Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 57 / Issue 2/2012

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A. G ł o w a c z, Diagnostics of Induction Motor Based on Analysis of Acoustic Signals with the Application of Eigenvector Method and K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier Full Text PDF

R. B u r d z i k, Z. S t a n i k, J. Wa r c z e k, Method of Assessing the Impact of Material Properties on the Propagation of Vibrations Excited with a Single Force Impulse Full Text PDF

M. K u k u r y k, Analysis of Deformation and Damage Evolution in Hot Elongation Forging Full Text PDF

A. H a l l o u m i, Ch. D e s r a y a u d, B. B a c r o i x, E. R a u c h, F. M o n t h e i l l e t, A Simple Analytical Model of Asymmetric Rolling Full Text PDF

B. E r t ug, T. B o y r a z, O. A d d e m i r, Investigation of the Electrical Conductivity and Humidity Sensitivity Characteristics of BaTiO3 Ceramics with PMMA Additive Full Text PDF

E. I l l e r, D. Wa w s z c z a k, L. G ó r s k i, Structure and Properties of WO3-ZrO2 Gel Composites as Potential Catalysts for Hydro-Carbons Isomerization Process Full Text PDF

W. J e r z a k, Z. K a l i c k a, Evolution of Equilibrium Composition of MnO-SiO2 and Al2O3-MnO-SiO2 Inclusions in Liquid Fe and Fe-36%Ni Alloy During Cooling Full Text PDF

K. L i, M. S o n g, Y. D u, X. F a n g, Effect of Minor Cu Addition on the Precipitation Sequence of an As-Cast Al-Mg-Si 6005 Alloy Full Text PDF

E. C e v i k, Y. S u n, H. A h l a t c i, Effect of Peak-Aged Heat Treatment on Corrosion Behavior of the AA6063 Alloy Containing Al3Ti Full Text PDF

G. B o c z k a l, Second Phase Morphology in the Zn-Ti0.1-Cu0.1 Single Crystals Obtained at Different Growth Rates Full Text PDF

W. P a c h l a, A. M a z u r, J. S k i b a, M. K u l c z y k, S. P r z y b y s z, Wrought Magnesium Alloys ZM21, ZW3 and WE43 Processed by Hydrostatic Extrusion with Back Pressure Full Text PDF

P.R. Z a b i n s k i, A. F r a n c z a k, R. K o w a l i k, Electrocatalytically Active Ni – Re Binary Alloys Electrodeposited with Superimposed Magnetic Field Full Text PDF

M. Z a g u l a -Ya v o r s k a, J. S i e n i a w s k i, T. G a n c a r c z y k, Some Properties of Platinum and Palladium Modified Aluminide Coatings Deposited by CVD Method on Nickel-Base Superalloys Full Text PDF

M.W. R i c h e r t, A. M a z u r k i e w i c z, J.A. S m o l i k, The Deposition of WC-Co Coatings by EBPVD Technique Full Text PDF

M. Z e l e c h o w e r, J. K l i s, E. A u g u s t y n, J. G r z o n k a, D. S t r ó z, T. R z y c h o n, H. Wo z n i c a, The Microstructure of Annealed Galfan Coating on Steel Substrate Full Text PDF

M. K a l l e k, S. A t a o g l u, Y. Ya g c i, H.N. B o z k u r t, A.N. G u l l u o g l u, In the Jewelry, Brazing and Laser Welding with Parameter Optimization Full Text PDF

T. We g r z y n, J. P i w n i k, Low Alloy Steel Welding with Micro-Jet Cooling Full Text PDF

A. Wi n i o w s k i, D. M a j e w s k i, Impact of Chemical Composition of Brazing Fluxes on Quality and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Brazed Joints Full Text PDF

G. G o l a n s k i, P. G a w i e n, J. S ł a n i a, Examination of Coil Pipe Butt Joint Made of 7CrMoVTiB10–10(T24) Steel After Service Full Text PDF

B. C h m i e l a, M. S o z a n s k a, J. C w a j n a, Identification and Evaluation of Freckles in Directionally Solidified Casting Made of PWA 1426 Nickel-Based Superalloy Full Text PDF

D. D z i e d z i c, J. M a j t a, Computer Simulation Aided Studies on The Impact Transition Temperature of Microalloyed Steel Forgings Full Text PDF

G. G o l a n s k i, J. K e p a, The Effect of Ageing Temperatures on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of GX12CrMoVNbN9-1 (GP91) Cast Steel Full Text PDF

M. K o r o l c z u k - H e j n a k, P. M i g a s, Selected Grades of Steel as Rheologically Defined Liquid Bodies Full Text PDF

J. K r a w c z y k, A. Ł u k a s z e k - S o ł e k, T. S l e b o d a, P. B a ł a, S. B e d n a r e k, M. Wo j t a s z e k, Strain Induced Recrystallization in Hot Forged Inconel 718 Alloy Full Text PDF

M. M a d e j, Silver – Based Infiltrated Composites Full Text PDF

I. O l e j a r c z y k -Wo z e n s k a, A. A d r i a n, H. A d r i a n, B. M r z y g ł ó d, Parametric Representation of TTT Diagrams of ADI Cast Iron Full Text PDF

B. P ł o n k a, J. K u t, P. K o r c z a k, M. L e c h - G r e g a, M. R a j d a, The Influence of Extrusion Process Parameters and Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of High-Strenght Magnesium Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Wo j t a s z e k, P. C h y ł a, T. S l e b o d a, A. Ł u k a s z e k - S o ł e k, S. B e d n a r e k, FEM Modelling and Experimental Research of Die Forging of Ni-Mo-Fe alloy Antenna Components Full Text PDF

K. J a g i e l s k a -Wi a d e r e k, Depth-Profiles of Corrosion Properties of Carbonitrided AISI 405 Steel Full Text PDF