Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 60 / Issue 3B/2015

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Profesor Bogusław Major. Anniversary

Profesor Waldemar Wołczyński. Anniversary

T. Klekiel, R. Będziński, Finite Element Analysis of Large Deformation of Articular Cartilage in Upper Ankle Joint of Occupant in Military Vehicles During Explosion Full Text PDF

J. Marciniak, J. Szewczenko, W. Kajzer, Surface Modification of Implants for Bone Surgery Full Text PDF

M. Gruber, S. Ploberger, G. Ressel, M. Wiessner, M. Hausbauer, S. Marsoner, R. Ebner, Effects of the Combined Heat and Cryogenic Treatment on the Stability of Austenite in a High Co-Ni Steel Full Text PDF

W. Waldhauser, J.M. Lackner, M. Kot, B. Major, Dry and Ringer Solution Lubricated Tribology of Thin Osseoconductive Metal Oxides and Diamond-Like Carbon Films Full Text PDF

J.M. Lackner, B. Major, W. Waldhauser, A. Mzyk, Ł. Major, M. Kot, Roughness Influence on Macro- and Micro-Tribology of Multi-Layered Hard Coatings on Carbon Fibre Polymer Composite Full Text PDF

T. Wierzchoń, E. Czarnowska, J. Morgiel, A. Sowińska, M. Tarnowski, A. Roguska, The Importance of Surface Topography for the Biological Properties of Nitrided Diffusion Layers Produced on Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy Full Text PDF

A. Mazurkiewicz, J. Smolik, The Innovative Directions in Development and Implementations of Hybrid Technologies in Surface Engineering Full Text PDF

J. Kusiński, A. Kopia, Ł. Cieniek, S. Kąc, A. Radziszewska, Deposition of Oxide and Intermetallic thin Films by Pulsed Laser (PLD) and Electron Beam (PED) Methods Full Text PDF

K. Mitura, M. Jedrzejewska-Szczerska, P. Ceynowa, M. Dudek, M. Cicha, I. Kotela, S. Mitura, Haemocompatibility of Non-Functionalized and Plasmachemical Functionalized Detonation Nanodiamond Particles Full Text PDF

J.J. Sobczak, A. Karwiński, W. Leśniewski, P. Wieliczko, A. Gil, S. Pysz, P. Kowalski, N. Sobczak, Making Artificial Heart Components - Selected Aspects of Casting Technology Full Text PDF

H. Wiśniewska-Weinert, Surface Modification of the High Temperature Porous Sliding Bearings with Solid Lubricant Nanoparticles Full Text PDF

B. Antoszewski, P. Sęk, Influence of Laser Beam Intensity on Geometry Parameters of a Single Surface Texture Element Full Text PDF

J. Marczak, Micromachining and Pattering in Micro/Nano Scale on Macroscopic Areas Full Text PDF

H. Paul, M.M. Miszczyk, Deformation Microstructure and Texture Transformations in FCC Metals of Medium-To-High Stacking Fault Energy: Critical Role of Micro- and Macro-Scale Shear Bands Full Text PDF

J.T. Bonarski, B. Kania, K. Bolanowski, A. Karolczuk, Utility of Stress-Texture Characteristics of Structural Materials by X-ray Technique Full Text PDF

R. Kustosz, I. Altyntsev, M. Darlak, T. Wierzchoń, M. Tarnowski, M. Gawlikowski, M. Gonsior, M. Kościelniak-Ziemniak, The TiN coatings utilisation as blood contact surface modification in implantable rotary left ventricle assist device ReligaHeart ROT Full Text PDF

P. Wilczek, Biocompatibility Issue of Tissue Engineered Heart Valves Full Text PDF

M.J. Szczerba, Non-Modulated Martensite Microstructure with Internal Nanotwins in Ni-Mn-Ga Alloys Full Text PDF

M. Gonsior, R. Kustosz, M. Kościelniak-Ziemniak, T. Wierzchoń, Biocompatible Evaluation of Biomaterials Used in the New Polish Extracorporeal Pulsatile Heart Assist Device ReligaHeart EXT Full Text PDF

R. Major, Bio-Inspiered Blood-Contacting Materials Elaborated for the Heart Assist System Full Text PDF

R. Wojnarowska, J. Polit, D. Broda, M. Gonchar, E.M.Sheregii, Gold Nanoparticles Like a Matrix for Covalent Immobilization of Cholesterol Oxidase - Application for Biosensing Full Text PDF

P. Lacki, W. Więckowski, P. Wieczorek, Assessment of Joints using Friction Stir Welding and Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding Methods Full Text PDF

M. Kot, Deformation and Fracture Analysis of Coating-Substrate Systems Full Text PDF

Ł. Major, The Wear Mechanisms Description of Multilayer Coatings, Performed by Transmission Electron Microscopy - an Overview of the Own Research Work Full Text PDF

W. Bochnowski, A. Dziedzic, S. Adamiak, M. Berchenko, M. Trzyna, J. Cebulski, Characterization of Oxide Layers Produced on the AISI 321 Stainless Steel after Annealing Full Text PDF

E. Guzik, D. Kopyciński, W. Wołczyński, Growth Law for Peritectic Phases Formation in the Zinc Coating Full Text PDF

D. Kopyciński, E. Guzik, Flux Effect onto Peritectic Phases Growth in the Zinc Coating Full Text PDF

A.W. Bydałek, W. Wołczyński, A. Bydałek, P. Schlafka, P. Kwapisiński, Analysis of Separation Mechanism of the Metallic Phase of Slag in the Direct-to-Blister Process Full Text PDF

G. Boczkal, B. Mikułowski, The Brittleness of Zn-Cu-Ti Sheet Alloys Full Text PDF

T. Wróbel, J. Szajnar, Bimetallic Casting: Ferritic Stainless Steel - Grey Cast Iron Full Text PDF

J. Szajnar, A. Dulska, T. Wróbel, C. Baron, Description of Alloy Layer Formation on a Cast Steel Substrate Full Text PDF

W. Dudziński, Ł. Konat, B. Białobrzeska, Fractographic Analysis of Selected Boron Steels Subjected to Impact Testing Full Text PDF

A. Burbelko, D. Gurgul, E. Guzik, W. Kapturkiewicz, Cellular Automaton Simulation for Volume Changes of Solidifying Nodular Cast Iron Full Text PDF

T. Lipiński, Effect of the Spacing Between Submicroscopic Oxide Impurities on the Fatigue Strength of Structural Steel Full Text PDF

P.K. Krajewski, G. Piwowarski, Range of Thermal Conductivity Changes of Wet Green Foundry Sand During Casting Solidification Full Text PDF

L.H. Cupido, P.L. Żak, N. Mahomed, J. Lelito, G. Piwowarski, P.K. Krajewski, Experimental Investigation of Modified Heat Treatment of AK64-Type Al-Si-Cu Sand Cast Alloy Full Text PDF

W. Wołczyński, Back-Diffusion in Crystal Growth. Eutectics Full Text PDF

W. Wołczyński, Back-Diffusion in Crystal Growth. Peritectics Full Text PDF

T. Lipiński, Double Modification of AlSi9Mg Alloy with Boron, Titanium and Strontium Full Text PDF

W. Wołczyński, Thermodynamic Prediction of the Diffusion Barrier Morphology in the Al/Ni - Nano-Foil Designed for the Self-Propagating
Reaction Full Text PDF

E. Majchrzak, B. Mochnacki, J. Mendakiewicz, Numerical Model of Binary Alloys Solidification Basing on the One Domain Approach and the Simple Macrosegregation Models Full Text PDF

J. Fourie, J. Lelito, P.L. Żak, P.K. Krajewski, W. Wołczyński, Numerical Optimization of the Gating System for an Inlet Valve Casting Made of Titanium Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Ziętala, T. Durejko, M. Łazińska, Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of Feal Intermetallic Sinters without and with Addition of Nano-Al2O3 Oxide Ceramic Full Text PDF
G. Boczkal, Melting Point of Metals in Relation io Electron Charge Density Full Text PDF