Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 55 / Issue 1/2010

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T. R z y c h o n, A. Ki e ł b u s, M. S e r b a, The Influence of Pouring Temperature on the Microstructure and Fluidity of Elektron 21 and WE54 Magnesium Alloys Full Text PDF

B. J u s z c z y k,W. M a l e c, L. C i u r a, B.C wo l e k, Ł.Ma r c h e w k a, Influence of Production Parameters on Microstructure and Properties of Copper Matrix Composites Full Text PDF

D. P i e c z a b a, A. J a c h, Evaluation of Superalloy Incomel 713C Dendritic Microstructure of the Turbine Blade Castings Full Text PDF

A. J a c h,D. P i e c z a b a, E.G u z i k, J. S i e n i a w s k i, Influence of the Ceramic Moulds Insulation on the Quality of Gas Turbine Blades Made From the Inconel 713C – Nickel-Based Superalloy Full Text PDF

B. K u c h a r s k a, E. K u l e j, X-Ray Measurement of the Cu/Ni Multilayer Period Full Text PDF

D. G u r g u l, A. B u r b e l k o, Simulation of Austenite and Graphite Growth in Ductile Iron by Means of Cellular Automata Full Text PDF

M. M a d e j, The Tribological Properties of High Speed Steel based Composites Full Text PDF

J. A d a m i e c, A. K i e r z e k, Influence of Heat Treatment on Susceptibility to Hot Cracking of Magnesium Alloy EN-MCMgRE3Zn2Zr Full Text PDF

I.K u k u ł a, H. B a l a, K.G i z a, V. V. P a v l y u k, B.M a r c i n i a k, Polarization Characteristics and Cathodic Hydrogenation of TbNi4.8M0.2 (M= Sb, Bi, Al) Alloys in Strong Alkaline Solution Full Text PDF

J.Go n d r o, J. Z b r o s z c z y k,W. C i u r z y n s k a, J. O l s z e w s k i, M. N a b i a ł e k, K. S o b c z y k, J.S wi e r c z e k,A. Ł u k i e w s k a, Structure and Soft Magnetic Properties of Bulk Amporphous (Fe0.61Co0.10Zr0.025W0.02Hf0.025Ti0.02B0.20)96Y4 Alloy Full Text PDF

J. K r a w c z y k, H. A d r i a n, The Kinetic of Austenite Grain Growth in Steel for Wind Power Plant Shafts Full Text PDF

A. C z a r s k i, E. G ł o w a c z, Relationship between Mean Values of Interlamellar Spacings in Case of Lamellar Microstructure Like Pearlite Full Text PDF

H. A d r i a n, E. G ł o w a c z, The Effect of Nitrogen and Microalloyng Elements (V and V + Al) on Austenite Grain Growth of 40Cr8 Steel Full Text PDF

B. P a w ł o w s k i, J. K r a w c z y k, The Effect of Non-Metallic Inclusions on Mechanical Properties of a Toughened Hypoeutectoid Low-Alloy Steel Full Text PDF

P. S k r z y n i a r z, A. S y p i e n, J. W o j e wo d a - B u d k a, R. F i l i p e k, P. Z i e b a, Microstructure and Kinetics of Intermetallic Phases Growth in Ag/Sn/Ag Joint Obtained as the Results of Diffusion Soldering Full Text PDF

B. S c i b i s z, J. A d a m i e c, Evaluation of Susceptibility to Hot Cracking of WE43 Magnesium Alloy Welds in Transvarestraint Test Full Text PDF

B. Z y s k,M.Ku l c z y k,M.L e w a n d o w s k a,K. J.Ku r z y d ł o w s k i, Effect of Heat Treatment and Hydrostatic Extrusion on Mechanical Properties of a CuCrZr Alloy Full Text PDF

K. Z a b a, The Influence of Temperature and Time of Exhibition on a Change of Al-Si Coating Thickness and Surface Texture on the Steel Plates Full Text PDF

E. C h o i n s k a, E. Ki j e n s k a, J. Ka m i n s k i, I. Mi l o s e v, W. Sw i e˛ s z k o w s k i, T. Wi e r z c h o n, K. J. Ku r z y d ł o w s k i, Surface Modification of Stainless Steel Intramedullary Nails to Improve Adhesion of Polymeric Coatings Full Text PDF

I. O l e j a r c z y k, A. A d r i a n, H. A d r i a n, B. M r z y g ł o d, Algorithm for Controling of Quench Hardening Process sof Constructional Steels Full Text PDF

G. D e r c z, R. B a b i l a s, R. N o w o s i e l s k i, L. P a j a k, The Influence of Manufacturing Conditions on Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of BaFe12O19 Powders Full Text PDF

L. A. D o b r z a n s k i,M. S t a s z u k,K. Go ł o m b e k,A.Sl i w a, M. P a n c i e l e j k o, Structure and Properties PVD and CVD Coating Deposited onto Edges of Sintered Cutting Tools Full Text PDF

M. Na b i a ł e k, J. Z b r o s z c z y k,W. C i u r z y n  s k a, J. Ol s z e ws k i, S. L e s z, P. B r a˛g i e l, J. G o n d r o, K. S o b c z y k, A. Ł u k i e w s k a, J. S w i e r c z e k, P. P i e t r u s i e w i c z, Microstructure, Some Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Fe60Co10Zr2.5Hf2.519W2Y2B21 Plates Full Text PDF

A. W r o b e l, B. K u c h a r s k a, Modification of Silicon Crystals in the Al-Si Coating by means of Heat Treatment Full Text PDF

M. S. W e˛ g l o w s k i, S. S t a n o, G. M i c h t a, W. O s u c h, Structural Characterization of Nd:YAG Laser Welded Joint of Dual Phase Steel Full Text PDF

Z.Gr o n o s t a j s k i,A.Ni e c h a j owi c z, S. P o l a k, Prospects for the Use of New-Generation Steels of the AHSS Type for Collision Energy Absorbing Components Full Text PDF

P. M a t u s e w i c z, K. W i e n c e k, Coarsening Kinetics of Fe3C Particles in Fe – 0.67%C Steel Full Text PDF

R. B o g u c k i, S. M. P y t e l, The Forming of High Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Copper Bearing Structural Steel Full Text PDF

Z. G l a v a s, F. U n i k i c, D. L i s j a k, The Prediction of the Microstructure Constituents of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron by Using Thermal Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks Full Text PDF

G. N a w r a t, J. P i o t r o w s k i, A. Ma c i e j,W.S im k a,Ł. N i e u z  y ł a, Effect of Parameters of Electrodeposition Zn – Ni Coatings on thier Structure and Composition Full Text PDF

J. B u j a k, J. K u s i n s k i, M. R o z mu s - G o r n i k o w s k a, Properties of Titanium Nitride Coatings Deposited by a Hybrid CAE-PLD Technique Full Text PDF

P. J o z w i k, Z. B o j a r, Influence of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Ni3Al – Based Alloys Full Text PDF

A. G o r a l, J. J u r a, A. P i a t k o w s k i, Tensile Strength and Microstructure in Directionally Crystallized Al-CuAl2 Eutectic Alloy Full Text PDF

L.G o r s k i, A. P a w ł o w s k i, Z.W i s n i e w s k i, Diffraction and Microscopic Studies on the Structure of Plasma Sprayed Coatings Containing Composites based on Al2O3 Full Text PDF

M. B r o z e k, Probability of Particle-Bubble Collision in Pneunmo-Mechanical Floation Cell Full Text PDF

M. L a c h owi c z, W. Du d z i n s k i, Non-Equilibrium Decomposition of MC Carbides in Superalloy Inconel 713C Melted with Welding Techniques Full Text PDF

K. R o g o z, M. K u c h a r s k i, The Rate of Metal Oxygen Reduction from the Slag of the Direct-To-Blister Flash Smelting ProcessFull Text PDF

M. G r o m a d a, G M i s h u r i s, A. Ö c h s n e r, On the Evaluation of Mechanical Properties from the Axisymmetric Tensile Test Full Text PDF

J.M i c h a l c z y k, P. C z u b a k, Influence of the Asymmetry of Vibrators Resistance to Motion on the Correctness of the Vibration Distribution on Working Surfaces of Vibratory Machines Full Text PDF

J. M i c h a l c z y k, G. C i e p l o k, J. S i d o r, Numerical Simulation Model of the Rotary-Vibrational Mill Working Process Full Text PDF