Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 62 / Issue 2A/2017

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J. Lis,In Memoriam. Prof. dr hab. inż. Roman Pampuch, Doctor Honiris Causa

  1. A. Cebo-Rudnicka, Z. Malinowski, T. Telejko, Analysis of Thermal Stresses and Strains Developing During the Heat Treatment of Windmill Shaft Full text pdf
  2. D. Janicki, J. Górka, W. Kwaśny, K. Gołombek, M. Kondracki, M. Żuk, Diode Laser Surface Alloying of Armor Steel with Tungsten Carbide Full text pdf
  3. M. Suliga, R. Wartacz, J. Michalczyk, The Influence of the Angle of the Working Part of the Die on the High Speed Drawing Process of Low Carbon Steel Wires Full text pdf
  4. W. Więckowski, K. Dyja, The Effect of the Use of Technological Lubricants Based on Vegetable Oils on the Process of Titanium Sheet Metal Forming Full text pdf
  5. G. Winiarski, A. Gontarz, Numerical and Experimental Study of Producing Two-Step Flanges by Extrusion with a Movable Sleeve Full text pdf
  6. S. Mróz, P. Szota, T. Bajor, A. Stefanik, Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Formability of Explosive Welded Mg/Al Bimetallic Bars Full text pdf
  7. A. Gołdasz, Z. Malinowski, Identification of the Heat Transfer Coefficient at the Charge Surface Heated on the Chamber Furnace Full text pdf
  8. H. Dyja, E.Tussupkaliyeva, T. Bajor, K. Laber, Physical Modeling of Plastic Working Conditions for Rods of 7xxx Series Aluminum Alloys Full text pdf
  9. S. Kut, G. Ryzińska, B. Niedziałek, The Influence of Material Model of the Polyurethane Elastomer on the FEM Calculations Quality for the Various Modes of Loading Full text pdf
  10. J. Huebner, P. Rutkowski, D. Kata, J. Kusiński, Microstructural and Mechanical Study of Inconel 625 - Tungsten Carbide Composite Coatings Obtained by Powder Laser Cladding Full text pdf
  11. K. Konieczny, P. Czaja, Electrical and Thermal Properties of Na1-xLixNbO3 (x = 0.08, 0.1 and 0.2) Ceramics Near the Morphotropic Phase Boundary Region Full text pdf
  12. I. Bednarczyk, D. Kuc, A. Tomaszewska, A. Mrugała, The Influence of Extrusion Process on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloys Full text pdf
  13. D. Kuc, J. Szala, I. Bednarczyk, Quantitative Evaluation of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled 23MnB4 Steel Grade for Cold Upsetting Full text pdf
  14. M. Sozańska, A. Mościcki, B. Chmiela, Investigation of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Magnesium Alloys by Quantitative Fractography Methods Full text pdf
  15. Ł. Madej, M. Mojżeszko, J. Chrapoński, S. Roskosz, J. Cwajna, Digital Material Representation Model of Porous Microstructure Based on 3D Reconstruction Algorithm Full text pdf
  16. M. Sułowski, A. Jordan, A. Czarski, P. Matusiewicz, Estimation of the Effect of Production Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Sintered Steels Using ANOVA Full text pdf
  17. P. Váňová, J. Sojka, T. Kulová, K. Jokešová, P. Purtátor, A. Spinu, Using the Principles of Image Analysis in the Assessment of the Proportion of Retained Austenite in the Case Hardened Layers Full text pdf
  18. A. Szczotok, Metallographic Study of the Casting Made from CMSX-6 SC Nickel-Based Superalloy Full text pdf
  19. A. Szczotok, J. Nawrocki, J. Pietraszek, The Impact of the Thickness of the Ceramic Shell Mould on the (γ + γ' ) Eutectic in the IN713C Superalloy Airfoil Blade Casting Full text pdf
  20. A. Szczotok, J. Pietraszek, N. Radek, Metallographic Study and Repeatability Analysis of γ' Phase Precipitates in Cored, Thin-Walled Castings Made from IN713C Superalloy Full text pdf
  21. M. Łazarska,, T.Z. Woźniak, Z. Ranachowski, P. Ranachowski, A. Trafarski, The Application of Acoustic Emission and Artificial Neural Networks in an Analysis of Kinetics in the Phase Transformation of Tool Steel During Austempering Full text pdf
  22. A. Grajcar, B. Grzegorczyk, M. Różański, S. Stano, M. Morawiec, Microstructural Aspects of Bifocal Laser Welding of TRIP Steels Full text pdf
  23. A. Kaijalainen, N. Vähäkuopus, M. Somani, S. Mehtonen, D. Porter, J. Kömi, The Effects of Finish Rolling Temperature and Niobium Microalloying on the Microstructure and Properties of a Direct Quenched High-Strength Steel Full text pdf
  24. S. Błacha, M.S. Węglowski, S. Dymek, M. Kopyściański, Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Electron Beam Welded Joints of High Strength S960QL and Weldox 1300 Steel Grades Full text pdf
  25. J. Tuleja, Z. Zatorski, Numerical Modelling of Micro-Stresses in Carbonised Austenitic Cast Steel Under Rapid Cooling Conditions Full text pdf
  26. A. Morri, L. Ceschini, M. Pellizzari, C. Menapace, F. Vettore, E. Veneri, Effect of the Austempering Process on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 27MnCrB5-2 Steel Full text pdf
  27. K. Łyczkowska, J. Michalska, Studies on the Corrosion Resistance of Laser-Welded Inconel 600 and Inconel 625 Nickel-Based Superalloys Full text pdf
  28. G. Gumienny, B. Kurowska, T. Szymczak, J. Gawroński, Nickel in Compacted Graphite Iron Full text pdf
  29. G. Adamek, J. Jakubowicz, M. Dewidar, Preparation and Properties of Ti-Y2O3 Composites for Implant Applications Full text pdf
  30. D. Bochenek, P. Niemiec, M. Adamczyk, R. Skulski, R. Zachariasz, B. Wodecka-Duś, Z. Machnik, The Multicomponent PZT-Type Ceramics for Micromechatronic Applications Full text pdf
  31. D. Czekaj, A. Lisińska-Czekaj, J. Plewa, Fabrication and Crystal Structure of Sol-Gel Deposited BST thin Films with Compositional Gradient Full text pdf
  32. M. Mackiewicz, J.L. Mikulski, J. Wańkowicz, S. Kucharski, P. Ranachowski, Z. Ranachowski, Study of Composite Insulator Sheds Subjected to Wheel Test Full text pdf
  33. T. Pawlik, D. Michalik, J. Barzowska, K. Szczodrowski, T. Lesniewski, M. Sopicka-Lizer, M. Grinberg, The Influence of Synthesis Temperature on Manufacturing and Properties of SrSi2O2N2:Eu2+ Powders Full text pdf
  34. B. Wodecka-Dus, L. Kozielski, J. Erhart, M. Pawełczyk, D. Radoszewska, M. Adamczyk, D. Bochenek, Investigation of La3+ Doping Effect on Piezoelectric Coefficients of BLT Ceramics Full text pdf
  35. N. Żołek, Z. Ranachowski, P. Ranachowski, D. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, S. Kudela Jr., T. Dvorak, Statistical Assessment of the Microstructure of Barite Aggregate from Different Deposits Using X-Ray Microtomography and Optical Microscopy Full text pdf
  36. M. Conev, I. Vasková, M. Hrubovčáková, P. Hajdúch, Decoring Behaviour of Chosen Moulding Materials with Alkali Silicate Based Inorganic Binders Full text pdf
  37. J. Gondro, K. Błoch, M. Nabiałek, S.Walters, Microstructure and Soft Magnetic Properties of Fe-Zr-(Pt)-Nb-Cu-B Amorphous Alloys Full text pdf
  38. D. Kasprzyk, B. Stypuła, Corrosion Resistance of Some Stainless Steels in Chloride Solutions Full text pdf
  39. K. Regulski, Formalization of Technological Knowledge in the Field of Metallurgy Using Document Classification Tools Supported with Semantic Techniques Full text pdf
  40. Ł. Bednarski, J. Michalczyk, Modelling of the Working Process of Vibratory Conveyors Applied in the Metallurgical Industry Full text pdf
  41. P. Szeptyński, Energy-Based Yield Criteria for Orthotropic Materials, Exhibiting Strength-Differential Effect. Specification for Sheets Under Plane Stress State Full text pdf
  42. M. Wojnicki, A. Podborska, The Mechanism of Redox Reaction between Palladium(II) Complex Ions and Potassium Formate in Acidic Aqueous Solution Full text pdf
  43. B. Leszczyńska-Madej, A. Wąsik, M. Madej, Microstructure Characterization of SiC Reinforced Aluminium and Al4Cu Alloy Matrix Composites Full text pdf
  44. W. Napadłek, Analysis of Selected Properties 100CrMnSi6-4 Surface Layer After Laser Micro-Smelting Full text pdf
  45. A. Winiowski, D. Majewski, Brazing of Titanium with Aluminium Alloys Full text pdf
  46. K. Mydłowska, P. Myśliński, Ł. Szparaga, J. Ratajski, A. Gilewicz, R. Jędrzejewski, Analysis of Thermal Stability of CrCN Coatings Deposited on Nitrided Substrates Using Modulated Temperature Thermodilatometry Full text pdf
  47. P. Koprowski, R. Bogucki, M. Bieda, J. Kawałko, K. Sztwiertnia, Thermal Stability of AA1050 Aluminum Alloy after Equal Channel Angular Pressing Full text pdf
  48. M. Rozmus-Górnikowska, M. Blicharski, TEM Microstructure and Chemical Composition of Transition Zone between Steel Tube and an Inconel 625 Weld Overlay Coating Produced by CMT Method Full text pdf
  49. J. Svidró, A. Diószegi, L. Tóth, J.T. Svidró, The Influence of Thermal Expansion of Unbonded Foundry Sands on the Deformation of Resin Bonded Cores Full text pdf
  50. C. Tatar, Z. Yildirim, O. Kaygili, Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on Thermodynamic Properties of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Full text pdf
  51. T. Dyl, The Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Ballizing Process of Steel Tubes Full text pdf
  52. S.M. Abbasi, A. Momeni, M. Daraee, A. Akhondzadeh, S.G. Mirsaeed, Mechanical and Microstructural Response of Near Beta Ti Alloys to Hot Tensile Testing Full text pdf
  53. J. Lacaze, J. Sertucha, P. Larrañaga, R. Suárez, Combined Effects of Copper and Tin at Intermediate Level of Manganese on the Structure and Properties of As-Cast Nodular Graphite Cast Iron Full text pdf
  54. R. Krawczyk, An Analysis of the Quality of the Thick-Walled S355J2+N Steel Joint Welded by the MAG Method Full text pdf
  55. A. Trenczek-Zając, J. Banaś, K. Świerczek, K. Zazakowny, M. Radecka, Photosensitization of TiO2 P25 with CdS Nanoparticles for Photocatalytic Applications Full text pdf
  56. A. Kováčová, T. Kvačkaj, R. Bidulský, J. Bidulská, R. Kočiško, J. Dutkiewicz, L. Lityńska-Dobrzyńska, Investigation of the Ultrafine-Grained Structure Formation Under Different Strain Rates Full text pdf
  57. Z. Ding-Guo, G. Ming, L. Xin, W. Shu-Huan, Collosion and Absorption Behaviors of Inclusions on Refractory Full text pdf
  58. K. Bidai, M. Ameri,, I. Ameri, D. Bensaid, A. Slamani, A. Zaoui, Y. Al-Douri, Structural, Mechanical and Thermodynamic Properties Under Pressure Effect of Rubidium Telluride: First Principle Calculations Full text pdf
  59. C. Li, F. Jiang, S. Ju, J. Peng, Y. Wei, L. Zhang, Using an Interdigital Micromixer for Separation of In3+ from Zinc Hydrometallurgical Process with D2EHPA as an Extractant Full text pdf
  60. M. Zheng, H. Gao, H. Teng, J. Hu, Z. Tian, Y. Zhao, A Simplified Approach for the Hydro-forming Process of Bi-metallic Composite Pipe Full text pdf
  61. J. Falkus, An Evaluation of the Stability of Mould Flux Properties in the Process of Continuous Steel Casting Full text pdf
  62. T. Kargul, Investigations of Temperatures of Phase Transformations of Low-Alloyed Reinforcing Steel Within the Heat Treatment Temperature Range Full text pdf
  63. M. Kwiecień, P. Graca, K. Muszka, J. Majta, Selected Problems of the Microstructure Evolution During Microalloyed Steel Wire Rod Production Process Full text pdf
  64. T. Merder, J. Pieprzyca, M. Warzecha, P. Warzecha, Application of High Flow Rate Gas in the Process of Argon Blowing Trough Steel Full text pdf
  65. P. Drożdż, Influence of Cooling Conditions on a Slab's Chill Zone Formation During Continuous Casting of Steel Full text pdf
  66. A. Dębski, Calorimetric Measurements of Ga-Li System by Direct Reaction Method Full text pdf
  67. J. Gonzalez-Trejo, C.A. Real-Ramirez, R. Miranda-Tello, F. Rivera-Perez, F. Cervantes-de-la-Torre, Numerical and Physical Parametric Analysis of a SEN with Flow Conditioners in Slab Continuous Casting Mold Full text pdf
  68. T. Mert, N. Gultekin, A. Karaaslan, Double Fillet Welding of Carbon Steel T-Joint by Double Channel Shielding Gas Metal Arc Welding Method Using Metal Cored Wire Full text pdf
  69. P. Zięba, Recent Developments on Discontinuous Precipitation Full text pdf