Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 60 / Issue 3A/2015

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J. Augustyn-Pieniążek, P. Kurtyka, I. Sulima, J. Stopka, Selected Properties and Tribological Wear Alloys Co-Cr-Mo and Co-Cr-Mo-W Used in Dental Prosthetics Full Text PDF

P. Buliński, J. Smołka, S. Golak, R. Przyłucki, L. Blacha, R. Białecki, M. Palacz, G. Siwiec, Effect of Turbulence Modelling in Numerical Analysis of Melting Process in an Induction Furnace Full Text PDF

A. Cwudziński, Numerical and Physical Simulation of Liquid Steel Behaviour in One Strand Tundish with Subflux Turbulence Controller Full Text PDF

M. Dośpiał, M. Nabiałek, M. Szota, J. Gondro, The Magnetization Reversal Processes of Bulk (Nd, Y)(Fe, Co)-B Alloy in the As- Quenched State Full Text PDF

J. Dworecka, E. Jezierska, J. Rębiś, K. Rożniatowski, W. Świątnicki, TEM & AFM - Complementary Techniques for Structural Characterization of Nanobainitic Steel Full Text PDF

M. Dziubaniuk, J. Wyrwa, M. Bućko, M. Rękas, Structural and Electrical Properties of the Selected Rare-Earth Oxychlorides Full Text PDF

T. Gancarz, J. Pstruś, Characteristics of Sn-Zn Cast Alloys with the Addition of Ag and Cu Full Text PDF

Z. Gronostajski, M. Kaszuba, H. Paschke, T. Zakrzewski, G. Rogaliński, Improvement of Tools Durability by Application of Hybrid Layer of Nitrided/PECVD Coating Full Text PDF

D. Hadryś, T. Węgrzyn, J. Piwnik, The Effect of Different Micro-Jet Streams Number on Plastic Properties of Welds Full Text PDF

B. Michalski, W. Kaszuwara, J. Latuch, P. Pawlik, Dependence of the Structure and Magnetic Properties of Cast Plate-Shaped Nd60Fe30Al10 Samples on their Thickness Full Text PDF

R. Kowalik, Analysis of the Underpotential Deposition of Cadmium on Copper Full Text PDF

R. Kaczmarek, R. Krawczyk, Requirements Relating to Manufacturing Constructions in the Aspect of Conducting Ultrasonic Testing Full Text PDF

M. Kukuryk, Analysis of Deformation and Microstructural Evolution in the Hot Forging of the Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Full Text PDF

B. Białobrzeska, W. Dudziński, Analysis of the Austenite Grain Growth in Low-Alloy Boron Steel with High Resistance to Abrasive Wear Full Text PDF

T. Maciąg, K. Rzyman, B. Węcki, Direct Determination of γ′ / γ′+γ / γ Phase Boundaries in Ni-Al-Cr System Based on Enthalpy of Formation Results Obtained by Calorimetric Solution Method Full Text PDF

P. Madej, M. Kucharski, Influence of Temperature on the Rate of Copper Recovery from the Slag of the Flash Direct-To-Blister Process by a Solid Carbon Reducer Full Text PDF

M. Musztyfaga-Staszuk, R. Honysz, Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Modeling of Manufactured Front Metallization Contact Resistance for Silicon Solar Cells Full Text PDF

G. Peruń, Z. Stanik, Evaluation of State of Rolling Bearings Mounted in Vehicles with Use of Vibration Signals Full Text PDF

T. Sak, M. Kucharski, Density of the Copper-Rich Cu-Pb-Fe Alloys Full Text PDF

I. Schindler, E. Hadasik, J. Kopeček, P. Kawulok, R. Fabík, P. Opěla, S. Rusz, R. Kawulok, M. Jabłońska, Optimization of Laboratory Hot Rolling of Brittle Fe-40at.%Al-Zr-B Aluminide Full Text PDF

J. Słania, R. Krawczyk, S. Wójcik, Examination and Detecting Discontinuities in the Austenite Inconel 625 Layer Used on the Sheet Pile Walls of the Boiler's Evaporator to Utilize Waste Thermally Full Text PDF

A. Smalcerz, B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, The Influence a Crucible Arrangement on the Electrical Efficiency of the Cold Crucible Induction Furnace Full Text PDF

Z. Stanik, G. Peruń, T. Matyja, Effective Methods for the Diagnosisof Vehicles Rolling Bearings Wear and Damages Full Text PDF

A. Studnicki, J. Suchoń, T. Wróbel, J. Szajnar, The Influence of Temperature Gradient on Stereological Parameters of Carbide Phase on Cross-Section of Abrasive Wear Resistant Chromium Cast Iron Full Text PDF

J. Jackowski, M. Suchora-Kozakiewicz, Assessment of Usability of Molten Salt Mixtures in Metallurgy of Aluminum Alloys and Recycling of Composite Materials Based on the Matrix of Al Alloys Full Text PDF

M. Brożek, A. Surowiak, A. Jarosiński, Beneficiation of Chromium Waste by Means of Magnetic and Gravitational Separation Full Text PDF Erratum

J. Tomczak, T. Bulzak, Z. Pater, A Method for Producing Hollow Shafts by Rotary Compression Using a Specially Designed Forging Machine Full Text PDF

J. Woźniak, M. Kostecki, K. Broniszewski, W. Bochniak, A. Olszyna,, Aging Behaviour of AA6061/SiCp Composites Produced by Direct Extrusion with a Reversibly Rotating Die Method Full Text PDF

A. Woźnicki, D. Leśniak, G. Włoch, B. Leszczyńska-Madej, A. Wojtyna, The Effect of Homogenization Conditions on the Structure and Properties of 6082 Alloy Billets Full Text PDF

R. Zachariasz, D. Bochenek, B. Bruś, Internal Friction in the PFN Ceramics with Chromium Dopand Full Text PDF

K. Dudek, T. Goryczka, T. Wierzchoń, J. Lelątko, Structure of Tin/Hydroxyapatite Multilayers Deposited on Surface of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Gwoździk, Characterization of Oxide Layers Formed on 13 CrMo4-5 Steel Operated for a Long Time at an Elevated Temperature Full Text PDF

J. Kowalska, W. Ratuszek, M. Witkowska, A. Zielińska-Lipiec, M. Kowalski, Microstructure and Texture Evolution During Cold-Rolling in the Fe-23Mn-3Si-3Al Alloy Full Text PDF

A. Szewczyk-Nykiel, M. Skałoń, J. Kazior, Corrosion Behaviour of Sintered AISI 316L Stainless Steel Modified with Boron-Rich Master Alloy in 0.5M NaCl Water Solution Full Text PDF

K. Sieczkowski, J. Adamiec, G. Sawicki, The Structure and Properties of Mixed Welded Joints Made of X10NiCrAlTi32-21 and X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 Steels Full Text PDF

M. Stolecki, H. Bijok, Ł. Kowal, J. Adamiec, Laser Welding of Finned Tubes Made of Austenitic Steels Full Text PDF

J. Piątkowski, T. Matuła, The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the AlSi17Cu5 Alloy after Heat Treatment Full Text PDF

A.E. Tomiczek, R. Mech, L.A. Dobrzański, T. Tański, Magnetomechanical Properties of Composite Materials with Giant Magnetostriction Full Text PDF

K. Żaba, M. Nowosielski, P. Kita, M. Kwiatkowski, T. Tokarski, S. Puchlerska, Effect of Heat Treatment on the Corrosion Resistance of Aluminized Steel Strips Full Text PDF

K. Żaba P. Kita, M. Nowosielski, M. Kwiatkowski,, M. Madej, Influence of Lubricants on Wear of Resistance Aluminum Alloy Strips Series 2xxx Full Text PDF
M. Cieśla, G. Junak, J. Tomczak, R. Findziński, T. Kawała, Durability of X10CrMoVNb9-1 Steel Tubes under Low-Cycle Fatigue and Creep Conditions after Bending with Local Induction Heating Full Text PDF

S. Gil, J. Góral, P. Horňak, J. Ochman, T. Wiśniewski, Pressurized Recuperator for Heat Recovery in Industrial High Temperature Processes Full Text PDF

M. Cieśla, G. Junak, The Influence of Load History on Durability of P92 Steel Used for the Construction of Energy Pipelines Full Text PDF

J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, M. Saternus, K. Michalek, Physical Modelling of the Steel Flow in RH Apparatus Full Text PDF

J. Przondziono, E. Hadasik, W. Walke, J. Szala, Impact of Strain in Drawing Process and Surface Modification on Resistance to Electrochemical Corrosion of Wires Used in Dentistry Full Text PDF

T. Maciąg, K. Rzyman, R. Przeliorz, DSC Analysis of Order-Disorder Transition in Ni3Al Based Alloys from Ni-Al-Cr System Full Text PDF

J. Willner, J. Kaduková, A. Fornalczyk, A. Mrážiková, R. Marcinčáková, O. Velgosová, Possibilities of Metals Extracton from Spent Metallic Automotive Catalytic Converters by Using Biometallurgical Method Full Text PDF

J. Adamus, K. Dyja, M. Motyka, Experimental and Theoretical Determination of Forming Limit Curve Full Text PDF

O.I. Bylya, M.K. Sarangi, N. Rohit, A. Nayak, R.A. Vasin, P.L. Blackwell, Simulation of the Material Softening During Hot Metal Forming Full Text PDF

K. Dyja, W. Więckowski, The Effects of Friction on Stamping Process of Sheet Metals Used in Aviation Full Text PDF

R. Dyja, E. Gawrońska, N. Sczygiol, The Effect of Mechanical Interactions Between the Casting and the Mold on the Conditions of Heat Dissipation: a Numerical Model Full Text PDF

A. Gołdasz, Z. Malinowski, T. Telejko, A. Buczek, M. Rywotycki, R. Martynowski, D. Kowalski, The Development of Heating Curves for Open Die Forging of Heavy Parts Full Text PDF

A. Gontarz, G. Winiarski, Numerical and Experimental Study of Producing Flanges on Hollow Parts by Extrusion with a Movable Sleeve Full Text PDF

S. Kut, B. Niedziałek, Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Process of Aviation Drawpiece Forming Using Rigid and Rubber Punch with Various Properties Full Text PDF

P. Kwaśniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, T. Knych, A. Mamala, M. Gniełczyk, A. Kawecki, B. Smyrak, W. Ściężor, E. Smaga-Sieja, Research and Characterization of Cu-Graphene, Cu-CNT's Composites Obtained by Mechanical Synthesis Full Text PDF

A. Milenin, R. Kuziak, V. Pidvysots'kyy, P. Kustra, S. Witek, M. Pietrzyk, ,Model of Relaxation of Residual Stresses in Hot-Rolled Strips Full Text PDF

B. Mrzygłód, A. Kowalski, I. Olejarczyk-Wożenska, H. Adrian, M. Głowacki, A. Opaliński, Effect of Heat Treatment Parameters on the Formation of ADI Microstructure with Additions of Ni, Cu, Mo Full Text PDF

Z. Muskalski, S. Wiewiórowska, The Effect of Carbon Concentration on the Retained Austenite Content and the Mechanical Properties of TRIP Steel Wire Rod Obtained from the Stelmor Controlled Cooling Line Full Text PDF

K. Nalepka, K. Sztwiertnia, P. Nalepka, R.B. Pecherski, The Strength Analysis of Cu/ αAl2O3 Interfaces as a Key for Rational Composite Design Full Text PDF

Z. Nowak, M. Nowak, R. B. Pęcherski, M. Potoczek, R.E. Śliwa, Mechanical Properties of the Ceramic Open-Cell of Variable Cell Sizes Full Text PDF

W. Piekarska, M. Kubiak, Z. Saternus, S. Stano, T. Domański, Numerical Prediction of Deformations in Laser Welded Sheets Made of X5CrNi18-10 Steel Full Text PDF

Ł. Rauch, K. Bzowski, D. Bachniak, M. Pietrzyk, Robust Multiscale Modelling of Two-Phase Steels on Heterogeneous Hardware Infrastructures by Using Statistically Similar Representative Volume Element Full Text PDF

M. Rywotycki, A. Szajding, Z. Malinowski, T. Telejko, A. Gołdasz, M. Beneš, The Influence of Burner Locations in the Heating Furnace on the Charge Temperature Field Full Text PDF

M. Nabiałek, An Investigation Into the Effect of Isothermal Annealing on Magnetic Properties in the Alloy: Fe64Co10Y6B20 Full Text PDF

Ł. Kaczmarek, P. Zawadzki, M. Stegliński, R. Wójcik, M. Klich, K. Kyzioł, D. Kottfer, B. Januszewicz, W. Pawłowski, The Effect of Two-Stage Age Hardening Treatment Combined with Shot Peening on Stress Distribution in the Surface Layer of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Full Text PDF

M. Nadolski, G. Golański, J. Klimas, M. Szota, J. Szymański, Microstructure and Functional Properties of Prosthetic Cobalt Alloys CoCrW Full Text PDF

T. Frączek, M. Olejnik, M. Pilarska, X-Ray Phase Analysis of Nitrided Layers of X2CrNiMo17-12-2 Austenitic Steel Full Text PDF

J. Klimas, A. Łukaszewicz, M. Szota, M. Nabiałek, Modification of the Structure and Properties of the Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V in Biomedical Applications Full Text PDF

K. Błoch, M. Nabiałek, J. Gondro, M. Szota, Structural Defects in the FeCoYB Amorphous Alloys Full Text PDF

O.V. Zamurueva, G.L. Myronchuk, K. Oźga, M. Szota, A.M. El-Naggar, A.A. Albassam, O.V. Parasyuk, L.V. Piskach, I.V. Kityk, Transport Phenomena in Single Crystals Tl1-xIn1-xGexSe2 (x=0.1, 0.2) Full Text PDF

A. M. El-Naggar, A. A. Albassam, K. Oźga, M. Szota, I.V. Kityk, UV-Induced Anisotropy in CdBr2-CdBr2: Cu Nanostructures Full Text PDF

M. Motyka, J. Sieniawski, W. Ziaja, G. Mrówka-Nowotnik, Microstructural Characterization of Quenched and Plastically Deformed Two-Phase α+β Titanium Alloys Full Text PDF

L.A. Dobrzański, A. D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz, T.G. Gaweł, A. Achtelik-Franczak, Selective Laser Sintering and Melting of Pristine Titanium and Titanium Ti6Al4V Alloy Powders and of Chemical Environment for Etching of Such Materials Full Text PDF

A.D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz, W. Wolany, D. Cichocki, D. Łukowiec, Microscopic and Spectroscopic Research of the MWCNTs-Re Nanocomposite Full Text PDF

A.D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz, D. Łukowiec, D. Cichocki, W. Wolany, Comparison of the MWCNTs-Rh and MWCNTs-Re Carbon-Metal Nanocomposites Obtained in High-Temperature Full Text PDF

H. Numakura, Solute-Solute Interaction in α Iron: the Status Quo Full Text PDF

L.B. Magalas, Development of High-Resolution Mechanical Spectroscopy, HRMS: Status and Perspectives. HRMS Coupled with a Laser Dilatometer Full Text PDF

Xuebang Wu, Changsong Liu, Mechanical Spectroscopy: Some Applications on Structural Changes and Relaxation Dynamics in Soft Matter Full Text PDF

Xiaohui Lu, Wei Li, Xianwen Lu, Mingjiang Jin, Na Min, Xuejun Jin, Mechanical Spectroscopy of Bearing Steel Full Text PDF

I. Tkalcec, D. Mari, R. Schaller, Mechanical Spectroscopy of Ordered Binary Au-Cu Full Text PDF

Mingjiang Jin, Qiang Li, Renlong Ying, Xianwen Lu, Xuejun Jin, Xifan Ding, Internal Friction of Phase Transformations Observed Around Room Temperature in Ga-In-Sn Eutectic Alloys Full Text PDF

Ting Hao, Haiyin Tang, Weibin Jiang, Xianping Wang, Qianfeng Fang, Mechanical Spectroscopy of Equal-Channel Angular Pressed Fe-Cr Alloys and Tungsten Full Text PDF