Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 64 / Issue 2/2019

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  1. G. Dercz, I. Matuła, W. Gurdziel, N. Kuczera: Microstructure Evolution of Ti/ZrO2 and Ti/Al2O3 Composites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy Method full text PDF
  2. J. Miettinen, V.-V. Visuri, T. Fabritius, N. Milcheva, G. Vassilev: Thermodynamic Description of Ternary Fe-B-X Systems. Part 4: Fe-B-V full text PDF
  3. B. Straumal, A. Kilmametov, A. Gornakova, A. Mazilkin, B. Baretzky, A. Korneva, P. Zięba: Diffusive and Displacive Phase Transformations in Nanocomposites under High Pressure Torsion full text PDF
  4. R. Rumman, D.A. Lewis, J.Y. Hascoet, J.S. Quinton: Laser Metal Deposition and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Materials: An Overview full text PDF
  5. Haneul Jang, Kwangmin Choi, Jaehyuck Shin, Donghyun Bae, Hyunjoo Choi: The Influence of Grain Size on the Mechanical Damping Behavior of Aluminum full text PDF
  6. Shun-Myung Shin, Dong-Ju Shin, Sung-Ho Joo, Jei-Pil Wang: A Study on the Recovery of Lithium and Ni/Co oxide from Cathode Active Powder of End-of-Life NCA(LiNiCoAlO2) Battery full text PDF
  7. Hocheol Song, Ahmad Zakiyuddin, Sinhye Kim, Kwangmin Lee: Effect of Cold Rolling on Electrochemical Impedance Behavior of New β-Type Ti-6Mo-6V-5Cr-3Sn-2.5Zr Alloy full text PDF
  8. Junsuk Choi, Sanghoon Kim, Sungsoo Rhim, Kyong-Yop Rhee: Determination of Uniaxial Tensile Behavior of Hypodermis in Porcine Skin Based on Rule of Mixtures full text PDF
  9. Kang-Min Kim, Ju-Hun Kim, Jae-Hong Kwon, Ji-A Lee, Jeong-Whan Han: Effect of Deflector Plate for Particle Size Segregation Control full text PDF
  10. Kwang-Pil Jeong, Jeong-Gon Kim, Su-Won Yang, Jae-Ho Yun, Jin-Hyuk Choi: Study on Magnetic Properties of the U-Type Ferrite According to Substituted Elements full text PDF
  11. Woo Lim Choi, Jong-Hyun Lee: Characteristics of Die-Attach Method by Sinter Bonding Using Ag-40Cu Mechanically Alloyed Particles full text PDF
  12. Tae-Hoon Kang, Kyu-Sik Kim, Man-Ho Park, Kee-Ahn Lee: High Temperature Random Stack Creep Property of Ni-Cr-Al based Powder Porous Metal Manufactured with Powder Sintering Process full text PDF
  13. Gi-Su Ham, Kyu-Sik Kim, Kee-Ahn Lee: Manufacturing and Wear Properties of SiC Coating Layer on Zr alloy Fabricated by Vacuum Kinetic Spray Process full text PDF
  14. Dong-Yeol Wi, Young-Kyun Kim, Tae-Sik Yoon, Kee-Ahn Lee: Microstructure and High Temperature Oxidation Properties of Fe-Cr-Ni HK30 Alloy Manufactured by Metal Injection Molding full text PDF
  15. Il-Jeong Park, Basudev Swain, Dae-Weon Kim, Geon-Hong Kim, Deok-Hyun Han, Hang-Chul Jung: Preparation of Nickel Nanoparticles Using Nickel Raffinate Separated by Solvent Extraction from The Spent FeCl3 Etching Solution full text PDF
  16. Byungjoo Choi, Gwang-Jae Lee, Hyun-Ho Yeom, Moon-Gu Lee, Yongho Jeon: Microstructural Analysis of Asymmetric Dilution by Rotating Direct Metal Deposition full text PDF
  17. Min Chul Oh, Moontae Kim, Jisung Lee, Byungmin Ahn: Microstructural Evolution of Sinter-Forged Fe-Cr-Mo-C Alloy Depending on Cu Addition full text PDF
  18. Jung-Ho Shin, Dong-Jin Kim: Stress Corrosion Cracking Properties of Steam Generator Tubing Alloys in Crevice Environment full text PDF
  19. Min-Jeong Lee,, Yu-Jeong Yi,, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Manho Park, Byoung-Kee Kim, Jung-Yeul Yun: A Study on Pore Properties of Hastelloy Powder Porous Metal Fabricated by Electrostatic Powder Coating full text PDF
  20. Cheenepalli Nagarjuna, Babu Madavali, Myeong-Won Lee, Suk-Min Yoon, Soon-Jik Hong: Reduction of Thermal Conductivity through the Dispersion of TiC Nanoparticles into a p-Type Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Alloy by Ball Milling and Spark Plasma Sintering full text PDF
  21. Kee-Ahn Lee, Joo Hyun Park, Yeun Ah Joo: Fabrication and Macroscopic Properties of Filler Metal (BCuP-5) on Cu-plate using Laser Cladding Process full text PDF
  22. Jun Young Suh, Yo-Seung Song, Si Young Chang: Spark Plasma Sintering of Mn-Zn Ferrite Powders by High Energy Ball Milling full text PDF
  23. Im Doo Jung, Jungho Choe†, Jaecheol Yun, Sangsun Yang, Dong-Yeol Yang, Yong-Jin Kim, Ji-Hun Yu: Dual Speed Laser Remelting for High Densification in H13 Tool Steel Metal 3D Printing full text PDF
  24. Eun-Jeong Yi, Keun-Young Yoon, Hyun-Ah Jung, Haejin Hwang: Stability of Garnet-Type Li7La3Zr2O12-Based Ceramics for All-Solid-State Batteries full text PDF
  25. P. Sharief, B. Madavali, J.M. Koo, H.J. Kim, S. Hong, S.-J. Hong: Effect of Milling Time Parameter on the Microstructure and the Thermoelectric Properties of n-Type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 Alloys full text PDF
  26. Min-Soo Park, Hye-Young Koo, Yonh-Ho Park, Gook-Hyun Ha: Effects of Milling Duration on the Thermoelectric Properties of n-Type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 full text PDF
  27. M.W. Lee, J.K. Lee, T.S. Jang: Effect of Pre-Sintering on the Diffusion Treatment of HRE for Coercivity Enhancement of a NdFeB Sintered Magnet full text PDF
  28. Manoj Kumar Pal, G. Gergely, D. Koncz-Horvath, Z. Gacsi: Influence of Ceramic Particles on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of SAC305 Lead-Free Soldering Material full text PDF
  29. Suk Hoon Kang, Chang-Kyu Rhee, Sanghoon Noh, Tae Kyu Kim: Spray Deposition of Mechanically Alloyed F/M ODS Steel Powder full text PDF
  30. Min Chul Oh†, Hyunjoo Seok†, Yeongcheol Jo, Byungmin Ahn: Novel Technique to Produce Hybrid P/M Components Using Dissimilar Ferrous Alloys full text PDF
  31. Yeon-Ji Kang, Jong-Ho Kim, Jong-Il Hwang, Kee-Ahn Lee: Effect of T6 Heat Treatment on the Scratch Wear Behavior of Extruded Al-12wt.%Si Alloy full text PDF
  32. Ju-Young Cho,, Sardar Farhat Abbas, Yong-Ho-Choa, Taek-Soo Kim,: Effect of Powder Size on the Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Nd-Fe-B Magnet Alloy full text PDF
  33. S. Golak, B. Panic: Numerical Model of Large-Scale Levitation Melting Process full text PDF
  34. B. Machulec, W. Bialik, S. Gil: Relation Between Active Power of the Submerged Arc Furnace and the Electric Energy Consumption Indicator in the Process of Ferrosilicon Smelting full text PDF
  35. T. Maciąg, J. Wieczorek, W. Kałsa: Surface Analysis of Abs 3D Prints Subjected to Copper Plating full text PDFT.
  36. Matuła, G. Siwiec: Reduction of Lead Oxide by Fine-Grained Carbonaceous Materials full text PDFT.
  37. J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, M. Saternus, K. Gryc, L. Socha: The Influence of Parameters of Argon Purging Process Through Ladle on the Phenomena Occuring in the Area of Phase Distributions: Liquid Steal-Slag full text PDF.
  38. J. Sviželová, M. Tkadlečková, K. Michalek, J. Walek, M. Saternus, J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder: Numerical Modelling of Metal Melt Refining Process in Ladle with Rotating Impeller and Breakwaters full text PDF.
  39. O. Velgosova, A. Mražíková, L. Veselovský, J. Willner, A. Fornalczyk: Influence of Different Plants Extracts on Silver Nanopar ticles Green Synthesis full text PDF.
  40. M. Suliga: Effect of the Drawing Speed on the Delaminations in the Torsion Test of High-Carbon Steel Wires full text PDF.
  41. B. Pisarek, C. Rapiejko, T. Pacyniak: Effect of Intensive Cooling of Alloy AC-AlSi7Mg with Alloy Additions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties full text PDF.
  42. H. Paul, M.M. Miszczyk, A. Gałka, R. Chulist, Z. Szulc: Microstructural and Chemical Composition Changes in the Bonding Zone of Explosively Welded Sheets full text PDF.
  43. Minhye Seo, Soo-Young Lee, Sung-Su Cho, Hyoung Woon Song, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Dong Soo Kim, Sungkyu Lee: Effect of NF3 Gas on Stabilization of Alkaline Earth Metal-Cu Mordenite Catalysts During N2O Decomposition Reaction full text PDF.
  44. I. Schindler, M. Sauer, P. Kawulok, K. Rodak, E. Hadasik, M. Barbara Jabłońska, S. Rusz, V. Ševčák: Study of Hot Deformation Behavior of CuFe2 Alloy full text PDF.
  45. A. Munis, Maosheng Zheng, J.I. Akhter, M. Ahmad: Characterization of Bonded Zone and Evaluation of Cracking in Vacuum Brazed Zircaloy-4 and Stainless Steel-316L Joint full text PDF.
  46. K. Glowka, M. Zubko, P. Świec, K. Prusik, G. Dercz, E. Matyja, D. Stróż: Microstructure of Multi-Component Ni35Ti35Ta10Co10Cu10 Alloy full text PDF.
  47. J. Wolny, I. Bugański, L. Pytlik, R. Strzałka: Statistical Description of Diffraction Pattern of Aperiodic Crystals full text PDF.
  48. W. Maziarz, A. Wojcik, R. Chulist, M.J. Szczerba, M. Kowalczyk, P. Czaja, E. Cesari, J. Dutkiewicz: The Evolution of Microstructure and Magneto-structural Properties of Heat Treated Ni-Mn-Sn-In Heusler Alloys Sintered by Vacuum Hot Pressing full text PDF.
  49. K. Prusik, E. Matyja, M. Wąsik, M. Zubko: Role of the Molybdenum Addition on the Mechanical Properties and Structure of the NiCoMnIn Alloys full text PDF.
  50. M. Vončina, J. Medved, L. Jerina, I. Paulin, P. Cvahte, M. Steinacher: The Impact of Al-Ti-B Grain-Refiners from Different Manufacturers on Wrought Al-Alloy full text PDF.
  51. A. Kucharczyk, K. Naplocha, M. Tomanik: Processing of Porous NiTi Preforms for NiTi/Mg Composites full text PDF.
  52. M. Dziubaniuk, E. Drożdż, J. Wyrwa, M. Rękas: Microstructure and Porosity of 3YSZ Solid Electrolyte Prepared Using Organic Polymeric Matrix full text PDF.
  53. R. Bogucki, M. Basiaga, A. Żyra: The Evaluation of Resistance to Cracking of Ti10V2Fe3Al Alloy Characterized by Different Morphology and Volume Fraction of α-Phase Precipitates full text PDF.
  54. J. Zych, J. Piekło, M. Maj, A. Garbacz-Klempka, M. Piękoś: Influence of Structural Discontinuities on Fatigue Life of 4XXX0- Series Aluminum Alloys full text PDF.
  55. M. Szklarska, B. Łosiewicz, G. Dercz, M. Zubko, R. Albrecht, D. Stróż: Characterization of Long-Term Corrosion Performance of Ti15Mo Alloy in Saline Solution full text PDF.
  56. J. Barczyk, G. Dercz, I. Matuła, M. Góral, J. Maszybrocka, D. Bochenek, W. Gurdziel: Microstructure and Properties of YSZ Coatings Prepared by Plasma Spray Physical Vapor Deposition for Biomedical Application full text PDF.
  57. K. Glowka, M. Zubko, P. Świec, K. Prusik, G. Dercz, D. Stróż: Microstructure Analysis of Equiatomic Multi-Component Ni20Ti20Ta20Co20Cu20 Alloy full text PDF.
  58. K. Granek, G. Ziółkowski, A. Chrobak, J. Klimontko, J. Rak, O. Zivotsky, L. Gembalova: Ultra-Fast Current Aided Sintering of High Coercive Magnetic Powders and Composites full text PDF.
  59. H. Dyja, A. Kawałek, K. Ozhmegov, K. Laber: The Study of the Effect of Alternate Intermittent Deformation on the Bauschinger Effect in a Zirconium-Based Alloy full text PDF.
  60. S. Buszta, P. Myśliwiec, R. Ewa Śliwa, R. Ostrowski: The Influence of Geometrical Parameters and Tools Material on the Quality of the Joint Made by FSW Method in AA2024 Thin Sheets full text PDF.