Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 62 / Issue 1/2017

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  1. T. Bončina, F. Zupanič, In Situ TEM Study of Precipitation in a Quasicrystal-Strengthened Al-Alloy full text pdf
  2. A. Cias, M. Stoytchev, Nickel and Copper-Free Sintered Structural Steels Containing Mn, Cr, Si, and Mo Developed for High Performance Applications full text pdf
  3. J. Czuchryj, P. Irek, Evaluation of Pore Sizes in Welded Joints Made in Various Constructional Materials on the Basis of Penetrant Testing by Colour Method full text pdf
  4. L.A. Dobrzański, M. Prokopiuk vel Prokopowicz, A. Drygała, A. Wierzbicka, K. Lukaszkowicz, M. Szindler, Carbon Nanomaterials Application as a Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells full text pdf
  5. M. Razumov, A. Grechukhin, A. Maslennikov, Geometric Parameters of Cutting Tools that Can be Used for Forming Sided Surfaces with Variable Profile full text pdf
  6. P. Irek, J. Słania, Material Factors in Relation to Development Time in Liquid-Penetrant Inspection. Part 3. Testing of Model Plates full text pdf
  7. V. Kovtun, V. Pasovets, T. Pieczonka, Tribological Properties and Microstructure of the Metal-Polymer Composite thin Layer Deposited on a Copper Plate by Electrocontact Sintering full text pdf
  8. A. Łukaszek-Sołek, A. Świątoniowski, K. Celadyn, J. Sińczak, Theoretical-Experimental Analysis of the Workability of the Ni50Cr45N0.6 Alloy full text pdf
  9. J. Piekło, M. Maj, Practical Application of the Concept of Separating the Zone of Overheating and Reducing the Stress Level in Cathode Block of an Aluminium Electrolytic Cell During Formation of Connection with the Steel Pin by Cast Iron Pouring full text pdf
  10. J. Marcisz, M. Adamczyk, B. Garbarz, Optimisation of Mechanical Properties of 18%Ni350 Grade Maraging Steel Using Novel Heat Treatment full text pdf
  11. Z. Pater, FEM Analysis of Loads and Torque in a Skew Rolling Process for Producing Axisymmetric Parts full text pdf
  12. T. Pfeifer, A. Winiowski, J. Pikuła, Shielding Gas Effect on the Structure of Variable Polarity GMA Weldbrazed Joints of Galvanised Sheets full text pdf
  13. J. Słania, R. Krawczyk, M. Gątarek, Causes of the Cracks in the Pipeline Made of the 15HM Steel full text pdf
  14. A. Świątoniowski, D. Woźniak, J. Szostak, Influence Exerted by the Shape of the Surfaces of Working Roll Barrels Upon the Course of the MEFASS (Metal Forming Aided by Shear Stresses) Rolling Process full text pdf
  15. T. Węgrzyn, J. Piwnik, D. Hadryś, Ł. Wszołek, Low Alloy Steel Structures after Welding with Micro-Jet Cooling full text pdf
  16. A.N. Wieczorek, Comparative Studies on the Wear of ADI Alloy Cast Irons as Well as Selected Steels and Surface-Hardened Alloy Cast Steels in the Presence of Abrasive full text pdf
  17. R. Michalik, A. Iwaniak, J. Wieczorek, Influence of Heat Treatment on the Wear Resistance of the ZnAl40Cu1.5Ti1.5 Alloy full text pdf
  18. M. Wojciechowska, K. Ziewiec, S. Kąc, K. Prusik, Mechanical Properties of Ni-Fe-Cu-P-B Alloy Produced by Two Component Melt Spinning (TCMS) full text pdf
  19. W. Wołczyński, Inverse Model for the Solute Micro-Field Formation during Self-Propagating High Temperature Reaction full text pdf
  20. E. Kolczyk, Z. Miczkowski, J. Czernecki, Numerical Investigation of Heat Exchange in Rotary Furnace full text pdf
  21. M. Hatakeyama, K. Shimono, D. Iwashima, S. Saikawa, S. Sunada, The Role of β(Al12Mg17) Phase on Corrosion Behavior of the AZ91 Alloy in NaCl Aqueous Solution full text pdf
  22. A. Fata, G. Faraji, M.M. Mashhadi, V. Tavakkoli, Hot Deformation Behavior of Mg-Zn-Al Alloy Tube Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation full text pdf
  23. P.G. Kossakowski, Experimental Determination of the Void Volume Fraction for S235JR Steel at Failure in the Range of High Stress Triaxialities full text pdf
  24. J. Adamus, J. Winowiecka, M. Dyner, Analysis of Forming thin Titanium Panels with Stiffeners full text pdf
  25. A. Pribulová, P. Futáš, A. Kmita, D. Márasová, M. Holtzer, Impact of Electro Slag Remelting on 14 109 Steel Properties full text pdf
  26. R. Władysiak, A. Kozuń, T. Pacyniak, The Effect of Water Mist Cooling of Casting Die on the Solidification, Microstructure and Properties of AlSi20 Alloy full text pdf
  27. K. Solek, Identification of the Steel Viscosity and Dynamic Yield Stress for the Numerical Modelling of Casting Simulations in the Semi-Solid State full text pdf
  28. D. Hauserova, J. Dlouhy, M. Kover, Pearlitic Lamellae Spheroidisation During Austenitization and Subsequent Temperature Hold full text pdf
  29. P.L. Żak, D. Kalisz, G. Rączkowski, Interaction Mechanism of Non-Metallic Particles with Crystallization Front full text pdf
  30. H.A. Albrithen, M. Elnaggar, K. Ozga, M. Szota, Z.A. Alahmed, A.Q. Alanazi, H. Alshahrani, E. Alfaifi, M.A. Djouadi, J.P. Labis, Structural Transition in SrZnO Laser Pulse Deposited Alloy full text pdf
  31. M. Szota, Effect of Structural Relaxations within the Amorphous Structure on the Magnetic Properties of Amorphous Tapes from FeCoB Family full text pdf
  32. A. Szkliniarz, Formation of Microstructure and Properties of Cu-3Ti Alloy in Thermal and Thermomechanical Processes full text pdf
  33. P. Matusiewicz, J. Augustyn-Nadzieja, A. Czarski, T. Skowronek, Kinetics of Pearlite Spheroidization full text pdf
  34. J. Pietraszek, A. Szczotok, N. Radek, The Fixed-Effects Analysis of the Relation Between SDAS and Carbides for the Airfoil Blade Traces full text pdf
  35. B. Chmiela, B. Kościelniak, J. Cwajna, Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on the Microstructure of Turbine Blade Airfoil Made of Nickel-Base Superalloy full text pdf
  36. B. Kościelniak, S. Roskosz, J. Cwajna, Evaluation of Carbides in Turbine Blade Made of IN713C Superalloy after Hot Isostatic Pressing full text pdf
  37. S. Roskosz, Quantitative Evaluation of Porosity in Turbine Blades Made of IN713C Superalloy after Hot Isostatic Pressing CONTENTS full text pdf
  38. K. Ćwieka, T. Wejrzanowski, K.J. Kurzydłowski, Incorporation of the Pore Size Variation to Modeling of the Elastic Behavior of Metallic Open-Cell Foams full text pdf
  39. G. Golański, J. Jasak, A. Zieliński, C. Kolan, M. Urzynicok, P. Wieczorek, Quantitative Analysis of Stability of 9%Cr Steel Microstructure after Long-Term Ageing full text pdf
  40. A. Zieliński, M. Miczka, G. Golański, Forecasting the Distribution of Precipitate Diameters in the Presence of Changes in the Structure of the Material full text pdf
  41. A. Dudek, B. Lisiecka, R. Ulewicz, The Effect of Alloying Method on the Structure and Properties of Sintered Stainless Steel full text pdf
  42. W. Wołczyński, A. Sypien, A. Tarasek, A.W. Bydałek, Copper Droplets Agglomeration / Coagulation in the Conditions Similar to Industrial Ones full text pdf
  43. K.J. Ducki, K. Rodak, J. Mendala, L. Wojtynek, The Characteristic of Deformability and Quantitative Description of the Microstructure of Hot-Deformed Ni-Fe Superalloy full text pdf
  44. J. Szala, D. Kuc, Determination of Pearlite Morphology in High-Carbon Hot Rolled Steel full text pdf
  45. C. Rapiejko, B. Pisarek, T. Pacyniak, Effect of Intensive Cooling of Alloy AM60 with Chromium and Vanadium Additions on Cast Microstructure and Mechanical Properties full text pdf
  46. P. Rokicki, Induction Hardening of Tool Steel for Heavily Loaded Aircraft Engine Components full text pdf
  47. J. Górka, Welding Thermal Cycle-Triggered Precipitation Processes in Steel S700MC Subjected to the Thermo-Mechanical Control full text pdf
  48. J. Pikuła, M. Łomozik, T. Pfeifer, The Influence of Manual Metal Arc Multiple Repair Welding of Long Operated Waterwall on the Structure and Hardness of the Heat Affected Zone of Welded Joints full text pdf
  49. I. Vasková, M. Hrubovčáková, M. Conev, Influence of Additives in Core-Forming Mixture full text pdf
  50. D. Bolibruchová, L. Richtárech, S.M. Dobosz, K. Major-Gabryś, Utilisation of Mould Temperature Change in Eliminating the Al5FeSi Phases in Secondary AlSi7Mg0.3 Alloy full text pdf
  51. M. Brůna, Development of Hot Tearing Evaluation Method for Al-Based Alloys full text pdf
  52. St.M. Dobosz, A. Grabarczyk, K. Major-Gabryś, D. Bolibruchova, Elasticity of Cores Manufactured in Cold Box Technology full text pdf
  53. A. Dulska, A. Studnicki, J. Szajnar, Reinforcing Cast Iron with Composite Insert full text pdf
  54. M. Łucarz, D. Drożyński, Influence of the Reclamation Method of Spent Moulding Sands on the Possibility of Creating Favourable Conditions for Gases Flow in a Mould full text pdf
  55. M. Trepczyńska-Łent, Solid-Liquid Interface Morphology of White Carbide Eutectic During Directional Solidification full text pdf
  56. K. Major-Gabryś, A. Bobrowski, A. Grabarczyk, St.M. Dobosz, The Thermal and Structural Analysis of New Bicomponent Binders for Moulding Sands Consisting of Furfuryl Resin and Polycaprolactone (PCL) full text pdf
  57. Ł. Pałyga, M. Stachowicz, K. Granat, Effect of Parameters of High-Pressure Die Casting on Occurrence of Casting Nonconformities in Sleeves of Silumin Alloy EN AB 47100 full text pdf
  58. M. Stachowicz, K. Granat, Ł. Pałyga, Influence of Sand Base Preparation on Properties of Chromite Moulding Sands with Sodium Silicate Hardened with Selected Methods full text pdf
  59. A. Szczęsny, D. Kopyciński, E. Guzik, Shaping Optimal Zinc Coating on the Surface of High-Quality Ductile Iron Casting. Part I – Moulding Technologies vs. Zinc Coating full text pdf
  60. D. Kopyciński, E. Guzik, A. Szczęsny, Shaping Optimal Zinc Coating on the Surface of High-Quality Ductile Iron Casting. Part II – Technological Formula and Value of Diffusion Coefficient full text pdf
  61. L. Kuchariková, E. Tillová, M. Matvija, J. Belan, M. Chalupová, Study of the Precipitation Hardening Process in Recycled Al-Si-Cu Cast Alloys full text pdf
  62. P. Ledwig, M. Kot, T. Moskalewicz, B. Dubiel, Electrophoretic Deposition of nc-TiO2/chitosan Composite Coatings on X2CrNiMo17-12-2 Stainless Steel full text pdf
  63. J. Augustyn-Nadzieja, A. Łukaszczyk, J. Loch, Effect of Remelting of the Ni-22Cr-9Mo Alloy on its Microstructural and Electrochemical Properties full text pdf
  64. R. Krawczyk, An Analysis of the Joints’ Properties of Thick-Grained Steel Welded by the SAW and ESW Methods full text pdf
  65. G. Wloch, T. Skrzekut, J. Sobota, A. Woznicki, L. Błaż, Silver Matrix Composite Reinforced by Aluminium-Silver Intermetallic Phases full text pdf
  66. P. Golewski, J. Gajewski, T. Sadowski, Optimization of a Thin-Walled Element Geometry Using a System Integrating Neural Networks and Finite Element Method full text pdf
  67. P. Lacki, A. Derlatka, T. Gałaczyński, Selection of Basic Position in Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding of 2024-T3 and D16UTW Aluminum Alloy Sheets full text pdf