Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 55 / Issue 2/2010

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C. S e n d e r ows k i, A. P awł ows k i, Z. B o j a r, W. Wo ł c z y n s k i, M. F a r y n a, J. Mo r g i e l, Ł. Ma j o r, TEM Microstructure of Fe-Al Coatings Detonation Sprayed Onto Steel Substrate Full Text PDF

J. K a r wa n - B a c z ews k a, T. D y m k ows k i, J. R. S o b i e c k i, T. F o r m a n s k i, Processing and Surface Properties of Based on Iron Sintered Alloys after Plasma Nitriding Treatment Full Text PDF

J. R i c h e r t, Strain-Stress Conditions of Shear Band Formation during CEC Processing on a New MachinewithControl Back-Pressure Full Text PDF

A. N i e c h a j o w i c z, Apparent Young Modulus of Sheet Metal after Plastic Strain Full Text PDF

P. I n d y k a, E. B e ł t ows k a - L e h m a n, M. F a r y n a, K. B e r e n t, A. R a k ows k a, Microstructural and Microchemical Characterisation of the Nickel-Based Thin Films Prepared by Electrodeposition Full Text PDF

A. C e b o, The Effect of the Error of Thermal Conductivity, Specific Heat and Density Determination on the Inverse Calculation of the Heat Transfer Coefficient Full Text PDF

B. O n d e r k a, A. S y p i e n, A. Wi e r z b i c k a - M i e r n i k, T. C z e p p e, L. A. Z a b d y r, Heat Capacities of Some Binary Intermetallic Compounds in Al-Fe-Ni-Ti System Full Text PDF

W. J e r z a k, Z. K a l i c k a, Activity Coefficients of Manganese, Silicon and Aluminum in Iron, Nickel and Fe-Ni AlloysFull Text PDF

A. S t r k a l j, A. R a d e n o v i c, J. M a l i n a, The Use of Metallurgical Waste Material from Aluminium Production for the Removal of Chromium(VI) Ions from Aqueous Solution Full Text PDF

B. H a d a ł a, Z. M a l i n o w s k i, Validation of the Boundary Conditions in On-Line Temperature Model for Plate Rolling Mill Full Text PDF

M. S a t e r n u s, J. B o t o r, Refining Process of Aluminium Conducted in Continuous Reactor – Physical Model Full Text PDF

J. J o w s a, A. C w u d z i n s k i, Influence of Turbulence Models on Steel Flow Character in the Tundish Full Text PDF

G. M r ó w k a - N o w o t n i k, Examination of Intermetallic Phases in AlCu4Ni2Mg2 Aluminium Alloy in T6 Condition Full Text PDF

D. L e s n i a k, M. B r o n i c k i, A. Wo z n i c k i, High-Temperature Homogenization of AlCuMg Alloys for Extrusion in T5 Temper Full Text PDF

K. J a g i e l s k a -Wi a d e r e k, H. B a l a, P. Wi e c z o r e k, J. Ru d n i c k i, Depth Characteristics of Glow-Discharge Nitrided Layer Produced on AISI 4140 Steel Full Text PDF

P. H a n d z l i k, K. F i t z n e r, Semiconducting Properties of Anodic Oxide Films Grown on Titanium in Ringer and PBS Solutions Full Text PDF

P. P a l i m a k a, S. P i e t r z y k, Research on the Electrical Conductivity of Fluoride Electrolytes NaF-AlF3 in Liquid and Solid State Full Text PDF

T. C z u j k o, R. A. Va r i n, Z. Z a r a n s k i, Z. S. Wr o n s k i, The Dehydrogenation Process of Destabilized NaBH4-MgH2 Solid State Hydrie Composites Full Text PDF

P. S e d e k, P. G o t k o w s k i, J. B r u z d a, Application of Acoustic Emission to Monitor the Course of Plastic Strain in Mechanical Stress Relieved Welded Joints Full Text PDF

A. G ł o w a c z, W. G ł o w a c z, Diagnostic of Synchronous Motor based on Analysis of Acoustic Signals with Application of LPCC and Nearest Mean Classifier withCosineDistance Full Text PDF

A. S t a n e k, Ł. Wi e r z b i c k i, M. L e o n owi c z, Investigations of Thermo-Magnetic Treatment of Alnico 8Alloy Full Text PDF

M. C h m i e l e w s k i, D. K a l i n s k i, K. P i e t r z a k, W. W ł o s i n s k i, Relationship between Mixing Conditions and Properties of Sintered20AlN/80Cu Composite Materials Full Text PDF

W. B o c h n i a k, A. B r z o s t o w i c z, Fabrication of Fine-Grained Flat Products by Continuous KoBo Methods Full Text PDF

B. Z awa d a, M. Dz i a rma g ows k i, Research on the Dynamic of the BOF Slag Reduction Process Full Text PDF