Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 54 / Issue 4/2009

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A. L i s i n s k a -C z e k a j , D. C z e k a j, Synthesis of Bi5TiNbWO15Ceramics Full Text PDF

K. B o r y s o v s k a, D. V er b y l o, Yu. P o d r e z o v, M. S z a f r a n,The Structural Optimixation of Ceramic-Organic Composites Full Text PDF

M. S op  i c k a-L i z e r, K. K o z ł o w s ka, E. B ob row s k a -G r z e s i k, J. P l e w a, H. A lt enb u r g, Assessment of Co(II), Co(III) and Co(IV) Content in Thermoelectric Cobaltites Full Text PDF

G. S. M i t y u r i c h, M. A l e k s i e j u k, P. V. A s t a k h o v, A. N. S e r d y u k o v, Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of the Piezoceramic Materials.  Full Text PDF

R. Z a c h a r i a s z, D. B o c h e n e k, Properties of the PZT Type Ceramics Admixed with Barium and Niobium Full Text PDF

D. B o c h e n e k, R. Z a c h a r i a s z, PFN Ceramics Synthesized by a Two-Stage Method Full Text PDF

K. O s i n´ s k a, J. M a s z y b r o c k a, J. P l e w a, D. C z e k a j, Fabrication and Dielectric Properties of Sol-Gel Derived (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Ceramics Full Text PDF

B. Wod e c k a -D us, D. C z e k a j, Fabrication and Dielectric Properties of Donor Doped BaTiO3 CeramicsFull Text PDF

R. S kulsk i, P. W aw rzał a, J. K o rzekw a, M. S zy m o ni k, The Electrical Conductivity of PMN-PT Ceramics Full Text PDF

L. Szy m czak, M. A damcz y k, M. Paw e łc zy k, Dielectric and Pyroelectric Properties of Zr – Doped (Ba0.8Sr0.2)TiO3 Ceramics Full Text PDF

L. K o zi els k i, M. A d a m czyk, K. Ru sek, M. Plons ka, Light Influence on Nanomechanical Characterisation of PLZT Ceramics Full Text PDF

O. P e t u k h o v, I. K h o b t a, A. R a g u l y a, Y. S a k k a, Synthesis of the TiN-TiB2 Ceramic Composites Under Various Spark Plasma Sintering Conditions Full Text PDF

S. V. Sh al up ae v, M. A l ek s i ejuk, Y.V. N ikit j u k, A.A. S e r e d a, A. S. P obij ah a, Laser Thermosplitting of Ceramic-Metal Sandwich-Like Structures with Acoustical Surveillance of Microcrack Propagation Full Text PDF

S. V. S h alupaev, M. A l e k s i e juk, A. S. P obij aha, V. P. Morozov, The Way of Hardening the High Pressure Apparatus Matrices Full Text PDF

L. K o z i e l s k i, M. A d a m c z y k, Electrical and Mechanical Examination of PLZT Graded Structure for Photovoltaic Driven Piezoelectric Transformers Full Text PDF

M. A d a m c z y k, M. P a w e ł c z y k, Sintering Time Dependence of BaBi2Nb2O9 Ceramics Properties Full Text PDF

K. Osin´ s k a, M. A d a m c z y k, M. P a r c h e n i a k, D. C z e k a j, Fabrication and Dielectric Properties of 0-3 Connectivity Ceramic-Polymer Composites Full Text PDF

A. B a l c e r z a k, A New Nanoporous Material in Chemical Sensor for Vapors of Some Volatile Organic Solvents Full Text PDF

B. Zb orom i r s k a-Wnuk i e w i c z,J. Wnuk i e w i c z,K. K ogu t, K. K a spr z yk,W. Wnukiew i cz, Modification of the Titanium Implants Surface by Silanes and Colloidal Silver Full Text PDF

K. K o g u t, B. M a z u r e k, K. K a s p r z y k, B. Z b o r o m i r s k a -W n u k i e w i c z, Factors Affecting the Mechanism of Flashover in Metal Oxide Surge Arrester  Full Text PDF

K. K a s p r z y k, B. Z b o r o m i r s k a -W n u k i e w i c z, A. D y j a k o n, K. K o g u t, Z. K a s p r z y k, Thermal Transformation of Combustion Wastes from Coal-Fired Boilers  Full Text PDF

A. D a n e l s k a, M. S z a f r a n, E. B o b r y k, D-Fructose in Deflocculation Process of Nano-ZrO2 Powders Full Text PDF

P. R a na chow s k i, F. R e jm un d, Z. R a nac h o w s ki,A. P aw eł ek, A. P ia˛ t k o w s k i, S. K u d e l a J r, Materials Degradation Research on the Basis of Mechanoacoustic and Microscopic Methods Full Text PDF

O. K i r k o v a, L. T k a c h e n k o, M. S h t e r n, Optimization the Injection Molding Process for Complex-Shaped Ceramic Orifices using Computer Simulation  Full Text PDF

J. K o n s t a n t y, D. T y r a ł a, A. R a d z i s z e w s k a, Iron-Base Materials Manufactured from Premixed Powders by the Hot Press Process Full Text PDF

K. K r a s n o w s k i, Influence of Stress Relief Annealing on Mechanical Properties and Fatigue Strenght of Welded Joints of Thermo-Mechanically Rolled Structural Steel Grade S420MC  Full Text PDF

R. B o g u c k i, The Evaluation of Resistance to Cracking in Structural Steels with the Use of the ASPEF Method  Full Text PDF

M. M a d e j, Copper Infiltrated High Speed Steel Based Composites with Iron Additions  Full Text PDF

A. C i a s, M. S u ł o w s k i, Comparison of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Cr-Mn-Mo Steels Based on Astaloy CrL and Astaloy CrM Pre-Alloyed Powders  Full Text PDF

T. D u r e j k o, P. J o zw i k, Z. B o j a r, Joining of Ni3Al Microcrystalline Foils by SHS Reaction Full Text PDF

A. R o m a n  s k i, J. L a c h o w s k i, Effect of Friction Coefficient on Diamond Retention Capabilities in Diamond Impregnated Tools  Full Text PDF

W. Gu m o wska, I. Dob o s z, M. Uhl e m a n n, J. Koz a, Al2O3 – Fe Composites Obtained by the Electrochemical Method  Full Text PDF

D. L e s n i a k, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Extruded AlCuMg Sections in T5 Temper Full Text PDF

K. Kowa l c z y k-G a j e ws ka, R. B. P e c h e r s k i, Phenomenological Description of the Effect of Micro-Shear Banding in Micromechanical Modelling of Polycrystal Plasticity Full Text PDF

P. Z ab i n s k i, M.G o r s k i, R. Kowa l i k, Influence of Superimposed External Magnetic Field onto Electrodeposition of Co-P Alloys for Hydrogen Evolution  Full Text PDF

G. S i w i ec, M. K uc h a r s ki, J. B otor, Modeling and Experimental Measurements of the Surface Tensions of Cu-Pb-Fe Alloys  Full Text PDF

A. G r a d o w s k i, The Numerical Simulaton of the Heating Sub-Areas of a Traditional Cupola and Heat Losses to the Environment  Full Text PDF

M. K a d k h o d a y a n, I. Z a f a r p a r a n d e h, An Invesigation Into the Influence of Blankholder Force on Springback in U-Bending  Full Text PDF

J. A r b a o u i, Y. S c h m i t t, J-L. P i e r r o t, F-X. R o y e r, Experimental Bending Behaviour of Mutti-Layer Sandwich Structures  Full Text PDF

Ł. K aczma r ek, P. K u l a, J. S a w i c k i, S. A r m a n d, T. C as tro, P. Kru s zyn´ s k i, A. R o c h e l, New Possibilities of Applications Aluminium Alloys in Transport  Full Text PDF

W. L o n g a, Main Paradigm Used in the Theory of Calculation of the Height and Structure of Combustion and Melting Zones in Coke-Fired Cupolas Full Text PDF

P. B a ł a, Tempcore Process Analysis based on the Kinetics of Phase Transformations  Full Text PDF

T. S l e bod a, J. K r aw cz y k, M. M adej, M. P ac k o, The Microstructure and Properties of FeAl Alloy Strengthened with Yttrium Oxide  Full Text PDF

P. Osika, H. Pal ko w s ki, K. S wi a tkow ski, D. Po ci echa, A. K u l a, Analysis of Material Deformation during the New Cold Tube Rolling Process Realized on the New Generation of Pilger Mills  Full Text PDF

W. Gasior, Z. M o s e r, A. Debski, New Data to the SURDAT-Database of Modeled and Experimental Physical Properties of Lead-Free Solder Alloys