Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

Volume 57 / Issue 1/2012

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D. L e s n i a k, Weldability Investigations of AlCuMg Alloys for Extrusion Welding Full Text PDF

D. L e s n i a k, A. Wo z n i c k i, Extrusion of AlCuMg Alloys with Simultaneous Solution Heat Treatment Full Text PDF

G. B o c z k a l, P. M a r e c k i, M. P e r e k - N o w a k, The Influence of Soldering Conditions on Conductivity, Structure and Strength of Cu/Sn96Ag4 Solders Full Text PDF

J. N i a g a j, Peculiarities of A-TIG Welding of Titanium and Its Alloys Full Text PDF

T. We g r z y n, R. Wi e s z a ł a, Significant Alloy Elements in Welded Steel Structures of Car Body Full Text PDF

I. U y g u r, Influence of Shoulder Diameter on Mechanical Response and Microstructure of FSW Welded 1050 Al-Alloy Full Text PDF

S. S a w i c k i, H. D y j a, Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Bimetallic Ribbed Bars Steel – Steel Resistant to Corrosion Rolling Process Full Text PDF

M.S. We g l o w s k i, S. D y m e k, Microstructural Modification of Cast Aluminium Alloy AlSi9Mg Via Friction Modified Processing Full Text PDF

S.S. R a z a v i - T o u s i, R. Ya z d a n i - R a d, S.A. M a n a f i, A Model for Abnormal Grain Growth in Nano-Crystalline Materials Based on Zener Drag Force Full Text PDF

R. M u r e s a n, E. R i t i - M i h o c, C.V. P r i c a, M. B o d e a, Improving Mechanical Properties of Sintered Wolfram Based Alloy with Liquid Phase Trough Controlled Cooling Parameters Full Text PDF

A. M a z a h e r y, M.O. S h a b a n i, Characterization of Wear Mechanisms in Sintered Fe-1.5 wt % Cu Alloys Full Text PDF

W. Wo ł c z y n s k i, E. G u z i k, W. Wa j d a, D. J e d r z e j c z y k, B. K a n i a, M. K o s t r z e w a, Cet in Solidifying Roll –Thermal Gradient Field Analysis Full Text PDF

P. E g i z a b a l, A. G a r c ´ı a R o m e r o, A. T o r r e g a r a y, Analysis of the Solidification and Properties of Plaster Cast Al Based Composites Full Text PDF

P.R. Z a b i n s k i, K. M e c h, R. K o w a l i k, Co-Mo and Co-Mo-C Alloys Deposited in a Magnetic Field of High Intensity and their Electrocatalytic Properties Full Text PDF

K. J a n i s z e w s k i, Influence of Slenderness Ratios of a Multi-Hole Ceramic Filters at the Effectiveness of Process of Filtration of Non-Metallic Inclusions from Liquid Steel Full Text PDF

D. J e d r z e j c z y k, M. H a j d u g a, Effect of High Temperature Oxidation on Structure and Corrosion Resistance of the Zinc Coating Deposited on Cast Iron Full Text PDF

A. C i u m a n - K r z e m i e n, W. G u m o w s k a, L. B u r z y n s k a, The Influence of the Parameters of Electrolysis Carried Out with Periodic Reversal Current (PRC) on the Morphology of Silver Obtained Via Silver Chloride Cathodic Reduction Full Text PDF

J. Ł a b a j, Kinetics of Cooper Evaporation from the Fe-Cu Alloys Under Reduced Pressure Full Text PDF

M.O. S h a b a n i, M. M a z a h e r y, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation of Liquid–Liquid Mixing in Mixer Settler Full Text PDF

A. G ł o w a c z, Z. G ł o w a c z, Diagnostics of DC Machine Based on Analysis of Acoustic Signals with Application of MFCC and Classifier Based on Words Full Text PDF

P. F o l e g a, G. S i w i e c, Numerical Analysis of Selected Materials for Flexsplines Full Text PDF

T. S z y m c z a k, Z.L. K o w a l e w s k i, Variations of Mechanical Parameters and Strain Energy Dissipated during Tension-Torsion Loading Full Text PDF

Z. C y g a n e k, M. T k o c z, The Effect of AZ31 Alloy Flow Stress Description on the Accuracy of Forward Extrusion FE Simulation Results Full Text PDF

G. S a m o ł y k, J. T o m c z a k, J. B a r t n i c k i, Cold Forming of AlCu4MgSi Alloy by Orbital Forging Full Text PDF

A. B a r t k o w s k a, A. P e r t e k, M. J a n k o w i a k, K. J ó z w i a k, Laser Surface Modification of Borochromizing C45 Steel Full Text PDF

M. S z a f a r s k a, J. I w a s z k o, Laser Remelting Teratment of Plasma-Sprayed Cr2O3 Oxide Coatings Full Text PDF

M. N a b i a ł e k, P. P i e t r u s i e w i c z, M. S z o t a, M. D o s p i a ł, J. J e d r y k a, K. S z o t a, S. L e s z, Evaluation of the Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Fe73Me5Y3B19 (where Me = Ti or Nb) Amorphous Alloys Full Text PDF

A. C e g l a r e k, D. P ł u s a, P. P a w l i k, M. D o s p i a ł, Influence of Heat Treatment on Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline Nd9Fe84Zr1B6 Ribbons Received by Rapid Solidification Method Full Text PDF

M. S z w a j a, P. P a w l i k, J.J. Wy s ł o c k i, P. G e b a r a, Magnetic Properties of the Nanocrystalline Nd9:6Fe64:32Nb4B22:08 Alloy Ribbons Full Text PDF

A. J a r o n, Z. Z u r e k, M. H o m a, A. S t a w i a r s k i, The Structure of External Surfaces of Scale Forming on Crofer 22APU Steel in Atmosphere Containing H2/H2S Full Text PDF

T. R z y c h o n, J. S z a l a, A. K i e ł b u s, Microstructure, Castability, Microstructural Stability and Mechanical Properties of ZRE1 Magnesium Alloy Full Text PDF

G. M o s k a l, M. G ó r a l, L. S w a d z b a, B. M e n d a l a, M. H e t m a n c z y k, B. Wi t a l a, Microstructural Characterization of Gas Phase Aluminized TiAlCrNb Intermetallic Alloy Full Text PDF

S. P a r z y c h, J. K r a w c z y k, The Influence of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Resistance Butt Welds Made of a Cast Bainitic Steel Full Text PDF

P. P i e t r u s i e w i c z, M. N a b i a ł e k, M. S z o t a, K. P e r d u t a, Microstructure and Soft Magnetic Properties of Fe61Co10Y8Me1B20 (where Me =W, Zr or Nb) Amorphous Alloys Full Text PDF

I. B e d n a r c z y k, M. J a b ł o n s k a, Plasticity of Low Aluminum Alloys from Fe-Al System Full Text PDF

J. J o w s a, A. C w u d z i n s k i, Thermodynamics Analysis of Non-Metallic Inclusions Formation in the Liquid Steel Flow through Continuous Casting Tundish Full Text PDF

P. R. S c h e l l e r, R. H a g e m a n n, Model Investigations on Slag Entrainment in Continuous Casting Full Text PDF

K. M i c h a l e k, K. G r y c, M. T k a d l e c k o v a, D. B o c e k, Model Study of Tundish Steel Intermixing and Operational Verification Full Text PDF

A. C w u d z i n s k i, J. J o w s a, Numerical Analysis of Liquid Steel Flow Structure in the One Strand Slab Tundish with Subflux Turbulence Controller and Dam Full Text PDF

W. D e r d a, J. Wi e d e r m a n n, Some Aspects of Continuous Casting of Low Carbon Microalloyed Steels with Niobium and Titanium Full Text PDF

A. P a w e ł e k, J. C z e c h o w s k i, Methods of Eliminating the Phenomenon of Ladle Nozzle Clogging Full Text PDF

J. L a m u t, J. F a l k u s, B. J u r j e v e c, M. K n a p, Influence of Inclusions Modification on Nozzle Clogging Full Text PDF

Z. M a l i n o w s k i, T. T e l e j k o, B. H a d a ł a, Influence of Heat Transfer Boundary Conditions on the Temperature Field of the Continuous Casting Ingot Full Text PDF

K. S o ł e k, M. K o r o l c z u k - H e j n a k, W. S l e z a k, Viscosity Measurements For Modeling of Continuous Steel Casting Full Text PDF

H. K a n i a, J. G a w o r, Impact of Mould Powder Density on Surface Quality and Near-Surface Zone Microstructure of Cast Slab Full Text PDF

B. Z d o n e k, I. S z y p u ł a, J. K o z ł o w s k i, S. S z c z e c h, Secondary Steel Refining for Continuous Sequence Bloom Casting for High Oxide Cleanness Final Products Full Text PDF

K. S o ł e k, L. T r e b a c z, Thermo-Mechanical Model of Steel Continuous Casting Process Full Text PDF

L. B u l k o w s k i, U. G a l i s z, H. K a n i a, Z. K u d l i n s k i, J. P i e p r z y c a, J. B a r a n s k i, Industrial Tests of Steel Filtering Process Full Text PDF

A. S o r e k, Z. K u d l i n s k i, The Influence of the Near-Meniscus Zone in Continuous Casting Mold on the Surface Quality of the Continuous Casting Ingots Full Text PDF

A. B u r b e l k o, J. F a l k u s, W. K a p t u r k i e w i c z, K. S o ł e k, P. D r o z d z, M. Wr ó b e l, Modeling of the Grain Structure Formation in the Steel Continuous Ingot by Cafe Method Full Text PDF

M. R y w o t y c k i, K. M i ł k o w s k a - P i s z c z e k, L. T r e b a c z, Identification of the Boundary Conditions in the Continuous Casting of Steel Full Text PDF