Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 61 / Issue 3/2016

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  1. M. Kremzer, M. Dziekońska, M. Sroka, B. Tomiczek, Abrasive Wear of AlSi12-Al2O3 Composite Materials Manufactured by Pressure Infiltration full text pdf

  2. P.M. Nuckowski, W. Kwaśny, Z. Rdzawski, W. Głuchowski, M. Pawlyta, Influence of the Repetitive Corrugation on the Mechanism Occuring During Plastic Deformation of CuSn6 Alloy full text pdf

  3. D. Pakuła, M. Staszuk, K. Gołombek, A. Śliwa, J. Mikuła, Structure and Properties of the Tool Ceramics with Hard Wear Resistant Coatings full text pdf

  4. J. Hájek, A. Kříž ,O. Chocholaty, D. Pakuła, Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructural Changes in Aluminium Bronze full text pdf

  5. M. Polok-Rubiniec, J. Konieczny, K. Labisz, A. Włodarczyk-Fligier, Microstructure and Service Properties of Copper Alloys full text pdf

  6. Ł. Reimann, Electrochemical Characteristics of a Cobalt Alloy with a Protective Passive Layer full text pdf

  7. M. Król, T. Tański, Surface Quality Research for Selective Laser Melting of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy full text pdf

  8. J. Trzaska, Empirical Formulas for the Calculations of the Hardness of Steels Cooled from the Austenitizing Temperature full text pdf

  9. M. Pawlyta, K. Labis, K. Matus, Phase Identification of Nanometric Precipitates in Al-Si-Cu Aluminum Alloy by HR-STEM Investigations full text pdf

  10. E. Jonda, Z. Brytan, K. Labisz, A. Drygała, The Influence of Laser Surface Alloying on the Thermal Fatigue Resistance of Hot Work Tool Steels full text pdf

  11. M. Sroka, A. Zieliński, J. Mikuła, The Service Life of the Repair Welded Joint of Cr-Mo / Cr-Mo-V full text pdf

  12. T. Tański, K. Labisz, M. Krupiński, K. Lukaszkowicz, Ł. Krzemiński, Structure and Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited by PACVD Technique on Light Alloys full text pdf

  13. P. Malara, Z. Czech, W. Świderski, Influence of the Light Source and Curing Parameters on Microhardness of a Silorane-Based Dental Composite Material full text pdf

  14. J. Konieczny, K. Labisz, M. Polok-Rubiniec, A. Włodarczyk-Fligier, Influence of Aluminium Alloy Anodizing and Casting Methods on Structure and Functional Properties full text pdf

  15. W. Pakieła, L. A. Dobrzański, K. Labisz, T. Tański, K. Basa, M. Roszak, The Effect of Laser Surface Treatment on Structure and Mechanical Properties Aluminium Alloy ENAC-AlMg9 full text pdf

  16. A. Włodarczyk-Fligier, K. Labisz, M. Polok-Rubiniec, J. Konieczny, Application of Anodization Process for Cast Aluminium Surface Properties Enhancement full text pdf

  17. B. Ziębowicz, A. Ziębowicz, B. Bączkowski, W. Kajzer, A. Kajzer, Biomechanical Analysis of Individual All-Ceramic Abutments Used in Dental Implantology full text pdf

  18. A. Czupryński, J. Górka, M. Adamiak, B. Tomiczek, Testing of Flame Sprayed Al2O3 Matrix Coatings Containing TiO2 full text pdf

  19. A. Śliwa, J. Mikuła, K. Gołombek, W. Kwaśny, D. Pakuła, Internal Stresses in PVD Coated Tool Composites full text pdf

  20. W. Habrat, M. Motyka, K. Topolski, J. Sieniawski, Evaluation of the Cutting Force Components and the Surface Roughness in the Milling Process of Micro- and Nanocrystalline Titanium full text pdf

  21. W. Szkliniarz, A. Szkliniarz, Fundamentals of Manufacturing Technologies for Aircraft Engine Parts Made of TiAl Based Alloys full text pdf

  22. Ł. Major, M. Janusz, J.M. Lackner, B. Major, Contribution of Titanium, Chromium and Carbon Buffer Interlayers to Bio-Tribological Properties of Multilayer Composites full text pdf

  23. R. Major, R. Kustosz, K. Trembecka-Wójciga, J.M. Lackner, B. Major, Development of Surface Modification Methods for ReligaHeart® Cardiac Support System full text pdf

  24. D. Hadryś, T. Węgrzyn, J. Piwnik, Z. Stanik, W. Tarasiuk, The Use of Compressed Air for Micro-Jet Cooling after MIG Welding full text pdf

  25. R. Walczak, J. Pawlicki, A. Zagórski, Tightness and Material Aspects of Bolted Flange Connections with Gaskets of Nonlinear Properties Exposed to Variable Loads full text pdf

  26. M. Łępicka, M. Grądzka-Dahlke, Surface Modification of AISI 440B Stainless Steel and Its Influence on Surgical Drill Bits Performance full text pdf

  27. K. Wojsyk, G. Golański, J. Jasak, J. Słania, A. Zieliński, P. Urbańczyk, Influence of the Annealing Time after Welding on the Mechanical Properties of Welded Joint of T91 Steel full text pdf

  28. B. Szczucka-Lasota, Innovation in the Process of Thermal Spraying Coatings full text pdf

  29. K. Kowalski, M. Nowak, M. Jurczyk, Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Magnesium-Bioceramic Nanocomposites full text pdf

  30. K. Osińska, M. Płońska, A. Marzec, Application of the Sol-Gel Method at the Fabrication of PLZT:Yb3+ Ceramics full text pdf

  31. A. Lisińska-Czekaj, M. Rerak, D. Czekaj, M. Lubina, B. Garbarz-Glos, W. Bąk, Low Temperature Broad Band Dielectric Spectroscopy of Multiferroic Bi6Fe2Ti3O18 Ceramics full text pdf

  32. M. Bara, T. Kmita, J. Korzekwa, Microstructure and Properties of Composite Coatings Obtained on Aluminium Alloys full text pdf

  33. P. Falkowski, K. Scisel, Sacrificial Paste for Fabrication of Ceramic Materials by Layer-by-Layer Method full text pdf

  34. A. Kedzierska - Sar, P. Falkowski, M. Szafran, Stabilization of Heavy Metal Particles in Al2O3-W Suspensions full text pdf

  35. L. Kozielski, M. Adamczyk, K. Feliksik, D. Bochenek, F. Clemens,, PLZT Microfibers Technology Optimization full text pdf

  36. I. Kuźniarska-Biernacka, A. Lisinska-Czekaj, D. Czekaj, M. José Alves, A.Mauricio Fonseca, I. Correia Neves, Styrene Epoxidation Over Heterogeneous Manganese(III) Complexes full text pdf

  37. M. Mosiałek, A. Kędra, M. Krzan, E. Bielańska, M. Tatko, J. Haber, Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-D-La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3- D Composite Cathode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell full text pdf

  38. P. Ranachowski, Z. Ranachowski, S. Kudela Jr, A. Pawełek, A. Piątkowski, Study of Factors Determinant of Siliceous Electrical Porcelain Resistance to Structural Degradation full text pdf

  39. G. Służałek, A. Posmyk, W. Skoneczny, Thermal Phenomena in the Friction Process of the TG15 - Hard Anodic Coating Couple full text pdf

  40. M. Adamczyk, J. Kusz, W. Hofmeister, M. Zubko, L. Kozielski, M. Pilch, D. Bochenek, B. Wodecka-Duś, Study of Phase Transition in Bi3TiNbO9-BaBi2Nb2O9 Ceramics full text pdf

  41. A. Antosik, M. Głuszek, R. Żurowski, M. Szafran, Effect of SiO2 Particle Size and Length of Poly(Propylene Glycol) Chain on Rheological Properties of Shear Thickening Fluids full text pdf

  42. S. Islak, C. Özorak, C.T. Sezgin, M. Akkaş, Effect of Boron on Microstructure and Microhardness Properties of Mo-Si-B Based Coatings Produced Via TIG Process full text pdf

  43. S.F. Hassan, Mg-ZrO2 Nanocomposite: Relative Effect of Reinforcement Incorporation Technique full text pdf

  44. M. Wroński, K. Wierzbanowski, Lattice Rotation Definition and Predicted Textures of Tensile and Compression Deformation full text pdf

  45. Y.C. Lin, Dao-Guang He, Ming-Song Chen, Xiao-Min Chen, Chun-Yang,Zhao, Xiang Ma, Study of Flow Softening Mechanisms of a Nickel-Based Superalloy with δ Phase full text pdf

  46. C. Fiał, A. Ciaś, A. Czarski, M. Sułowski, Fracture Statistics Using Three-Parameter and Two-Parameter Weibull Distributions for Fe-0.4C-1.5Cr-1.5Ni-0.8Mn-0.2Mo Structural Sintered Steel full text pdf

  47. J. Iwaszko, K. Kudła, K. Fila, M. Strzelecka, The Effect of Friction Stir Processing (FSP) on the Microstructure and Properties of AM60 Magnesium Alloy full text pdf

  48. A. Arustamian, K. Sołek, D. Kalisz, Identification of Yield Point of Polymer-Based Composite Material in the Conditions of Increased Temperatures full text pdf

  49. D. Kutyła, K. Kołczyk, R. Kowalik, P. Żabiński, Electrochemical Deposition of Ruthenium and Cobalt-Ruthenium Alloys from Acidic Chloride Ions Containing Baths full text pdf

  50. B. Leszczyńska-Madej, M. W. Richert, I. Nejman, P. Zawadzka, Processing of Copper by Hydrostatic Extrusion - Studies of Microstructure and Properties full text pdf

  51. R. Michalik, B. Chmiela, Influence of Solution Heat Treatment on Structure and Mechanical Properties of ZnAl22Cu3 Alloy full text pdf

  52. A. Neimitz, U. Janus, Voids Nucleation at Inclusions of Various Shapes in Front of the Crack in Plane Strain full text pdf

  53. S.M. Fatemi, A. Zarei-Hanzaki, H. Paul, Compressive Deformation Behavior of an Ultrafine/Nano Grained AZ31 Magnesium Processed by Accumulative Back Extrusion full text pdf

  54. A. Posmyk, M. Cholewa, J. Wieczorek, D. Scelina, Influence of Electrolytical Oxidising of Silumine Surfaces on the Quality of Bonding with Epoxy Resin full text pdf

  55. A. Radziszewska, A. Kranzmann, I. Dörfel, M. Mosquera Feijoo, M. Solecka, Microstructure and Chemical Composition of Fe-Cr Alloy Tempered in High Temperature and Atmosphere Containing Ar-SO2 full text pdf

  56. P. Kulecki, E. Lichańska, A. Radziszewska, M. Sułowski, Fractography and Porosity Analysis of Cr and Cr-Mo PM Steels full text pdf

  57. J.Winczek, T. Skrzypczak, Thermomechanical States in arc Weld Surfaced Steel Elements full text pdf

  58. A. Zieliński, G. Golański, M. Sroka, J. Dobrzański, Creep Resistance of VM12 Steel full text pdf

  59. R. Krawczyk, An Analysis of the Joints' Properties of Fine-Grained Steel Welded by the MAG and SAW Methods full text pdf

  60. M. Zamani Nejad, M. Abedi, M.H. Lotfian, M. Ghannad, Exact and Numerical Elastic Analysis for the FGM Thick-Walled Cylindrical Pressure Vessels with Exponentially-Varying Properties full text pdf

  61. J. Michalczyk, M. Nabiałek , M. Szota, Mathematical Modelling of Thermo-Elasto-Plastic Problems and the Solving Methodology on the Example of the Tubular Section Forming Process full text pdf

  62. A.Woźnicki, D. Leśniak, G. Włoch, P. Pałka, B. Leszczyńska-Madej, A. Wojtyna, The Effect of Cooling Rate after Homogenization on the Microstructure and Properties of 2017A Alloy Billets for Extrusion with Solution Heat Treatment on the Press full text pdf

  63. A.P.I. Popoola, N. Malatji, O.S.I Fayomi, Fabrication and Investigation of Thermal and Wear Properties of Zinc Novel Coatings Reinforced with Nano-Al2O3 and Cr2O3 Particles full text pdf

  64. R. Kaczmarek, K. Kaczmarek, The Influence of Sensitivity Field of Dual Transducer Probes on Accuracy of Discontinuity Sizing and Evaluation in Terms of Testing of Forgings According to EN 10228-3 full text pdf

  65. E. Skołek, K. Wasiak, W.A. Świątnicki, The Microstructure and Phase Composition of 35CrSiMn5-5-4 Steel after Quenching and Partitioning Heat Treatment full text pdf

  66. Z. Sarajan, Mechanical Modification of Al-6%Si by Semisolid Process full text pdf

  67. P. Irek, J.Słania, Material Factors in Relation to Development Time in Liquid-Penetrant Inspection. Part 2. Investigation Programme and Preliminary Tests full text pdf

  68. K. Regulski, J. Jakubski, A. Opaliński, M. Brzeziński, M. Głowacki, The Prediction of Moulding Sand Moisture Content Based on the Knowledge Acquired by Data Mining Techniques full text pdf

  69. F. Zhao, Ch. Zhang, Y. Liu, Ferrite Decarburization of High Silicon Spring Steel in three Temperature Ranges full text pdf

  70. W. Li, S. Zhao, H. Zhang, X. Jin, Relationship Between Bake Hardening, Snoek-Köster and Dislocation-Enhanced Snoek Peaks in Coarse Grained Low Carbon Steel full text pdf

  71. X.S. Wu, J.F. Cao, Z.J. Chen, W. Liu, Low-Frequency Mechanical Spectroscopy of Lanthanum Cobaltite Based Mixed Conducting Oxides full text pdf