Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 68 / Issue 4/2023

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  1. M. Yunus Khan, P. Sudhakar Rao, B.S. Pabla, Investigation of Surface Characteristics of Inconel-625 by EDM with Used Cooking Oil-Based Biodiesel as Dielectric Fluid full text PDF
  2. M. Łucarz, M. Brzeziński, Influence of the Amount of Resin in the Spent Furfuryl Mass on the Thermal Regeneration Process full text PDF
  3. R. Yankova, L. Drenchev, Study on the Phase Composition and Microstructure of Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V After Surface Plasma Nitriding full text PDF
  4. S. Kubade, S. Kulkarni, P. Dhatrak, Transient Thermal Analysis of 1U Modular Cubesat Based on Passive Thermal Control System full text PDF
  5. Shih-Hsien Chang, Kun-Jie Liao, Kuo-Tsung Huang, Cheng Liang, Effects of the Microstructure and Strengthening Mechanisms of Mo2C Powders Being Added to Ti-8Nb-4Co Alloy Via the Vacuum Sintering Process full text PDF
  6. Wang Xin, Ling Jinlong, Comparison and Analysis on the Effects of Oil-Quenching and Salt-Quenching for Carburized Gear Ring full text PDF
  7. Y. Xing, P. Han, X. Wang, Research on Formability of 304 Stainless Steel Foil Micro-Deep Drawing full text PDF
  8. P. Ranachowski, K. Szymankiewicz, Z. Ranachowski, S. Kudela Jr, Material Aspects of Historic Fine Ceramics full text PDF
  9. F. Wang, M. Yang, Effect of Colloid Water Thickness on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Titanium/Steel Interfaces Prepared by Explosive Welding full text PDF
  10. S.H. Adnan, S.N.S.M. Satti, M.A. Safea'ai, M. Hairi Osman, W.J. Wan Amizah, Z. Jamellodin, P.S.E. Ang, W.I. Wan Mastura, J. Garus, Performance of Cement Sand Brick Containing Bamboo Ash as Cement Replacement Material full text PDF
  11. Z. Pan, R. Li, Q. Zeng, Research on Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) Reinforced Cast Aluminum Alloy (ZL105) full text PDF
  12. Yu-Lai Song, Zhi-He Dou, Ting-an Zhang, Chu Cheng, Hui Fang, Chao-Lei Ban, Thermodynamic Insight into the Equilibrium Component Prediction in the Al-Ti-Ca-Oxide System full text PDF
  13. S. Zhang, Q. Hou, H.Y. Jiang, A Modified Kerner Model to Predict the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Multi-Phase Reinforced Composites Al6092/SiC/LAS full text PDF
  14. M.C. Pravin, S. Karthikeyan, S. Sathyabama, S. Balaji, Preparation and Characterization of Stainless Steel-Molybdenum Composite Coatings and its Evaluation using Image Processing full text PDF
  15. K.A.A. Halim, J.E. Kennedy, M.A.A. M. Salleh, A.F. Osman, M.F. Omar, N.M. Sunar, Micromechanical Modeling of Polyamide 11 Nanocomposites Properties using Composite Theories full text PDF
  16. C.B. Danisman, G. Goller, Spark Plasma Sintered Mn-Al (Magnets) Production and Characterization with Experimental Design full text PDF
  17. P. Kaliuzhnyi, I. Shalevska, V. Sliusarev, Microstructure of Reinforced Cast Iron Produced by Lost Foam Casting full text PDF
  18. X. Zhang, S. Chen, Lu Li, P. Yang, The Behaviour of Low Arsenic Copper Anodes at High Current Density in Electrorefining full text PDF
  19. Jia Liu, Jituo Liu, Xianhui Wang, Study on Phase Transformation Dynamics, Microstructure, and Properties of the Cu-2.7Ti-2.5-Ni-0.8V Alloy full text PDF
  20. A. Al Aboushi, S. Al-Qawabah, N. Abu Shaban, A.E. Al-Rawajfeh, Mechanical Properties, Machinability and Corrosion Resistance of Zamak5 Alloyed by Copper full text PDF
  21. P. Singh, R.K. Singh, A.K. Das, Effect of Different Ceramic Reinforcements on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Tribological Behaviour of the Al6082 Alloy Produced by Stir Casting Process full text PDF
  22. Chaoyang Li, Peng Tian, Zhipeng Zhao, Xiaohui Liang, Shuhuan Wang, Yonglin Kang, Xian Luo, Effect of Final Rolling Temperature on Microstructure, Properties and Texture of Hot Rolled Strip by New Endless Rolled Line full text PDF
  23. H. Wang, G. Sheng, H. Wang, H. Liu, T. Wu, Effect of BaO and Li2O on Basic Characteristics of Mold Fluxes with Different Basicity full text PDF
  24. S. Kailainathan, M. Ezhilan, S.V. Alagarsamy, C. Chanakyan, Investigations on Tribological Behaviour of Titanium Dioxide Particles Filled Al-0.6Fe-0.5Si Alloy Composite using TOPSIS Approach full text PDF
  25. M.N. Baba, G.D. Voinea, M.E. Lucaci, Three-Point Bending Response of Nylon 12 Obtained by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Versus Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) full text PDF
  26. C. Wan, X. Li, H. Xing, Copper Corrosion Inhibition by a Quaternary Ammonium Salt-Assisted Benzotriazole full text PDF
  27. W. Zhang, G. Houlachi, S. Haskouri, E. Ghali, Study on Electrochemical Performance of Dimensionally Stable Anodes during Zinc Electrowinning full text PDF
  28. M.Á. Rubio-Padrón, O.A. Echartea-Reyes, C.A. Calles Arriaga, E. Rocha-Rangel, Effect of Annealing and Silver Content on the Mechanical Properties of Zn-Al-Ag Alloys full text PDF
  29. Ch. Morsiya, S. Pandya, Effect of Stir Casting Process Parameters and Stirrer Blade Geometry on Mechanical Properties of Al MMCs - A Review full text PDF
  30. F. Kamil, I. Hamisah, M. Hasmaliza, Mechanical Properties of Bioactive Glass-Cordierite Composite full text PDF
  31. A. Nalborczyk-Kazanecka, G. Mrówka-Nowotnik, A. Pytel, The Effect of the Heat Treatment Condition of the Base Material on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 17-4PH Stainless Steel Electron Beam Welded Joints full text PDF
  32. P. Palutkiewicz, A. Kalwik, T. Jaruga, The Influence of the Processing Conditions on Changes in Physical and Structural Properties of Injection Moulded Parts Made of Polypropylene full text PDF
  33. A. Kalwik, P. Postawa, Analysis of Changes in the Physical Properties and Structure of Poly(Oxymethylene) After Ageing in Natural Conditions and Accelerated by UVB-313 nm Radiation full text PDF
  34. Lingen Luo, Jianming Pang, Yaoxin Song, Shulan Liu, Guoliang Yin, Hao Peng, Chunlei Pu, Yinhe Lin, Jingwei Li, Xuefeng Shi, Microstructure Evolution Mechanism of AISI 1045 Steel Under High Speed Deformation full text PDF
  35. Xin Li, Meng Wang, Han Qi, Jie Li, Changchun Pan, Jing Zhang, Jingman Lai, Low Temperature Welding Test and Numerical Simulation of Metallurgical Phase Transformation of Q460GJC Thick Plate full text PDF
  36. Song Weiwei, Pu Jiafei, Jiang Di, Ge Xiaole, Dong Qi, Wang Hongfeng, Analysis of the Microstructure and Hardness of Aluminum Alloy Gradient Plate Prepared by Friction Stir full text PDF
  37. Rui-Bin Gou, Wen-Jiao Dan, Yong-Sheng Xu, Min Yu, Tong-Jie Li, Strain-Hardening Prediction of DP600 Steel Considering the Heterogeneous Deformation between Ferrite and Martensite full text PDF
  38. ManFeng Gong, GuangFa Liu, Meng Li, XiaoQun Xia, Lei Wang, JianFeng Wu, ShanHua Zhang, Fang Mei, Bonding Properties of TiAlCrSiN Coating / WC-8Co Cemented Carbide with Microtextured Surface full text PDF
  39. A. Trela, A. Pribulova, P. Futas, Analysis and Quality Assessment of Refractories Formed under Reduced Pressure full text PDF
  40. J. Lachowski, J. Borowiecka-Jamrozek, Properties of FeCuSnNi Sinters as Matrices of Metal-Diamond Composites full text PDF
  41. A. Dziwis, T. Tański, M. Sroka, A. Śliwa, R. Dziwis, Numerical Analysis of the Strength Properties of the Movable Connection full text PDF
  42. S. Ravai Nagy, A.B. Pop, M. Nabiałek, C. Alexandru, A.M. Țîțu, Experimental Research on the Influence of Roughness of the Machined Surface of a Part on Galvanization full text PDF
  43. D.G. Budală, D.I. Virvescu, E.R. Baciu, P.J. Pietrusiewicz, R.I. Vasluianu, D.N. Frățilă, Using Denture Base For Local Treatment With Vit B12 Versus Parenteral Treatment - A New Approach full text PDF
  44. F.S. Shaharudin, F.F. Zainal, N.F. Hayazi, N. Parimin, N.I.M. Nadzri, S. Hastuty, A. Kusbiantoro, Investigation of Corrosion Behaviour of Mild Steel Embedded in Geopolymer Paste with Curing and Non-Curing Process full text PDF
  45. N.A.R. Shaari, N.M. Apandi, N.M. Sunar, R. Nagarajah, K. Cheong, S.S.M. Ahia, K.A.A. Halim, M. Gacek, W.M. Wan Ibrahim, Effects of Different Microalgae Botrycoccus sp. Beads Concentrations on the Growth and Nutrients Uptake in Kitchen Wastewater full text PDF
  46. N.F. Yahya, T.N.H.T. Ismail, F.M. Yusop, N.A.A.M. Mahani, A.F. Malik, L.A. Sofri, J. Gondro, A Review of Tensile Properties of Natural Fibres for Geotechnical Applications full text PDF
  47. Ruoxu Wang, Lubei Liu, Zongheng Xue, Teng Tan, Investigation of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Brazing Joints between Niobium and 316L Stainless Steel using Silver-Copper-Palladium Filler full text PDF
  48. M. Rumiński, Effect of History of Deformation and Heat Treatment on Cold Drawing Process Parameters and Final Properties of AISI 302 Stainless Steel Wire full text PDF
  49. T. Kaźmierski, J. Krawczyk, Ł. Frocisz, Characteristic of DP600 Steel Produced in Hot Rolling Process full text PDF
  50. M. Wójcik, Hybrid, Multiscale Numerical Simulations of the Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) using the Crystal Plasticity Theory full text PDF
  51. B. Sułek, J. Krawczyk, Research on Cold Rolling of TRB Type Strips using a Grooved Roll full text PDF
  52. P. Garbień, A. Kokosza, W. Maj, Ł. Rogal, R. Chulist, K. Janus, A. Wójcik, Z. Żółkiewicz, W. Maziarz, Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High-Carbon and High-Manganese Cast Steel Subjected to Bainitic
    Reaction full text PDF