Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 63 / Issue 2/2018

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  1. J. Łabaj, Kinetics of Zinc Evaporation in Inert and Reducing Gases full text pdf
  2. Ibrahim Mustapha Alibe, Khamirul Amin Matori, Haj Abdul Aziz Sidek, Yakoob Yazid, Elias Saion, Ali Mustapha Alibe, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Zaid, Engku Abd Ghapur Engku Ali, Tasiu Zangina, The Influence of Calcination Temperature on Structural and Optical properties of ZnO-SiO2 Nanocomposite by Simple Thermal Treatment Route full text pdf
  3. Li Lei, Zhang Libo, Dai Linqing, Zhu Hongbo, Chen Guo, Peng Jinhui, Guo Qin, Effects of Microwave Sintering on Properties and Microstructure of Ferromanganese Alloy Powders full text pdf
  4. M. Akbarzadeh, M. Zandrahimi, E. Moradpour, Synthesis and Characterization of Molybdenum Disulfide Composite Coating on Steel Using Chemical Vapor Deposition full text pdf
  5. M. Merzoug, N. Benamara, A. Boulenouar, B. Bouchouicha, M. Mazari, Experimentation and Prediction of the Wear of a Cutting Tool in Turning Process full text pdf
  6. M. Fatih Kilicaslan, E. Karakose, Effect of Sc Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Melt-Spun Al-10Ni Alloys full text pdf
  7. H. Foratirad, H.R. Baharvandi, M. Ghanadi Maragheh, Investigating the Effects of Gel Casting Parameters on the Suspension Rheology and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Carbide Green Body full text pdf
  8. A. Cwudziński, Numerical and Physical Modeling of Liquid Steel Behaviour in One Strand Tundish with Gas Permeable Barrier full text pdf
  9. M. Fatih Kilicaslan, A. Uzun, E. Karakose, Production of Melt-Spun Al-20Si-5Fe Alloy and Boron Carbide (B4C) Composite Material full text pdf
  10. J. Roučka, E. Abramová, V. Kaňa, Properties of Type SiMo Ductile Irons at High Temperatures full text pdf
  11. V. Kaňa, A. Záděra, V Krutiš, Effect of Alloying Elements on Properties and Structure of High Chromium Cast Irons full text pdf
  12. A. Garbacz-Klempka, J.S. Suchy, Z. Kwak, T. Tokarski, R. Klempka, T. Stolarczyk, Study of Investment Casting Technology from Bronze Age. Casting Workshop in Grzybiany (Southwest Poland) full text pdf
  13. M. Sedighi, A. Vaezi, M. Pourbashiri, Influence of Different Torsion Pitch on Microstructural Evolution and Strengthening Mechanism of Al Wires full text pdf
  14. J. Suchanicz, I. Faszczowy, P. Czaja, J. Kusz, M. Zubko, Effect of Sb and MnO2-Doping on Phase Transitions, Crystal Structure, Thermal, Dielectric, Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Na0.5K0.5NbO3 Ceramics full text pdf
  15. T. Tomášková, P. Trnka, M. Gutten, D. Korenčiak, The Analysis of the Thermal and Dielectric Properties of High Voltage Insulating Materials with the Addition of Aluminium Oxide full text pdf
  16. Y. Huang, H. Shao, Z. Xiao, X. Ren, Effects of Holding Conditions on Microstructure of Al-5Ti-1B and Its Refining Efficiency on Al-Cu Alloy full text pdf
  17. T. Havlik, G. Maruskinova, A. Miskufova, Determination of ZnO Amount in Electric Arc Furnace Dust and Temperature Dependence of Leaching in Ammonium Carbonate by Using of X-Ray Diffraction full text pdf
  18. W. Chang, G. Li, J. Kong, Y. Sun, G. Jiang, H. Liu, Thermal Mechanical Stress Analysis of Ladle Lining with Integral Brick Joint full text pdf
  19. Ł. Wzorek, R. Wolniak, K. Łyp-Wrońska, M. Wiewióra, P. Noga, A. Wzorek, Analysis of Product Quality in the Process of Plastic Consolidation of Fragmented Fractions of the AK11 Alloy full text pdf
  20. Y. Liu , X. Wang, Y. Sun, F. Du, Y. Gao, F. Wang, J. Wang, A Visual Detection Method of Longitudinal Crack Based on Computer Image Processing During Slab Continuous Casting full text pdf
  21. R. Bęczkowski, Influence of Cladding Parameters with FCAW on Bead Geometry with Plackett-Burman Experiment Used full text pdf
  22. T. Satish Kumar, S. Shalini, K. Krishna Kumar, Synthesis and Characterization of Al-Zn-Mg alloy / Zircon Sand Reinforced Composites full text pdf
  23. M. Tezeghdenti, N. Etteyeb, L. Dhouibi, O. Kanoun, Sustainable use of Natural Resources as Alternative for the Hazardous Corrosion Inhibitor of Mild Steel/Dilute Sulfuric Acid Interface: Weight Loss, EIS, AFM and FTIR Studies full text pdf
  24. E. Rudnik, M. Kostępski, Comparative Studies on the Codeposition of Antimony and Tin from Acidic Chloride and Sulfate-Chloride Solutions full text pdf
  25. N. Gangil, A. Noor Siddiquee, S. Maheshwari, Abdulrahman M. Al-Ahmari, M.H. Abidi, State of the Art of Ex-Situ Aluminium Matrix Composite Fabrication through Friction Stir Processing full text pdf
  26. D. Salikhyanov, A. Bogatov, H. Dyja, The Choice of Initial Conditions and of Solution in the Problem of Efficiency Increase of Pipes Calibration on a Mandrel full text pdf
  27. M. Gizowska, I. Kobus, K. Perkowski, M. Piątek, G. Konopka, I. Witosławska, M. Osuchowski, Size and Morphology of Yttria Nanopowders Obtained by Solution Combustion Synthesis full text pdf
  28. R. Shashanka, D. Chaira, B.E. Kumara Swamy, Effect of Y2O3 Nanoparticles on Corrosion Study of Spark Plasma Sintered Duplex and Ferritic Stainless Steel Samples by Linear Sweep Voltammetric Method full text pdf
  29. K. Arkusz, E. Krasicka-Cydzik, The Effect of Phosphates and Fluorides, Included in TiO2 Nanotube Layers on the Performance of Hydrogen Peroxide Detection full text pdf
  30. R.J.H. Wanhill, Discussions and Comments on the Paper: E.S. Dzidowski, 2013, "The Effect of Secondary Metalworking Processes on Susceptibility of Aircraft to Catastrophic Failures and Prevention Methods", Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 58 (4), pp. 1207-1212) full text pdf
  31. G. Plascencia, Reduction of Industrial Nickel Oxides with a Hydrogen Bearing Gas Between 523 and 673K full text pdf
  32. A. Bartkowska, P. Jurči, M. Hudáková, D. Bartkowski, M. Kusý, D. Przestacki, The Influence of the Laser Beam Fluence on Change in Microstructure, Microhardness and Phase Composition of Feb-Fe2B Surface Layers Produced on Vanadis-6 Steel full text pdf
  33. E. Rudnik, G. Włoch, L. Szatan, Preliminary Investigation on Leaching Behavior of Zinc ash full text pdf
  34. N. Radek, A. Szczotok, A. Gądek-Moszczak, R. Dwornicka, J. Bronček, J. Pietraszek, The Impact of Laser Processing Parameters on the Properties of Electro-Spark Deposited Coatings full text pdf
  35. P. Borkowski, K. Pietrzak, K. Frydman, D. Wójcik-Grzybek, A. Gładki, A Sienicki, Physical and Electrical Properties of Silver-Matrix Composites Reinforced with Various Forms of Refractory Phases full text pdf
  36. A. Olszówka-Myalska, J. Myalski, M. Godzierz, P. Wrześniowski, Magnesium Matrix Composite with Open-Celled Carbon Foams Obtained by Powder Metallurgy full text pdf
  37. K. Gawlińska, K. Drabczyk, Z. Starowicz, P. Sobik, B. Drabczyk, P. Zięba, Determination of EVA Cross-Linking Degree after Lamination Process by Extraction and Optical Transmission Measuring full text pdf
  38. G. Napoli, A. Di Schino, Modelling Grain Growth Kinetics in Steels full text pdf
  39. S. Lesz, M. Kremzer, K. Gołombek, R. Nowosielski, Influence of Milling Time on Amorphization of Mg-Zn-Ca Powders Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying Technique full text pdf
  40. A. Bartkowska, D. Bochenek, P. Niemiec, The Microstructure and Magnetoelectric Properties of Multiferroic Composites full text pdf
  41. P. Wiecinska, D. Kubica, E. Pietrzak, A. Sakowicz, N. Prokurat, A. Antosik, Diacryloyl Derivative of Mannitol - Synthesis and Application in Gelcasting of Al2O3-ZrO2 Composites full text pdf
  42. J. Kusiński, S. Kac, K. Kowalski, S. Dosta, E.P. Georgiou, J. Garcia-Forgas, P. Matteazzi, Microstructure and Properties of TiC/Ti Coatings Deposited by the Supersonic Cold Gas Spray Technique full text pdf
  43. K. Tian, B. Tian, A.A. Volinsky, Y. Zhang, Y. Liu, Y. Du, Y Addition Effects on Hot Deformation Behavior of Cu-Zr Alloys with High Zr Content full text pdf
  44. R. Michalik, Influence of Heat Treatment on Corrosion Resistance of ZnAl40Ti2Cu Alloy full text pdf
  45. M. Dziuba-Kałuża, A. Zieliński, J. Dobrzański, M. Sroka, P. Urbańczyk, A. Śliwa, Residual Life of Boiler Pressure Parts Made of the 13CrMo4-5 Steel after Long-Term Operation in a Creep Conditions full text pdf
  46. K. Gołombek, A.E. Tomiczek, D. Pakuła, K. Matus, Characterization of Nanocrystalline AlTiSiN Coatings Deposited by a LARCCAE Process full text pdf
  47. P. Kawulok, I. Schindler, J. Mizera, R. Kawulok, S. Rusz, P. Opěla, M. Olszar, K.M. Čmiel, The Influence of a Cooling Rate on the Evolution of Microstructure and Hardness of the Steel 27MnCrB5 full text pdf
  48. J. Krawczyk, E. Rożniata, S. Zimowski, M. Kot, R. Dądrowski, R. Dziurka, Ł. Frocisz, The Role of Microstructure in High Temperature Tribology of Iron Alloys full text pdf
  49. J. Sawicki, P. Siedlaczek, A. Staszczyk, Fatigue Life Predicting for Nitrided Steel - Finite Element Analysis full text pdf
  50. A. Ciski, Deep Cryogenic Treatment and Tempering at Different Temperatures of HS6-5-2 High Speed Steel full text pdf
  51. R. Jasionowski, W. Polkowski, D. Zasada, Effect of Crystalographic Texture on Cavitation Wear Resistance of As-Cast CuZn10 Alloy full text pdf
  52. M. Hawryluk, M. Zwierzchowski, M. Marciniak, A Destructive Mechanisms Occurring in the Surface Layer of Forging Tools Used in Hot Forging Processes full text pdf
  53. D. Pietras, T. Sadowski, Parametric Study of Geometry Effect on Response to Applied Loadings of Metallic Honeycomb Structures by Virtual Testing of Mesoscale Models full text pdf
  54. A. Fornalczyk, J. Willner, B. Gajda, J. Sedlakova-Kadukova, Influence of H2O2 and O3 on PGM Extraction from Used Car Catalysts full text pdf
  55. M. Lisińska, M. Saternus, J. Willner, A. Fornalczyk, Role of Oxidizing Agents in Leaching Process of Electronic Waste full text pdf
  56. B. Machulec, W. Bialik, S. Gil, Application of the Mining Industry Wastes as Raw Material for Melting of the Complex Fesial Ferroalloys full text pdf
  57. T. Maciąg, DTA Thermal Analysis of Alloys from Nickel-Rich Part of Ni-Al-Cr System full text pdf
  58. K. Michalek, M. Tkadlečková, L. Socha, K. Gryc, M. Saternus, J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, Physical Modelling of Degassing Process by Blowing of Inert Gas full text pdf
  59. A. Mražíková, O. Velgosová, J. Kavuličová, M. Matvija, E. Čižmárová, J. Willner, Characteristics of Silver Nanoparticles in Different pH Values full text pdf
  60. B. Panic, 3d Model Study of Radial Distribution of Powder Holdup in the Descending Packed Bed of Metallurgical Shaft Furnaces full text pdf
  61. M. Tkadlečková, K. Michalek, M. Strouhalová, J. Sviželová, M. Saternus, J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, Evaluation of Approaches of Numerical Modelling of Solidification of Continuously Cast Steel Billets full text pdf
  62. G. Kulesza-Matlak, K. Gawlińska, Z. Starowicz, A. Sypień, K. Drabczyk, B. Drabczyk, M. Lipiński, P. Zięba, Black Silicon Obtained in Two-Step Short Wet Etching as a Texture for Silicon Solar Cells - Surface Microstructure and Optical Properties Studies full text pdf
  63. P.K. Chaurasia, C. Pandey, A. Giri, N. Saini, M.M. Mahapatra, A Comparative Study of Residual Stress and Mechanical Properties for FSW and TIG Weld on Structural Steel full text pdf
  64. K. Kołczyk, W. Zborowski, D. Kutyła, A. Kwiecińska, R. Kowalik, P. Żabiński, Investigation of Two-Step Metallization Process of Plastic 3D Prints Fabricated by SLA Method full text pdf
  65. B. Swain, J.-C. Lee, C.-G. Lee, Valorization of Cobalt from Waste LIB Cathode through Cobalt Oxalate and Cobalt Oxide Synthesis by Leaching-Solvent Extract-Precipitation Stripping full text pdf
  66. X.-K. Huynh, B.-W. Kim J.-S. Kim, Fabrication of Fe-TiB2 Nanocomposites by Spark-Plasma Sintering of a (FeB, TiH2) Powder Mixture full text pdf
  67. Seung-Uk Mun, Ki-Hwan Kim, Seok-Jin Oh, Jeong-Young Park, Sun-Ig Hong, Surface Characterization of Metallic Fuel Slugs Prepared by Modified Injection Casting full text pdf
  68. Tae Gyu Park, Sang Hyun Lee, Bin Lee, Hye Mi Cho, Won Jung Choi, Bum Sung Kim, Kwang Seon Shin, Taek-Soo Kim, Fabrication and Characterization of CoCrFeNiMn High Entropy Alloy Powder Processed by Gas Atomization full text pdf
  69. Daeho Kim, Dong Ha Kim, Doh-Hyung Riu, Byung Joon Choi, Temperature Effect on the Growth Rate and Physical Characteristics of SnO2 Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition full text pdf
  70. K. Kasprzyk, K. Kogut, B. Zboromirska-Wnukiewicz, A. Dyjakon, Preparation of a Ceramic Proppants for Hydraulic Fracturing Using F - Type Fly Ash full text pdf