkal, A. Kozik, P. Koprowski, Effect of Various Organic Additives in Galvanic Bath on Properties of Ni-SiC Composite Coatings full text PDF
  18. A. Kozik, M. Nowak, K. Gędłek, D. Leśniak, J. Zasadziński, H. Jurczak, Anodic Oxide Coatings on Aluminium Resistant to Strong Alkali Environment full text PDF
  19. M. Mikuśkiewicz, G. Moskal, Solid State Synthesis of Europium Zirconate Based Material full text PDF
  20. M. Suliga, M. Jabłońska, M. Hawryluk, The Effect of the Length of the Drawing Die Sizing Portion on the Energy and Force Parameters of the Medium-Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Process full text PDF
  21. S. Mróz, A. Stefanik, P. Szota, M. Kwapisz, M. Wachowski, L. Śnieżek, A. Gałka, Z. Szulc, Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Plastic Deformation the Multi-Layer Ti/Al/Mg Materials full text PDF
  22. Ł. Wójcik, Z. Pater, Physical Simulation of the Mannesmann Effect in the Rolling Process full text PDF
  23. A. Gołdasz, Z. Malinowski, A. Cebo-Rudnicka, Thermomechanical Analysis of the Charge Heating in a Rotary Furnace full text PDF
  24. P. Myśliwiec, R.E. Śliwa, R. Ostrowski, Friction Stir Welding of Ultrathin AA2024-T3 Aluminum Sheets Using Ceramic Tool full text PDF
  25. M. Wilkus, Ł. Rauch, D. Szeliga, M. Pietrzyk, Evaluation of Adhesive Wear Mechanism for Application in Hybrid Tool Wear Model in Hot Forging Process full text PDF
  26. T. Wojdat, P. Kustroń, K. Jaśkiewicz, M. Zwierzchowski, A. Margielewska, Numerical Modelling of Welding of Car Body Sheets Made of Selected Aluminium Alloys full text PDF
  27. T. Wojdat, P. Kustroń, A. Margielewska, M. Stachowicz, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Braze Welded Joints of Copper with Austenitic Steel Made by CMT Method full text PDF
  28. M. Hawryluk, M. Zwierzchowski, M. Rychlik, Z. Gronostajski , Analysis of the Industrial Process of Producing a Lever-Type Forging Used in Motorcycles full text PDF
  29. P. Popielarski, J. Hajkowski, R. Sika, Z. Ignaszak, Computer Simulation of Cast Iron Flow in Castability Trials full text PDF
  30. T. Kik, J. Moravec, I. Novakova, Numerical Simulations of X22CrMoV12-1 Steel Multilayer Welding full text PDF
  31. G. Stradomski, M. Nadolski, A. Zyska, B. Kania, D. Rydz, Physical and Numerical Modeling of Duplex Cast Steel Thin-Walled Castings full text PDF
  32. R. Świercz, D. Oniszczuk-Świercz, J. Zawora, M. Marczak, Investigation of the Influence of Process Parameters on Shape Deviation after Wire Electrical Discharge Machining full text PDF
  33. T. Dębiński, M. Głowacki, M. Hojny, The Methodology of Analysis on Geometrical Changes of a Mixed Zone in Resistance-Heated Samples full text PDF
  34. I. Nowotyńska, S. Kut, M. Osetek, An Impact of Assembly Interference on Stresses in the Die Tool System During Bolt Forging full text PDF
  35. G. Cieślak, M. Trzaska, Structure and Properties of Nanocomposite Nickel/Graphene Oxide Coatings Produced by Electrochemical Reduction Method full text PDF
  36. W. Ściężor, A. Mamala, R. Kowal, P. Kwaśniewski, K. Franczak, P. Strzępek, Research on the Production Process of High-Strength Products from Aluminum-Magnesium Alloys for their Direct Processing into Sheets Via Cold Rolling full text PDF
  37. D. Rydz, B. Koczurkiewicz, G. Stradomski, T. Garstka, J. Wypart , The Effect of the Asymmetrical Rolling Process on Structural Changes in Hot-Rolled Bimetal Sheets full text PDF
  38. P. Szota, S. Mróz, A. Gontarz, A. Stefanik, Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Mg/Al Bimetallic Handle Forging Process full text PDF
  39. J.C. de Lacerda, I.R. Pereira, J.M.G. Costa, J.S. Pinto, H.F.M. Souza, M.A. Fonseca, Effect of Shot Peening With Glass Microspheres on the Fatigue Behavior of a Low Carbon Steel full text PDF
  40. Haroune Rachid Ben Zine, Filiz Cinar Sahin, Zsolt Czigány, Katalin Balázsi, Csaba Balázsi, Novel SiC Dispersion Strengthened Austenitic Steels Prepared by Powder Technology full text PDF
  41. J. Satheeshkumar, M. Jayaraman, G. Suganya Priyadharshini, C.S. Sathya Mukesh, Fabrication of Aluminum - Cr3C2 Surface Composites through Friction Stir Processing and Analyzing its Microstructural and Mechanical Evolution full text PDF
  42. A. Brzezińska, A. Urbańczyk-Gucwa, R. Molak, K. Rodak, Microstructural Features and Mechanical Properties after Applying Rolling with Cyclic Movement of Rolls of an Al-Li Alloys full text PDF
  43. A. Eakambaram, M. Anthony Xavior, Influence of Recast Layer on the Fatigue Life of Ti6Al4V Processed by Electric Discharge Machining full text PDF
  44. P. Petrzak, I. Mania, H. Paul, Ł. Maj, A. Gałka, The Kinetic of Al3Ti Phase Growth in Explosively Welded Multilayered Al/Ti Clads during Annealing under Load Conditions full text PDF
  45. Gongfa Li, Du Jiang, Ying Sun, Guozhang Jiang, Bo Tao, Life Prediction Mechanism of Ladle Composite Structure Body Based on Simulation Technology full text PDF
  46. A. Urbańczyk-Gucwa, A. Brzezińska, B. Adamczyk-Cieślak, K. Rodak, Crystallographic Texture and Grain Refinement in the CuCr Alloy Deformed by SPD Method full text PDF
  47. Yu Liu, Yuanchun Huang, Zhengbing Xiao, Amount and Distribution of Micro-Defects in Solidified 2219 Al Alloy Ingots: a Metallographic Investigation full text PDF
  48. Zhongwei Ma, Qinghua Li, Lin Ma, Zhaokun He, Zhimin Liang, Fatigue Behavior of MIG-Welded 7N01-T4 Aluminum Alloy with Different V-Groove Angles full text PDF
  49. P. Kurtyka, I. Sulima, P. Hyjek, L. Jaworska, Influence of High Pressure-High Temperature Method on the Selected Mechanical Properties of Steel AISI 316L with 2% TiB2 full text PDF
  50. Marimuthu Ilayaraja, L. John Berchmans, Sankara Raman Sankaranarayan, Mechanism and Synthesis of Yttrium Iron (Y-Fe) Alloy by Low Temperature Process Using Calcium as Reductant full text PDF
  51. H. Kominko, A. Jaroń, High Temperature Oxidation Process of P91 Steel in CO2 Atmosphere Containing SO2 full text PDF
  52. E. Postek, R.B. Pęcherski, Z. Nowak, Peridynamic Simulation of Crushing Processes in Copper Open-Cell Foam full text PDF
  53. M. Zasadzińska, T. Knych, The Morphology of Eutectic Copper Oxides I (Cu2O) in The Processing of Wire Rod and Wires made from ETP Grade Copper full text PDF
  54. P. Figiel, A. Biedunkiewicz, W. Biedunkiewicz, D. Grzesiak, M. Pawlyta, Corrosion Characteristics of Composites of (Mo,Ti)C Ti and TiC/Ti Type Manufactured with SLM technique full text PDF
  55. S. Krakowiak, S. Kierepa, The Impact of Crushed Rock Spoil on Pitting Corrosion of Selected Stainless Steels full text PDF
  56. V. Petkov, R. Valov, M. Witkowska, M. Madej, G. Cempura, M. Sułowski, Sintered Steels Coated with a Chromium Layer Doped with Diamond Nanoparticles full text PDF
  57. M. Lisińska, A. Fornalczyk, J. Willner, Problems of Processing and Separation of Multi-Material Electronic Waste in Terms of Circular Economy full text PDF
  58. Yoshitsugu Hanada, Yang Xiao, Akio Sonoda, Hyo-Gyoung Kang, Hideaki Nagayoshi, Atsuo Yamamoto, Tatsuya Tokunaga, Silicon Carbide Fabrication by Infiltration of Molten Fe-Si Alloy Through Two-Step Reaction Sintering full text PDF
  59. K. Szmigielska, M. Trzaska, Structure and Properties of Zn/MoS2 Composite Coatings Produced by Electrochemical Reduction full text PDF
  60. C. Suchocki, D. Myszka, K. Wasiluk, Transformation Kinetics of Austempered Dductile Iron: Dilatometric Experiments and
    Model Parameter Evaluation full text PDF